My Recipes on InSing
May 16th, 2009 40 Comments

My Recipes on InSing

Chicken and Mushroom Gyoza
Chicken and Mushroom Gyoza pictures (4 of 7)

I created four recipes for the newly launched InSing portal in Singapore (my first paid assignment) and you can see the food porn above. The recipes are:

  1. Grilled prawns with chili lime dip
  2. Chicken and mushroom gyoza
  3. Prawn crackers with ground pork and peanut relish
  4. Mini egg tarts

They are great recipes for parties. Check them out and have a great weekend!


40 comments... read them below or add one

  1. all looks nice.
    great idea with the prawn crackers.

  2. allie says:

    everything looks so mouthwatering! Salivating now even though I just had my lunch.

  3. Nanou says:

    I agree, they are all food porn, as all the photos/recipes you usually post. Congrats for the assignment for Insing. I bet you will make a great job!

  4. Javaholic says:

    Congratulations! Your photos are gorgeous and your recipes delicious. I’m amazed you can manage to present so many fantastic dishes with great photos on an almost daily basis.

  5. June Ong says:

    Congratulations on your 1st paid assignment ! I’ve just started using my oven regularly and can’t wait to try out the grilled prawns & mini egg tarts.

    Excuse me for my ignorance but is “food porn” a legal phrase on food blogs ? It sounds deliciously, well,…. sinful !!!

  6. jeanette says:

    looking good. my very best wishes and keep up the goooood work

  7. Congratulations and they look delicious… as always! :D

  8. Syrie says:

    Stunning Bee. Can’t wait to try the egg tarts! They’re adorable.

  9. Wow!! Another great news! Congratulations! Will definitely check it out!

  10. Yenny says:


  11. noobcook says:

    Congrats! Really food porn, the food looks better than some of the food I ordered in restaurants =)

  12. Slowly but surely your recipe and photo skills are being rewarded !

    Well done !

  13. Lucas says:

    What pleasure! greetings. Lucas Gómez , from Hostel Colonial – Buenos Aires – Argentina

  14. Congratulations!!! and as allways beautiful pictures… I want to try everything, but days are only 24 hours long! I’d like to take a cooking lesson with you, and sharing meal!

  15. redmenace says:

    Congratulations! The pictures are just lovely and the food looks great!

  16. ted says:

    Those prawns are calling me!

    I have compiled a list of the top Asian Food blogs, and yours was included! check it out at

  17. Maya says:

    Well done Bee!!!

  18. Congratulations on getting a paid assignment! It’s high time; your blog is wonderfully done. Beautiful photos–and I can’t wait to try the recipes myself!

  19. pixen says:

    ishhkkkk…I’m salivating! Congratulations to your success! I’m checking them out now…:-D
    Thank you for sharing!

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