Satay Jellyfish: My Favorite Childhood Junk Food
November 09th, 2007 30 Comments

Satay Jellyfish: My Favorite Childhood Junk Food

Satay Jellyfish
Satay Jellyfish pictures (1 of 3)

Favorite childhood junk food = satay jellyfish.

Ingredients: jellyfish, salt, vegetable, oil, starch, chili.

Method of preparation: Eat them as is, or–most deliciously–lightly grill them over charcoal fire, or in the absence of it, over your gas stove…

Price = RM1.10 (equivalent to US$0.35) for 12 sticks.

Reminiscing the taste of my childhood = PRICELESS.

What is your favorite childhood JUNK food?

Note: To my Malaysian readers, I hope this post reminds you of your childhood, too. I am sure you have had this delicious junk food. ;)


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  1. Grace says:

    I have never had grilled satay jellyfish. I’ve had grilled dried squid of all sorts. How is the texture of the grilled jellyfish?

  2. Ming says:

    My favorite junk food as a child was Keropok Udang with Maggie Sos Cili. The flavors between salty and sweet gives the ultimate ying and yang!

  3. Andaliman says:

    As I recall, sate pentol. A kind like meatballs with skewers, but since it was very cheap the seller didn’t add lots meat, he added lots sago flour or tapioca flour. We ate them with spicy peanut sauce. Also kerupuk aci (kerupuk which is made from tapioca flour) and we ate them with chilli sweet soy sauce

  4. The Expedited Writer says:

    I must say my favorite childhood dishes is Mamee. I don’t know if that’s spelled correctly but those noodly snacks are so addictive and laden with MSG :P

  5. meatball online says:

    i never tried jellyfish satay! My favourite childhood junk food is the 20sen ice stick! those they put syrup into the plastic bags wrapped it and put into fridge.

    and i love pisang goreng!

  6. pleasurepalate says:

    From the picture, I would never have thought it was jellyfish sate. I’ve only had jellyfish once and didn’t mind it and didn’t think I’d really want to try it again, but seeing the grill marks on your photo really makes your favorite junk food look really tasty! :)

  7. holybasil says:

    I love dried cuttlefish – especially when my mom would grill over charcoal a whole, dried specimen — oh so delicious in all its pungent, sticky glory!

    Fantastic phoot & styling, as usual, RM.

  8. Mandy says:

    mine was mamee mee, sprinkled with the msg-loaded powder, super unhealhty.

  9. Cindy. Lo. says:

    God, I love junk food, so hard to pick one as my “favorite.”

    Let’s say…Fried Chicken Steak!!!

    You can see that everywhere in Taiwan. Coated with seasoned flour, the skin is crunchy, and the meat is juicy,

    Mmmmmm yum!

  10. wmw says:

    Mine was the prawn pillow shape cracker that came in this white with little red stripes plastic packet!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I ate these all the time!!


  12. veron says:

    oh, these look delicious, it reminds me of dried squid. shrimp crackers – boy I love those as a child.

  13. Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    This was my favourite too…right up to my adult years!

  14. Kevin says:

    I have never had jelly fish but I would like to try it. Great photo!

  15. mushroommeadows says:

    Dried jelly fish? Very interesting.

    I think my favorite childhood asian snack food was a package of cream puffs (vanilla and strawberry flavored).

  16. Cynthia says:

    I’ve never had jelly fish before but I can imagine how tasty this must be.

  17. Piggy says:

    Your satay jellyfish reminds me of a snack that I used to have before. It consists of 3 round pieces of grilled fish paste (i think so) on a skewer which was sold for a mere 10 cents per stick. Are we talking abt the same thing?

    One snack that I miss is tapioca crackers with honey, used to have that when I was in primary school. I’ve been looking around for years, but all I can find is the chilli version.

  18. Claude-Olivier says:

    hihi, interesting to see that your childhood favorite is really not the same as here ;-) I’m not a great amateur of seafood but I could try your recipe ;-) looks great! cheers

  19. MyF says:

    Rojak. But not with rojak sauce – thick dark soy sauce with tons of sugar in it. Actually tasted nice!
    I guess I’m a kicap gal.

  20. lucia says:

    there are a lot of childhood junk food that i like! and when i stop schooling, at one time i helped my mum selling sweets and junk food at a private school canteen, and it got me interested in junk food again! so if you ask me about junk food, i’ll be very good at it!

    satay jellyfish i like too but not my fav. i really don’t have fav because i like many! haha. greedy girl eh. but to name a few…

    i like the triangle crackers where there was suppose to be something inside (piece of paper for a prize). then there is this er… ‘har par’ biscuits/flakes or whatever it is call. it is small, red, round. after eating it, your tongue will be very red! i also like the prawn pillow shaped crackers as wmw mentioned. and i like cuttlefish of all sorts!

  21. nicisme says:

    Amazing photo! I might try it after seeing this.

  22. mycookinghut says:

    I liked it a lot when I was young. But, it was slightly different – with sesame on them.

  23. Keropok Man says:

    i never knew that is jellyfish. i always thought it is some tow kwa skin or something.

    or this is something different :-)

    yes, the mamee too. they are still popular now! btw, chickadees are back! hahaa…

  24. Anonymous says:

    I lived in Penang when I was young and I remember apom balik, actually I dream about it now, totally my favourite when mum took us to the morning markets, so yum!

  25. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Grace – I looove grilled dried squids too and had a fair share of them when I was growing up…the only thing I don’t like about dried squids is that they are chewy.

    Ming – sounds yum.

    Andaliman – my father used to bring back a lot of keropok from Indonesia whenever he traveled there when I was growing up…the keropok from Indonesia tasted bitter though. ;)

    Expedited Writer – oooh, I almost forgot about Mamee…I love that too…and the iconic blue Mamee monster…wahhahaha.

    Meatball Online – yes yes, the ice-stick, so good, freeze in the freezer and sucking the sweetness out and throw away the ice after the sweetness is gone. Thanks for reminding me. :)

    Pleasurepalate – actually, I just found out they are jellyfish…like Keropok Man, I have always thought they are some sort of soy products. ;)

    Holybasil – I know what you mean. My late grandmother loved grilled dried cuttlefish too, so growing up with her I had a good share of those…yummy. Miss those. Thanks for bring back some of my fondest childhood memories. :)

    Mandy – yeah, the yellow plastic packet with loads of MSG powder…salty but addictive. Hehe.

    Cindy Lo – oooh I know fried chicken steak, yes, it’s all over in Taiwan, everywhere you go you can find it. :)

    WMW – ZOMG, I almost forgot about my favorite prawn pillow cracker….love love love those…20 cents a packet with red and white packaging…yummy. I eat them all the way through college days too…gee, how can I ever forget those. :)

    Maya – yeah…I can eat these till I am old and teethless. WHAHAHA!

    Veron – hehe, looks like growing up in Southeast Asia, we tend to love fishy snacks.

    Lemongrass – do you still eat them? I missed the bigger ones when little, now the size seems to shrink a lot. :P

    Kevin – jellyfish has great texture…so crunchy and not fishy at all. The texture is really great, and this snack is awesome.

    Mushroommeadows – cream puffs, yum. I liked those too.

    Cyn – jellyfish is great. You should try it out.

    Piggy – yes, you were right, used to be 3 round pieces in one stick, but now they look like this, but it’s exactly the same thing. :)

    Claude – yeah, I am sure what I ate in my childhood is very different from yours, but that’s the interesting thing about blog, you now have a glimpse of my childhood eats. :)

    MyF – Rojak is great too, but I didn’t eat them that much.

    Lucia – I am intrigued by the junk food that turned the tougue to red…is it still available? :P

    Nicisme – unfortunately I don’t see this junk food anywhere in the US…have to bring more back the next time.

    My Cooking Hut – yep, some of them have sesame on top of them…similar though.

    Keropok Man – me neither, I never knew it was jellyfish until I read the packaging ingredient…LOL. i also thought it was tau kua or bean curd products…obviously not…LOL.

    Anonymous – yeah, apom balik is very good…great for breakfast or tea time. :)

  26. mama bok says:

    Oh my..!!! i used to love it too..! till my mum threatened to quit giving me pocket money.. if she saw me eating that again. .muahahha!! I could eat a whole bag of it..!

  27. Anonymous says:

    omg I didn’t know other people actually liked jellyfish satay too! Jellyfish satay, what a shock to read the ingredients list (at age 20 no less) and seeing the word “obor-obor”!

    Actually, I think the texture is more chewy than crisp. And it has this fabulous sauce on it with sesame seeds.

    You’d think jellyfish would shrivel to nothing, but no.

    Now I am craving it and I haven’t seen any here in California. Got to write home.

    Great photo rasamalaysia!

  28. Anonymous says:


    I believe it is one of the top junkfood for many people during their childhood… especially school time !!

    It used to be my 2nd favourite junkfood during the History cless, coz it’s chewy so can chew for a little longer than other crispy junkfood like mamee!! Too bad, coz nowaday satay fish is not as tasty as last time !!!!!!!!!

    But the smell of satay fish is strong, so easily draw teacher attention. So, the top junk food during childhood is “Mimi”, the tiny prawn flavor strip!! …. coz it’s not only tasty, n it’s also easy to hide from teacher, less sound (noice) when open n also in the bite !! wahahaha~~

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  30. SJ says:

    omg I LOVE THIS. but the cheapest I’ve found it for was 12 sticks for RM 2.70. and they were sold in a packaged form from thailand, not nicely charred like yours! I wonder, are these grilled or fried? I just scoffed 24 sticks so my mother’s threatening to confiscate the rest on the grounds that they’re unhealthy :C

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