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I’ve been eating lots of Indian food since I got home in Penang and it dawned to me that I don’t have some of the most basic Indian recipes on Rasa Malaysia, such as naan—the much loved fluffy Indian bread. I am so glad that Lick My Spoon‘s Sukaina is willing to write a guest post on Rasa Malaysia and shares her naan recipe. Lick My Spoon is a very new food blog (started Oct 2010), but it’s already graced with many wonderful Indian and dessert recipes and beautiful food photography. Please welcome Lick My Spoon and stay tuned for the follow up of this naan recipe, which is butter chicken. Yummy!

When Bee agreed to let me guest post here, I felt like I had won the Oscar’s of the blogging world. I used to follow Bee even before I started a blog myself, stumbling here when I was looking for Kung Pao chicken recipe. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be sharing her space…

Bee requested a recipe for naan and I was super excited to share this easy recipe which yields great results every time. Naan really needs no introduction. If you’ve delved in Indian cuisine before, you WILL have eaten naan. After all, it’s the quintessential Indian food. But the greatest misconception about naan is that most people think it’s difficult to duplicate the same soft, pillowy results at home without a tandoor- a traditional clay oven where temperatures reach nearly 500 degrees Centigrade, allowing the naan bread to be cooked within a matter of minutes.

The trick to getting a soft and fluffy naan is to make sure you use a heavy bottomed skillet which is very hot. Make sure you cover the naan with a lid to get those sought after bubbles on the surface. And no meal involving naan is complete without a traditional Indian curry to go with it. Stay tuned for an authentic butter chicken recipe very soon that goes perfectly with these buttery naans.

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  1. Jared

    OMG, I love naan. Every time I go to Indian buffet, I’d ask for extra helping of the naan and I’m sure the waitresses aren’t too fond of me.

  2. Laura

    I love naan! The next time I make indian curry, i’ll definately combined it with this recipe :) Thanks to both of you ladies~

  3. Hi guys….thanks so much for the comments. It was such a pleasure writing this post for Rasa Malaysia. Shirley, for garlic naan, just chop up some fresh garlic and sprinkle it on the non-watery side before placing the naan on the skillet.

  4. I love the idea. I tried to make a naan several times, but it always wasn’t as good as I have eaten in the restaurant – and I think with this recipe I can get as close to it as it is possible at home – thank you!

  5. laura

    i am really looking forward to making this recipe! but i have one question- can i let the dough sit longer than 2 hours? perhaps 4-6 hours? i have a weird class schedule and i would have to make the dough in the early afternoon and then actually cook it later in the evening when i return home. thanks!! :)

    • Hi Laura, I’ve not tried doing that myself. Since it’s not yeasted, there is no chance of over-proofing. Just be careful as it does have milk and youghurt in it and if it’s warm where you live, it may spoil? Really not sure!

  6. I LOVE naan! I want to try this at home. A couple of questions. The water makes the naan stick to the bottom of the heavy bottom skillet, so when you flip it over (taking off the lid I’m assuming) it won’t fall out.

    Do I need to use a regular skillet or can I use a nonstick skillet? Will it still stick to a nonstick skillet? Can I use a well seasoned cast iron skillet? Will it stick to that, or will it fall off because of the iron seasoning?

    And can I just use a a kitchen torch (the kind that I use to make cream brulee) instead, to torch the top?

  7. lori

    Very tasty naan, I had a hard time getting the naan to stick to the inside of the cast iron pan so I just placed it on the burner and took it off with tongs. I also used whole wheat pastry flour, very good. Thank you.

  8. Laura B

    This was delicious! I tried to make some naan that I found on another page a few weeks ago, but it really didn’t taste anything like naan. This was fantastic and really easy!

    I didn’t read the instructions through all the way at the beginning, so I initially missed the part about letting it rest 2 hours. I decided to go ahead and make it anyways, after only 10 minutes or so of resting. It still worked!

    Next time I’ll be sure to let it sit for the recommended 2 hours and see if it comes out even better, but it’s nice to know that I can throw this together in a pinch and still have it turn out amazing!

    Also, so those with questions, I made this in a teflon coated skillet, so non-stick pans still work. It only takes 15 seconds or so to cook the other side, so even if the bread doesn’t does fall, it shouldn’t matter because it will likely already be done. You could even just leave it directly on the stove burner for a few seconds, which is what I ended up doing with 1 or 2 pieces that fell prematurely.

  9. Saucy

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I was a little skeptical that the cooking method would work as advertised, but it was like magic–the naan came out bubbly and chewy and wonderful. I will definitely make this again and again!

  10. Tam

    I just tried this recipe today. Easy and delicious! Though my Naan did fall off onto the stove top coils mere seconds after flipping the pan. Even though I purposely did not use a non stick skillet, and followed directions thoroughly – brushing w. water and covering… Anyone know if this can be prevented? It got a little frustrating, though I improvised with holding the bread over the flame with some utensils.

  11. lynn

    Made this to go with Sukaina’ butter chicken … I didn’t do a very good job on the Naan. They were really tough. I made the dough in my food processor and let it sit for 2 hours, but I’m wondering if I should have used more liquid, kneaded less, rolled them thinner or thicker … Although I got some big bubbles, the naan was quite chewy and dense. Any veteran naan makers out there who can tell me where I went wrong?

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