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Flat Rice Noodles
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If you are a fan of Thai food, it’s very likely that you love Pad See Ew, or Thai-style fried flat rice noodles. Many readers have asked for the recipe, so today, I have a Thai native Jam as a guest writer. Based in Austin, Jam is a Thai cooking instructor and the brainchild behind Thai-fresh (a Thai cooking school with catering services) and a delicious food blog at Thai Cooking with Jam (you have to check out all her Thai recipes!). Please welcome Jam to Rasa Malaysia as she shares her Pad See Ew recipe with us. Nothing beats learning a new and authentic recipe from a native. Enjoy!

If you have been to Thailand, you know that this is the ultimate street food. Anywhere you go in Bangkok, someone is selling Pad See Ew within half a mile. The recipe is simple. You can either make it with rice vermicelli or flat rice noodles or even dry egg noodles. Dry egg noodles need to be precooked just like pasta noodles but take much shorter time, about 2 minutes. If you are using dry flat rice noodles, soak them in cold water for over an hour until soft and strain. If you want, you can blanch the noodles by dropping them in boiling water and immediately take them out and run them under cold water.

Traditionally, we use Chinese broccoli or Gai Lan in this dish. You can also use bok choy, regular broccoli, cauliflower or carrots. I have used Collard Greens too and they are great. They are very similar to Chinese broccoli; in fact, they are in the same family. Collard Greens are a little bitterer than Chinese broccoli. Being in Texas, Collard Greens are just everywhere this time of the year. I think kale would work too. Shop at your local farmers’ market and experience with different greens and vegetables.

There are two ways to cook the eggs. If your stove is pretty powerful, you can follow the recipe by cooking the eggs at the end but if you are cooking on a less powerful stove, I find that cracking in the eggs after the meat and scramble them before adding the noodles is the best way.

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