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Durians in a private durian orchard, Balik Pulau
Durians in a private durian orchard, Balik Pulau pictures (2 of 14)

I am very excited to announce that my family has launched a new culinary tour service in Penang—Durian Tour, from May to July, or until the end of this year’s durian season. Other than UNESCO world heritage listing and spectacular hawker/street food, Penang is also blessed with fertile soil and terrain that yeilds some of the best, creamiest, the most exquisite and aromatic durians in Southeast Asia. Penang durian is very famous in the region!

Every year during durian season, many durian connoisseurs—from Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. —flock to Penang for the sole purpose of sampling and savoring the many award-winning durians in Penang. Penang durians, such as lipan, hor loh, red prawn (ang heh), D-600 are just some of the special code names given to the famous species found in Penang…

Whether or not you are a durian newbie or die-hard fans, our durian eating tour will take you on an adventurous journey into private durian orchards in Balik Pulau. The tour is both educational and fun, where you get to sample the freshest and most delicious durians that have just fallen off the trees, try out the different species, and learn more about “the KING of fruits.” Our durian tour also covers other exotic tropical fruit orchards such as nutmeg, ampla (ambula), and more. While in Balik Pulau, you will also take in the spectacular and serene nature, vistas, and scenary, with a stop-over to sample famous Penang Assam Laksa. All in all, you will have a pleasant and enjoyable time with us.

When I was growing up in Penang, durian eating tour was an family annual ritual as my late father would drive us deep into the durian orchards in search of the best durians. If you are in Penang this May to July, I hope you get to experience this unique experience by joining our durian tour. Send an email to to reserve or inquire further.

For other services, please check out our Penang private tour and culinary tour page. Please don’t forget to click on the gallery above and view the complete album. Thank you!

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  1. Ben

    This is a great idea, Penang Durian Eating Tour. I agree that Penang has the best durians. The durians from elsewhere just don’t taste the same, some of them taste like potatoes, but Penang durians are sweet, some slightly bitter but great, thick and so creamy. YUM!!

  2. DailyChef

    Wow! I love the idea of a durian tour – I’ve heard great things about the durians in Penang, too. I’ll definitely book a tour if I can get out there!

  3. Kelly von Hemert

    Thank you for the beautiful photos showing durian on their own turf! The only way I’ve ever seen Durian is already picked at the store, and this just doesn’t do it justice! As for the tour? Some day!

  4. Durians have so many codes right now that I am losing touch. I associate Penang with nutmegs more than durians. There was a TV pgm here weeks ago which introduced Penang nutmeg: it was only then when I realized there are “male” and “female” nutmegs. :O

    • Penang durians are very well-known. We have tourists from Hong Kong who come to Penang yearly to have durians. There are male and female nutmegs, first time I have heard of it, too. I wonder if I can tell the difference.

  5. Denisa Herelova

    sounds wonderful, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted Penang durian (well, at least not knowingly) and I would love to do so…but perhaps next year…Great blog by the way, Malaysia should be proud of you!:)

  6. I just bookmarked it. When we go to Asia, I’m booking the Durian Eating Tour! Last time we went to Thailand, I had the most delicious durian ever. Hubby thinks the odor is foul; I always have to wait when he’s NOT home to enjoy it ;~/ The scary looking fruit is so delicious, unctuous and creamy to my palate. Thanks for the beautiful photos, Bee. My mouth is watering (Is that wrong?)

  7. David

    Durian’s are awesome…i laugh at the fact that Zimmern can’t eat durian but he eats far more bizzare things…One day,we’ll have a Durian smoothie,its oh so delicious..thanks for sharing

  8. Bee,

    I wish I can go to Penang and take the Durian Tour!! *sigh*
    First time I saw a pic of fresh Nutmeg! Amazing! & Laksa is making mouth water.. :-) Love your website!!!

  9. Yoll

    I am interested in the Penang Durian tour. Thailand is not good cos´it is not ripe when it is harvest. Thai did was to abort the durian by wrapping a piece of zinc around the stem,so that food-water can travel up to the branches. Durain trees are clever, when it in danger of dying. The first thing it does was to abort it fruits. So it is only 60-70% ripe. It is not moist and creamy.
    Enjoy your site.

  10. in

    I think the word ‘ampla’ is more widely used in the northern states. In KL, we call it ‘kedondong’. Its EXTREMELY hot in KL now…..a tall glass of cold ampla/kedondong juice would be perfect! BTW, regarding the Thai duriangs, you’re not biased…….Penang durians are waaaayyy better.

    • I agree. Thai durians taste like unripe potatoes. I am not biased because I read that they do not let durians to ripen on their own but instead pluck them off the tree before they are ripe. ;)

  11. Adrian Goh


    I am wondering whether you can get durian end of the year, early December. My wife is a durian freak and loved durian so much that she even buy the frozen durian we get from Thailand here in Brisbane.
    I remembered from my family vacation to Penang that you can get durian even toward end of the year but that was in the late 70s, early 80s so that might have changed. Is durian available in early December and would there be a tour?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
    Adrian Goh
    Brisbane, Australia.

  12. Irving Law

    I plan to treat my sisters who are devoted durian freaks to this tour in mid July 2011. How can I make a booking please? I am of course a durian lover myself! Thank you

  13. Elfin

    I have visited penang at jully enjoyed some of branded durians ,,each other have diferenttaste like lipan,600,horlo.but very dissapointed no chance eat king mousang ,i want to ask ,in last august to september,still we find branded durians penang ?

  14. Seyharath

    Dear !

    I would like go to Durian package tours. my fly on 10Jan15. so in next month is possible for this tours. we have 9adult and 2childs. how long that does take it ? and how much the cost ? and this price will include what? and exclude what?

    Best Regards,

  15. David Lee

    Hi Rasa Malaysia,
    We are a small group of durian connoisseurs and will be visiting Penang in late June. Would like you to organize a durian feast for us when we’re there. Can you please email me your proposal. Thank you

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