Peko Peko Cookbook Giveaway (CLOSED)
June 30th, 2011 382 Comments

Peko Peko Cookbook Giveaway (CLOSED)

(The winner is Susan Yeow from Singapore.)

I love my friend Rachael at La Fujimama. She is one of the kindest and sweetest persons around—she went props shopping with me when I first started working on my cookbook “Easy Chinese Recipes;” she taught me about Japanese ingredients; she visited and cheered me up when I was pregnant; and she is also my ramen buddy whenever I have a craving for ramen. Last week, she visited me again and showed me the Peko Peko cookbook, a charity cookbook about Japanese cuisine that she curated with No Recipes and Stacie Bills. Peko Peko is the end product of their grand and noble means—a cookbook to support Japan’s recovery after the devastating earthquake/tsunami earlier this year…

Peko Peko is a compilation of 59 family-friendly Japanese recipes from today’s best food writers and bloggers. The cookbook is gorgeous, with mouthwatering food photography, and practical Japanese recipes from yakitori, miso soup, to matcha green tea marshmallow. I simply love it.

Now the good news to you all, we’re giving away one (1) copy of Peko Peko (signed) to Rasa Malaysia readers. To enter to win, just leave a comment below. To maximize your chances to win, you can leave a comment every day (one comment per day strictly enforced). This giveaway opens to everyone and closes on July 17, 11:59 pm PST. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on July 18, 2011.


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Now, you don’t have to enter this giveaway to have a copy of Peko Peko. You can buy your copy at Blurb. Please take note that 100% of the profits will be donated for great cause. If you love Japanese food, you must—and I mean must—own this beautiful cookbook. Buy now!


382 comments... read them below or add one

  1. Teslaca says:

    Would love to win a copy of this cookbook. I love Japanese food.

  2. renee says:

    love it want it.

  3. Jordan says:

    I’d love anything written, even by partially, by Marcy Marc Matsumoto

  4. Jac says:

    I luv’ Japanese food, would love to learn how to cook them! :)

  5. Allison says:

    Still hoping to win so I can improve my Japanese cooking skills…

  6. Kimiko says:

    I really want this book! I’d like to purchase it if I can…but finding extra spending money is hard being a college student on my own. But it would be so awesome to win this! I love Rachael and her blog. :)

  7. Kittenish says:

    This recipe book looks great!

  8. lin says:

    such a beutiful and well illustrated book who dont want to own it?

  9. SusanPeko says:

    *crossing fingers and toes as 17 July gets nearer*

  10. renee says:

    I want this book, 2 days to go.

  11. Teslaca says:

    Would love to win a copy of this cookbook. I really love Japanese food.

  12. Florence says:

    This would be a lovely addition to my cookbook collection!

  13. Allison says:

    Hoping to win this adorable cookbook!

  14. Lwang says:

    My other Japanese cookbook is from more than two decades ago. I think a new one would be much appreciated!

  15. Kittenish says:

    My family would love this recipe book.

  16. renee says:

    i really want to own this book

  17. tina reynolds says:

    Would love to surprise me hubby with this

  18. tina reynolds says:

    “Like” Rasa Malaysia on Facebook

  19. Gale says:

    I had a roommate from Japan once who introduced me to a lot of Japanese food. This would be a fun trip back to that time.

  20. Kittenish says:

    Whenever I want Japanese, I have to choose between bad sushi from the grocery store or an expensive restaurant. This would be a great third option!

  21. Florence says:

    Great photos in this cookbook, and I would like to so much to cook Japanese food better!

  22. Florence says:

    This cookbook would be a lovely addition to my bookshelf! Pick me please :) [bonus entry]

  23. SusanPeko says:

    Need a jap cookbook to whip up nice jap foods to impress hubby LOL! Hope to win!

  24. Nancy says:

    I’d love to use this cookbook with great Japanese recipes!

  25. Sascha says:

    It all looks so yummy!

  26. Teslaca says:

    One last entry! Hope to win this cookbook. It sounds great.

  27. renee says:

    today is the last day, did i win?

  28. Kittenish says:

    I like that this cookbook supports Japan’s recovery.

  29. Daphne says:

    pick me please !! :D

  30. SusanPeko says:

    One last entry. Hope to win!

  31. lin says:

    Today is the day everybody is waiitng for ……….. finger cross

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