No Reservations: Penang

Meeting Anthony Bourdain in Penang

Greetings from Penang!

It’s been a month since I came back to Penang. Needless to say, I have been having too much fun, eating too much good food, and not blogging much at all. The first month of my vacation had been filled with festivities and much celebrations: Chinese New Year, short trips to KL and Singapore, visiting friends and family members, running (driving) around, including meeting Anthony Bourdain and the No Reservations crew, who were shooting in Penang!

One month later, I am finally settled into a more relaxed pace and I hope to share more Penang/travel-related photos and posts here with you.

First of all, Penang is definitely in spotlight now; it’s fast gaining international attention as a much-happening place and a must-visit island in Southeast Asia. As a result, Rasa Malaysia and the Penang Culinary Tour business my brother and I co-founded had been written up in two travel magazines recently—a very popular Filipino travel magazine Leisure + Adventure Travel as well as a Singapore’s NEXT Magazine (please click on the links to view the articles). Previously, we were featured on Budget Travel USA and SilkAir’s inflight magazine.

The highlight of Chinese New Year was the chap goh meh (15th day of Chinese New Year) and my elder brother CK Low got us some durian that were out-of-the-world delicious, creamy, aromatic, and finger-licking good. We made durian rice, served with salted coconut cream, and also bubur cha cha, our family rituals on chap goh meh.

Whenever I am in Penang, I love going to the local wet markets, the fresh fish/seafood/produce and the hustle and bustle mesmerize me.

I could never get fish as fresh as this in the United States, not mention about the species.

One of my favorite breakfast snacks: fried Chinese “hum chim peng” and “hua chee.” These are fresh-off-the-frying-wok and so delicious. I usually buy a few of these and eat them as I wander around the wet market.

While I don’t blog about everything I do or see here on Rasa Malaysia, I do share interesting pictures, food, and what I eat here via Twitter. If you are interested to follow my journey and adventure, please join me at Twitter @rasamalaysia.


  1. Looks amazing. Penang will be next malay priority. haha, I’m drooling like a kid at the moment.

    Currently saving up for a Nikon D7000 before going to malaysia. Will be centered around Kuala Lumpur for now, and will make a Langkawi special.

  2. Are you serious? I used to watch his show, he eats all kinds of food in many countries.

  3. I read one of the pdf magazine file, do you know how to make martabak pancakes? I used to eat it in Beijing, but can’t find it anywhere in the US.

  4. oops,I think I typed the wrong name.
    I mean “Roti prata” from India.
    Looks like that

  5. I wish I could go to Penang, go to markets, try the food and visit different places, as you have. How lucky you are.
    I will for sure watch Anthony Bourdain and his show with you in Penang.
    Best Wishes

  6. Can’t wait to be there! 2 weeks or so away!!

  7. Hey! You’re back home! :) Sorry, though I follow you on Twitter but I’ve been so busy I didn’t even check the feeds! Hope to bump into you and get to say Hi!! :D

  8. Bee,

    You got me salivating so hard over our Malaysian cuisine! Have fun in Penang, eat for me too :D

  9. Great place to learn other cuisines.

  10. dorothy lin says:

    Girl,you are making me homesick. I was in Penang last year for a vacation with friends.We stayed by the beach and travelled to town for those glorious food such as bur bur cha cha,hokkien mee,curry laksa,etc. Was thinking of making Penang as a second home but could not find a hospital that can take care of my husband’s heart condition. He has an implanted defribrillor.Living by the beach is the best place for him to retire.The condos are beutiful there

  11. I’ve yet to travel to Malaysia, having only visited Thailand and sampled some amazing street food there.

    I can only imagine how fascinating Malaysia is culinary wise. The Fried hua chee you feature looks absolutely amazing, of course having the opportunity to hang out with incomparable Anthony Bourdain would be the hands down highlight I don’t think I’d care where I was.

    Looking forward to learning more through your blog.

  12. Wonderfull… after see all pics. lot of water stand on my month… :P

  13. Hi, I traveled to Penang on business in 2002 and 2003!!! I love Penang!!! The people are very friendly and always willing to be helpful!!! The food is to die for!!!! Stayed on the north end of the island and didn’t get to do as much exploring as I wanted to but thoroughly enjoyed every moment being there. I will definitely return one day!!!!

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