Penang Private Tour and Culinary Tour
January 18th, 2009 166 Comments

Penang Private Tour and Culinary Tour

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Send an email to today to inquire and join our award-winning Penang Private Tour and Culinary Tour.


Our tour has been featured on US, Singapore, Philippines, and other regional media.

Rasa Malaysia Penang Private Tour and Culinary Tour is catered specifically to foreign tourists and visitors, as well as local tourists from Singapore and Asian countries. Unlike other packaged tours with a van that loads and unloads visitors at various tourist traps, Penang Private Tour is the ONLY tour company that offers customized itinerary with a friendly driver,  in a licensed mini van (new and with air-condition) with proper insurance coverage. Send an email to now to learn more about our tour programs and rates. Our guide speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay/Indonesian, and our award-winning services have been featured on Singapore’s SilkAir magazine, Budget Travel Magazine, USA, Leisure + Adventure Travel, Philippines, Next Magazine, Singapore, and TODAYonline. For the glowing reviews from previous guests, scroll down to the comments section.


  1. Penang Private Tour—a 9-hour day tour to the best sights and places of interests in Penang.
  2. Penang Culinary Tour—a 9-hour culinary tour to local wet markets, spice mill, traditional soy sauce/belacan factory, plus the best local food experience (hawker centers, kopitiam/coffee shops, and private dining). Cooking classes can be arranged.
  3. Penang Day and Night Tour—a 12-hour tour that covers places of interests plus sunset tour, night market tour, and sampling famous Penang seafood dinner.
  4. Penang Firefly TourWatch ten of thousands of fireflies flickering and lighting up mangrove trees along a serene river bank. A must-visit excursion for nature lovers.
  5. Penang Peranakan Culture and Nyonya Food TourNyonya and Peranakan tour covers the unique and colorful Penang Baba-Nyonya and Peranakan culture, heritage, living traditions, museums, cuisine, and antiques.
  6. Penang Durian Tour (May 2013 – August 2013)—durian eating tour at a private durian orchard in Balik Pulau, tropical fruit orchards, and round-the-island tour.

PENANG PRIVATE TOUR (Sample Itinerary)

Day 1 Georgetown UNESCO World Heritage Tour

9:00 am—Pick up at hotel
9:30 am—Georgetown UNESCO Heritage Walking Tour
12:00 pm—Lunch (sampling local cuisine of Indian “nasi kandar” and “teh tarik“)
1:00 pm—Pinang Peranakan Mansion Tour
2:00 pm—Penang floating village of Chew Jetty (a UNESCO site)
3:00 pm—Cheong Fatt Tze mansion
4:00 pm—Fort Cornwallis and Esplanade
5:00 pm—Tea break at local street food stalls and Penang Road walking tour
6:00 pm—Car transfer back to hotel

Day 2 Nature and Heritage Temples

9:00 am—Pick up at hotel
9:30 am—Wet market tour
10:30 am—Reclining Buddha and Burmese Temple
11:30 am—Botanical Garden and Youth Park (Monkeys!)
12:30 pm—Lunch (sampling Nyonya cuisine or local Chinese food)
1:30 pm—Penang Hill
3:30 pm—Kek Lok Si Temple
5:00 pm—Penang street food (hawker food) experience
6:00 pm—Car transfer back to hotel

Day 3 Round-the-island Tour

9:00 am—Pick up at hotel
9:30 am—Penang Spice Garden
10:30 am—Butterfly Farm
11:30 pm—Tropical fruit farm and waterfall hike
1:00 pm—Sampling famous Balik Pulau Laksa
2:00 pm—Balik Pulau tour and various scenic view points
4:30 pm—Snake temple
5:00 pm—Fishing village plus sampling Malay “ikan bakar” (grilled fish wrapped with banana leaves)
6:00 pm—Car transfer back to hotel



Penang Hawker Food (Penang Street Food)
Penang Hawker Food (Penang Street Food) pictures (1 of 40)

Our award-winning Rasa Malaysia Penang Culinary Tour (as featured on SilkAir and Budget Travel USAtakes you to sample the best street food, traditional restaurants and hidden gems known only to the locals. You will get to sample the world famous Penang hawker food, visiting spice mill, soy sauce, and “belacan” (shrimp paste) factories, wet market, food culture tour, and more!  We also offer Nyonya Food Culinary Tour with the focus on Nyonya and Peranakan food, legacy, and heritage. Click the photo album above to view the delicious Penang food.



Penang Firefly Tour takes you on an excursion to a serene riverbank with mangrove trees—the natural habitat of firefly. Watch ten of thousands of fireflies flickering and dancing in front of your eyes, lighting up the mangrove trees like Christmas trees while you cruise along the river enjoying the peaceful and serene nature. You’ll be amazed—and mesmerized—by the synchronized flashes of light gently hovering over the mangrove trees. A must-see for nature lovers.



Our Penang Durian Tour will take you on an adventurous journey into private durian orchards in Balik Pulau. The tour is both educational and fun, where you get to sample the freshest and most delicious durians that have just fallen off the trees, try out the different award-winning Penang durians, and learn more about “the KING of fruits.” Penang Durian Tour also covers other exotic tropical fruit orchards such as nutmeg, ampla (ambula), and more. While in Balik Pulau, you will also take in the spectacular and serene nature, vistas, and scenary, with a stop-over to sample the famous Penang Assam Laksa. All in all, you will have a pleasant and enjoyable time with us.

If you wish to tour Penang with a knowledgeable and friendly local guide for sightseeing, food, nature, culture, or need someone to drive you around, please contact us at for our tour programs and rates. Rates depend on the number of people in your group or the size of  vehicle used. To check the glowing reviews and testimonials from our previous customers, scroll down to the comments section.

See you in Penang!


166 comments... read them below or add one

  1. Anonymous says:

    Penang is red hot! I have read about Penang quite a bit in magazines and newspapers lately. I am an American and would love to visit Penang (and Malaysia) someday. Thanks for putting together a trusted Penang private tour and culinary tour service. I hope to try out the food you introduced on your blog.

  2. Marc @ NoRecipes says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of those packaged tours, but I think the best way to see a place is with a local. This sounds fantastic! I’ve definitely been wanting to see more of SE Asia and Penang is high on the list.

  3. Indonesia-Eats says:

    Have to stopped by one day when I travel to Indonesia.

  4. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Anonymous, Marc, Indonesia-Eats,

    Thanks for your interest in Penang and the private tour/culinary tour service. Penang is a gem. Born and raised in Penang, I still find it amazing and keep learning more about it. Penang has it all, really, and it’s waiting for your discovery. :)

    • David Cox says:

      Hi Rasa Malaysia,

      I emailed you a week ago asking if you were available for a culinary tour on 26th or 27th December. But I never received a reply. I know this message board is just for comments, but if you see this message can you get in contact on


  5. babe_kl says:

    this is a fantastic biz. wish you and your family sarng yee heng loong :D

  6. My Taste Heaven says:

    You are right, Penang rocks the most!! Thanks for promoting our hometown.

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    My Taste Heaven

  7. Mr. T says:

    I just came back from a trip to SEAsia and stopped in Georgetown for a few days. Its a great place to visit and I highly recommend it. My hotel was a stone’s throw from both the new “New World” food court as well as the one next to the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion. New World was great for an afternoon meal but the one by the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion was definitely the place to go at night for “finger foods”.

    There was also a fantastic kedai kopi place on Jalan Burma (?) with all kinds of roti and curries.

    My only complaint is that accommodations there can be expensive (from a Southeast Asian standpoint). Unless you are staying at one of the backpacker hovels, a reasonably nice place is about twice as expensive as a hotel with a similar level of quality in Thailand.

    Having said that, I still really enjoy Penang. I hadn’t been there in over 12 years and it was great to see that the historic part of town has maintained its character. Its a great area to roam around, take photos, and enjoy the scenery and people.

  8. Scott at Real Epicurean says:

    Well with all the talk of recession here in the UK it might be a while before I manage to travel any further than to work and back!

    Still, the forthcoming baby should keep me occupied.

  9. Ally says:

    As a fellow Penangite, I was happy to know that your family had came up with this wonderful idea. It would be useful for friends of mine who will be visiting Penang when I am still abroad.

    Going through the list of places and activities to be done in the itinerary, made me miss Penang a lot. I’ve not been home for some time now.

    All the best with the tours! :)

  10. ChichaJo says:

    As if I needed another reason to to finally visit Malaysia! This is fantastic Bee! When I finally do make it there I’ll definitely be letting you know…this is the type of tour I would love to go to, as opposed to the usual generic ones…especially knowing how confident I am in your ability to find the best places to eat! :)

  11. MyF says:

    Can I join? I stay in Penang but probably never went around like a tourist that much! :-)
    This is good tour stuffs!

  12. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Hi Babe_KL – thanks for the wishes. :)

    My Taste Heaven – yes, Penang absolutely rocks and it’s one of the must-visit places of 2009, according to the New York Times!

    Mr. T – Thanks for visiting Penang. In regards to accomodations, yes, it’s more expensive compared to Thailand because land is scarce in Penang island as you know. However, with so many hidden treasures, great good, and cultural gems, it’s all worth it. :)

    Hi Scott – Going to Penang is very affordable with British pound. Do check out travel deals from Malaysia airlines and you never know, you and your family might be on your way to Penang soon.

    Ally – Thank you. If you have friends coming to Penang, we will be more than happy to take good care of your friends on your behalf.

    ChichaJo – you just have to come. The next time I am home, I will let you know so you can come. Or I can personally organize this private and culinary tour myself and take you guys around. It’s very possible.

    MyF – sure, you are more than happy to join as our tour guide. I think it will be great. :)

  13. Sandy says:

    My husband and I just got back from a fabulous trip to Penang! Thanks to Bee who tailored an itinerary based on what we wanted to see, do and eat! It was no less than Bee’s impeccably mannered and knowledgeable brother, CK who took us around and found the best places for us to sample glorious Penang food! We would have had CK for the whole trip if we could have afforded it :) On the whole, their personalized service came out to be more both time and cost effective vs. doing all the things we wanted to do on our own. We covered a lot of ground but were also free to roam as and when we wanted.

    We chose Penang as a holiday destination because of its food, culture and heritage, nature trails, the beach and got more than we expected–the people are very warm and welcoming–we met several locals (including a Baba!) and we hope to be able to nurture these newfound friendships. To top it off, we came at the start of the Chinese New Year and so we were able to witness some of the events and merriment that took place. Penang really deserves its spot on the list of the NYT places to go in 2009! If you are planning a trip to the tropics, make it Penang, then place yourselves in the capable hands of Bee and CK—you won’t regret it! :)

  14. Alex and Polina from Moscow, Russia says:

    We recently toured Penang with this private tour and culinary tour service and were very happy with the tour. The two-day tours were excellent, fun and very-very interesting!

    And thank you very much for your culinary tour! We got to sample the famous Penang food and eventually we came to appreciate Malaysian food a lot! We also really liked the coffee shop near our hotel the guides had recommendeded (with fresh seafood every evening)! Very fresh, very tasty and cheap! We wouldn’t have found such a fine local restaurant ourselves.

    Thank you very much! We missed the spicy, fresh and very tasty dishes that we had tried in Penang!

    All in all though, we strongly recommend this private tour if you want to experience Penang with a friendly local guide and get the authentic local experiences.

  15. Deanna and Dave from USA says:

    We recently joined this private tour when my cruise ship docked in Penang and absolutely loved it and strongly recommend it. The local guide CK is very friendly and took us to all the local places. It’s great to experience the real Penang rather than the “packaged tour” Penang for foreign tourists. We also got to sample the freshest coconut water in this small alley where a local Indian-Malaysian runs his coconut trading business. We’d never seen so many fresh coconuts. After that, we tried out some delicious local “hawker food” at this old restaurant/shop where we were the only two white people around!

    We enjoyed the Penang tour so much and only wished that our cruise ship didn’t have to leave so soon. We will be back for sure.

  16. Su Yee says:

    Yeay!!.. Great way to promote Penang.. I miss Penang too…!! Miss it so much even though, I’ve just been in the US for a little over a year.. Being a Penangnite myself, Rasa Malaysia’s tour package sounds just as interesting..! :) I wish more people will come to appreciate all that Penang has to offer and love it more..! Good Luck Rasa Malaysia.. You’re really great! Thank you so much for all the wonderful Penang recipes.. :)

  17. Franco says:

    The weather wasn’t always on our side.

    Sometimes, it was sweltering hot. Then, it would rain cats and dogs. But, I have to say having Jenny, Bee’s sister-in-law showing us around her Penang was really a blessing. She was kind, generous and always patient. So while, our planned tour did not always go…as planned, have Jenny to guide us around more than made up for it.

    Oh about the food, it is everything they say it is. Any serious foodie should find his or her way to Penang as soon as possible. I suggest asking Bee to take you off the tourist beaten track and eat where the locals go. I swear the food was not only delectable, it was impossibly cheap – by any standard. I know I missed a lot. So, I’m hoping I’ll find a reason to return — or failing at that, I’ll just make up one…

    Thank you, Bee.

  18. John says:

    I would like to thank you and CK (the guide) for making my visit to Penang so memorable. You created the perfect itinerary for me, and CK was an outstanding guide. As a longtime resident of Penang, he has an extraordinary knowledge of the local food culture. He took me to places that I never would have found on my own, and he introduced me to a wide variety of Chinese, Malay, and Indian dishes that I had never experienced before. I cannot wait to return to Penang and rediscover it all again.

  19. Laurie Chan says:

    Thanks for Mr. C.K. Low arranged me a one day private tour to see the must-go places, because I had a short stay only in Penang, He is professional and very familiar with his home town history. He is not only a tour guide because he even help me to get an idea to find a business supplier. Rasa Malaysia, keep going!!!

  20. Ihian and Gwynne says:

    I am just writing to convey our thanks to CK for his fantastic tour of Penang. It was a very memorable experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see the real Penang, slightly off the beaten track. The fact you were able to accommodate us at such short notice was impressive, and CK was fabulous as a guide, his local knowledge of areas of beauty, local foods and places to eat as well as the history of Penang made it a very personal experience and his time and enthusiasm were well appreciated. The food was amazing especially the Dimsum and the Laksa, and it is something that will remain with us for a very long time. I am so very glad we were able to do this during our much too short a visit and I am looking forward to visiting Penang again in the not too distant future.

  21. Terrence Chan says:

    I would like to take this for thanks to CK for our group of private tour as driver and tour guild(9 persons). He is good for introduce of Penang & local food to us . Let us know of culture of Penang & foods. Good idea to take a private tour at Penang with CK.

  22. David White says:

    Thank you and CK for the most marvellous 3 days in Penang. The memory of them is still very fresh in our minds and the taste too!

    - David White, New Zealand

  23. frances says:

    hello there!

    im travelling solo to penang in september.

    how much would it cost me if i follow your sample itinerary?


  24. TY says:

    Hi, just would like to feedback about my family trip to Penang few weeks back. It was very memorable and i like the food so much !
    Thank you RasaMalaysia and my tour guide – Jenny!


    TY, KL/Singapore

  25. denise says:

    have just returned from 3wk holiday around malaysia,and one of the highlights has been our 2 day tour in Penang,thanks mainly to Bee and CK.Bee was great to deal with via e-mail,always replying promptly and making suggestions to improve our stay.Our guide,Ck was fantastic-we would have only seen a fraction without him.He was extremely helpful and full of suggestions that made our stay special.We particularly enjoyed-the walk through Penang National Park to see monkeys and baby turtles;the visit to the traditional soy sauce factory;lunch at Shanghai Ding dim sum restaurant (must try the Pokey Mouse!!!);sampling hawker food (especially Laksa);watching the sunset at Batu Ferrenghi while our teenagers para-glided over the sea and of course all the wonderful temples.
    We felt the tour was very good value for money and it was lovely to escape the heat and humidity and be transported around in a comfortable air conditioned car!.Be warned-the suggested plans are very intensive and the temperature is very high but you get to see such a lot-a five star experience

    • Denise and Mike – we were so happy to have guided your tour in Penang and am very pleased that you are happy with our service. Thanks again and we hope to see you again in Penang! :)

  26. Shirley Lau, Singapore says:

    Thank you for arranging our Penang tour with CK. He is a great guide and took us to few local food stalls that we really enjoyed ourselves. I think you have done a great job together with CK and will definitely recommend your services to friends and clients who plan to visit Penang!

  27. The tours offered sound great. They cover pretty much what I’ve seen of Penang last year, The added knowledge of local food is a great plus though, and i would have gladly completed my own visit by a day of food tour had I known about it!…

  28. frances says:

    hello there!

    it took me along while to post here.

    anyway, i took a 3 day trip to penang last september 2009. booked 2 day tours with rasa malaysia (thanks bee for answering all my questions and giving me prompt reply)

    penang is very interesting. the place is quite compact for anything and everything you want to experience. I like it better than Kuala lumpur…hehe..

    i would like to thank CK for the wonderful tour, i learned a lot of interesting info.

    the highlights for me are the hawker food he made me try, the soy sauce factory, the dim sum, the chinese doughnuts, CK feeding the monkey while i took the pictures, the temples and more temples we went…

    there are still a lot of nook and crannies of penang i would love to go to if i have the chance to come back.

    i would definitely come back. hope i can bring my family with me next year….

  29. Bakeling says:

    Dear Bee

    I ‘ve made a link about your Penang Tour to my post !.

    Thanks .

  30. antonio says:

    I think this is the best way to visit Penang

  31. Dewi says:

    Hi CK and Bee,

    We really thank to CK who accompanied us around Penang during our holiday end of September. It’s a private tour with my parents and family – 6 persons. The tour is really highly recommended to friends and families who want a trip to Penang. Penang is a beautiful city and has a lot of interesting places. The food is really tasteful ; ‘Shanghai Ding’ and Penang Peranakan Food are outstanding and have affordable price. Thanks also to Bee who is really helpful and quick replying my questions. Thanks again and hope to see you again soon.

  32. Lau Bee Lee says:

    Hi Bee Yinn,

    It’s so interesting n very exciting to see /read all the comments reg yr pg private tour together with CK. Wow! your rasa malaysia blog is so well connected and linked to CK’s private pg tour to CKean’s dim sum, Superb!!!!! I’ll explain in much clearer details to Ah Kor so that she’s so much more happier and 辛福 that all your siblings are so united and care among one another. I am very touched by your interview with Kwong Wah. Hopefully u are able to email me with this new hotmail id. My very best wishes to you.

  33. Esther C. says:

    interesting tour…might consider taking this tour after discussing with my mom…after flying so much around the globe, the only place i truely want to see is Malaysia, still…looking forward to go to penang already =p

  34. RJ Stidi says:

    Dear Bee & CK,
    We had a wonderful time going around Penang last sunday 01/11/2009. Now I can proudly say that I have tasted Penang food in Penang. All the stops we had for food were timely and coordinated. The asam laksa at Air Hitam was so good, we ordered extra bowls of them.
    Thanks for a delicious trip.

    RJ Stidi, KK, Sabah

    • RJ – we are very happy to have serviced you while you were in Penang. Please come back again soon for your golf holidays. There are a lot more eating places that we have yet to take you to. :)

  35. alfred chong says:

    Hi CK,
    Just a note to thank you for the wonderful time we had in Penang especially the 1 day journey ( 1st Nov 2009 ) we had going thru all the many interesting places you have arranged in the tour package. Most of all, we had a fantastic time trying out all the local food centres with the best hawker food/delicacies that is offered in Penang.. I believe our intentions for visiting Penang is complete…. We certainly had a memorable time with your fine services…
    Thank You,. From Alfred, Richard and families..

    • Alfred – thanks for your kind note. We are very happy you enjoyed our tour. You will have to come back again soon because there are too many great local food that we wanted to share with you. See you soon!

  36. Zing says:

    I have spent a 3 days tour with CK in early Nov 09 and I was impressed with his knowledge of where the authentic good Penang food are, which is usually located “off the beaten tracks”. I still miss the Balik Pulau Assam Lemak Laksa, which my family ordered extra bowls, the push cart chendul where ‘Phua Chu Kang’ also patronaged, the Shanghai Ding unique dim sum and the ‘Tau Sa Bia’ (a type of chinese pastry) from the one and only shop ‘Him Heang’ in Penang. CK also went the extra mile to bring us for some shopping spree in town and patiently waited for us beyond the planned schedule so that we can returned to our hotel in Batu Ferringhi conveniently. This is definitely a added convenience when I was bringing my two aged parents around.

    Overall, I have a comprehensive experiences of Penang, which is reflected in my recently completed photo albums, which can be broadly categorised into 4 themes:
    1. Heritage Penang
    2. Religious Penang
    3. Nature Penang
    4. Food Haven Penang
    Thank you to Rasa Malaysia, esp CK for making these experiences possible.

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  38. Joe & Ria Smeets says:

    We’ll we’re back, albeit a bit jet lagged. I thought I would drop you a quick note to thank you, and CK, for the two wonderful days in Penang. I don’t think think things could have worked out better! You brother is a wonderful guide and a real gentleman. I don’t think he let an opportunity pass to make us feel comfortable. Nothing was too much! I hope he felt the same way about us. I was looking around your website because I wanted to post a few positive review regarding our trip, but couldn’t find the section. (I’m sure I saw it before…) Again, thanks very much for all your work. Ria and I plan to stay in touch with you, so we can enlist your help for our next trip to South East Asia. If any of our friends are travelling to the region you may rest assured we will give them your email address.

    Wam regards,

    Ria and Joe Smeets
    Coquitlam, BC

  39. Per Lee says:

    Hi, just wanted to leave a few positive comments about our Penang Tour with Rasa Malaysia. cK is great! He’s very polite and patient. I can see my parents and in-laws enjoyed themselves very much throughout the trip. It is definitely the highlight of our trip. Thanks very much :)


  40. Richard S says:

    Our family of four have been on a non-stop eating fest since arriving in Penang 4 days ago. Having heard and read so much about Penang’s gastronomic heritage we decided on this trip to Malaysia that we would make a trip specially to Penang to enjoy its local cuisine. And its not food only, Penang offers great cultural heritage, old world Anglo Chinese architecture and genuinely friendly English speaking locals.

    One such local was our tour guide CK. Our gastro-tour took place two days ago. And what a day it turned out to be!

    Our day began with a mid morning trip to Pulau Tikus wet market. There we walked through corridors where stall holders were selling all manner of local market produce – fruits, vegetables, meat, cooked food etc etc. If food hygiene is your thing, you’d better close your eyes. CK took us to a couple of vendors selling Nyonya cakes (of course we bought some!) and then to a local “coffee shop” (more like a corner café) where we plunged into our first meal of the day – Char Kway Teow and Curry Mee being served up by stallholders located outside the cafe. Without doubt these were among the best versions of these dishes I’d ever tasted in my life. CK knew his stuff, no doubt.

    Aside from tasting local food, our tour also focused on Penang’s cultural heritage. CK took drove us past the various ethnic quarters within old Penang (now UNESCO listed). These ethnic quarters covered various Chinese, Malay, Indian and Anglo socio-economic groups in Penang. If you love Anglo Chinese architecture, old Penang is a must. While many are in bad repair, a city wide restoration program is in progress to bring back many of its streets back to their former glory. We also visited the Khoo Kong Si clanhouse and marvelled at the history and wealth of this clan, spanning the past two hundred years. Another highlight was the Peranakan Mansion tour – another historic insight into the lives of local Peranakans.

    The culinary highlight of our day was lunch at an authentic Peranakan restaurant run by a fourth generation Nyonya lady and her family. Between the four of us, we sampled some nine Nyonya dishes! Some were familiar to me while the others were new. In all, the flavours, textures and attention to detail made our lunch quite memorable. You’d think we hadn’t eaten all day! Another must go to place when we visit Penang again!

    So, CK thank you for making our Penang experience so special. You are indeed a great guide and very knowledgeable at what you do. RS

    • Richard & family,

      Thanks so much for your glowing review and such a great comment. We are happy that you had fun in Penang. Do tell your friends and family to visit us! :)


  41. Jack says:

    I must say I do miss Penang so much indeed, the people, food and just the whole atmosphere in Penang. I was back last year after more than 10 years of absence. The ‘Hokkein’, feel so at home indeed. Sad to say that I am back home now. I may visit Penang one day again, afterall, I was the peranakan from Penang. It is of much privilege and lucky for those who live in Penang, my old home town. :)

  42. Robert Law says:

    My wife, Cheryl and I had a great time in Penang last month (December). We were so glad that we took your family’s Penang tour as it helped us see so many places in a short time. We especially loved the historical clan houses there.

  43. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Robert and Cheryl – we are so glad that you enjoyed our tour. Thank you for your kind comment.

  44. Prime says:

    Please check out my complete write-up about my Penang private tour with Rasa Malaysia and CK:

  45. Alex Woo says:

    Dear Bee, Dear CK,

    We had a great time in Penang, thanks so much to you guys! We definitely want to come back to Penang in June for Durians…

    After the tour during which we stuffed ourselves while CK was watching, we took a rest and a walk before heading out to New Lane for the hawker food. As you guys suggested, we had our Ark Dui Mee Sua, which was excellent! Lulu was very happy about that. We then had the Beef Kway Teo soup, otak-otak and satays!

    Nyonya Breeze was very good and we liked the sambal goreng and the salad with Apple and celery very much.

    We’ll still thinking about all the food we had and are hungry for more.

    Alex Woo,
    Hong Kong

  46. Robbie says:

    (Sent via email and repost here)

    I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had with CK last month in Penang! Everything worked out perfectly for the 3 days he was with us. We ate some great food, especially at the Nyonya restaurant he took us to. He was so kind and patient. We will always have great memories of Penang because of the experiences he shared with us! Thank you so much for your assistance with making the arrangements! Take care.

    Robbie – Valencia, CA

  47. celeinena says:

    I wanted to check out the Malaysian Cookbook under Betty Saw and came across your website. Oh, this is wonderful.

    My family and I were in Kuala Lumpur for 6 weeks but did not have a chance to visit Penang. I was craving mostly is the Penang Nonya Kuih.

    Can you send me a list of Nonya Kuih to my Email address. It’s

    Celeinena, Sydney Australia

  48. Ian Tilley says:

    This was the most amazing day…… sampling the culinary and historical highlights of Penang with CK’s local knowledge was something that will live long in my memories….. I can not recommend this experience highly enough. My son & I had the time of our life.

    Check out our photos on Facebook:

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  50. Cecilia says:

    (Sent via email and repost here)

    I’m back to work again after a long holiday in Penang. Thank you once again for arranging everything, for my trip, and honestly, CK is a very
    nice man, can you please say thank you to him. I did really enjoy the trip very much so as my friends.

    Cecilia, Hong Kong

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