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Penang Hawker Food (Part II)

Austin from Real Thai and Marc from Mental Masala are both heading out to Penang soon so I’ve decided to write this follow up post to Photo Blog: Penang Hawker Food to help them eat well in Penang. Start drooling now…here comes more food pictures!


Popiah from Padang Brown Hawker Center.

Popiah / Fresh Spring Rolls

Filled with jacama (yambean), diced beancurb, crab meat and wrapped in fresh spring roll skin, Padang Brown Popiah is the BEST Popiah in Penang.

Grilled Clams with Curry Paste

Curry-flavored clams from New Lane Hawker Joint.

Char Siew / Chinese Barbecued Pork

Char Siew or Chinese barbecued pork. Char Siew is usually served with rice and can be found at Chicken Rice stalls.

Loh Bak

Loh Bak. These pork rolls are wrapped in beancurd skin and deep fried to perfection. Taiwan has a similar dish called Chicken Rolls.

Curry Mee

Curry Mee.

Muar Chee / Glutinous Rice Balls Coated with Ground Peanuts and Sugar

Muar Chee or Glutinous Rice Balls coated with ground peanuts and sugar. I simply love these!

Roti Canai

Real Roti Canai; not the frozen ones I get here in the States.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak with Sambal Ikan Bilis (anchovies) and a sliced of hard-boiled egg.

Grilled Chicken Wings

Grilled Chicken Wings.

Penang Sar Ho Fun

Penang Sar Ho Fun. A Cantonese-style fried noodle dish.

Ice Kacang / Air Batu Kacang (ABC)

Penang Ice Kacang.

Ju Hu Eng Chai / Cuttlefish Salad

Ju Hu Eng Chai or Cuttlefish Salad. Delicious!

Cheh Hu / Chinese-style Rojak

Cheh Hu or Chinese-style Rojak. It’s very tasty and best as an afternoon snack.


Cendol. A must try dessert.

Wonton Mee

Wonton Mee.

Yong Tow Foo

Yong Tow Food. Various kinds of fish balls / stuffed fish paste served in a savory broth. Fish balls in Malaysia are fresh, succulent, and bouncy.

And they are not all as there are a lot more to savor in Penang. In my honest opinion, not many places tops Penang when it comes to food. Penang is simply the best place for street food and Time Asia thinks so too.

My previous posts about Penang, its foods, and its hawkers:

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  1. Karen

    I cannot believe you left out assam laksa/penang laksa. It’s the one main thing that I completely miss about Malaysia…

    Thanks for posting the other pictures. Must bug my mum to make me some now…

  2. lucia

    YEP! penang IS the best place for hawkers’ food! delicious, tasty and cheap… and can be found abundantly. we penangites are spoilt for choices. it is no wonder that many penangities are fat… me including. :)

    the nasi lemak picture looks like the one in sri weld food court (beach street)? it is one of the best nasi lemak!

  3. Rasa Malaysia


    The nasi lemak picture was taken in Pulau Tikus morning market. I heard the Sri Weld food court nasi lemak is very good. Haven’t tried it though.

    There is a new nasi lemak place in Batu Lanchang Road (across from So Young Cafe) called Liverpool Nasi Lemak…it’s very good too.

  4. Rasa Malaysia

    Babe –

    At least you are in KL and you can get your fix of hawker food easily. I am so far away so I can just look at the pictures and drool…:(

  5. Audrey Cooks

    U got a ‘killer shot’ of the Sar Hor Fun, man! Lots of wok hei eh? I don’t fancy the ones in KL, the noodles all deep fried and hard.

  6. Ben

    Glad to have you left a message on my blog. You have a great blog — keep it up and thanks for sharing. I just came back from a trip to Malaysia and Singapore and am blogging on the trip for the next couple of weeks.

  7. Rasa Malaysia

    Audrey Cooks – it’s all about wok hey! I have been reading your blog too, great stuff and nice pictures. How do you make your pictures “broken?”

    Ben – Welcome back! I have been reading your posts too. Are you a Malaysian? Thanks for leaving your comment on RM. Do come back often. :)

  8. Chubbypanda

    But… But… Taiwanese hawker food!

    In any case, this selection looks scrumtious. My diet will be in real trouble if I’m ever in Malaysia.

    – CP

  9. Rasa Malaysia


    I have been to Taiwan and tried out the hawker food and they are great. Don’t get me wrong, as I said, not many places tops… Taiwan is definitely one of the few. ;)

  10. reona


    I want to eat all of the foods!!!
    They look like delicious.

    When I went to Penang last year,
    I ate Curry Mee at first.
    It was very delicious!

    I envy you because you can eat wonderful food if you want!
    Thank you for the infomations of delicious food!

  11. Rasa Malaysia

    Reona – Actually, I don’t live in Penang, so I get to eat all these delicious food only when I go home. :(

    Elmomonster – I look forward to learn more about Indonesian hawker food. When are you heading back? ;)

  12. mef

    G’day Rasa Malaysia.

    I’m missing home and the turtle shaped island. Nice photos of all the wonderful Penang food. I’m huge fan of kuih. I do stare at my food pics from Penang when I miss it : )

    Thanks for the site. Really…really nice.

  13. Anonymous

    Bee Yin,
    U make me drool like a mad cow !!
    Your photography skills definitely adds more flavor to all the dishes, super duper yummy..all the way !! :)

  14. pwee

    my mommy was going to make me some ju hu eng chai the other day, but i have to come back to school early to do work. =/ damn dining hall food. aha

    now someone give me $1200 for me to buy a ticket.

  15. Anonymous

    Penang hawker food made me drool….:) They remind me of Singapore hawker center food. Wish I were sitting in the hawker center and eating roti canai and popiah now…:)

  16. Tny

    Where can I get the popia?! Look so delicious!!! ;p

    BTW, chicken wings? Errmm..there’s a stall at Pasar Malam Pantai Bersih, Bgn. Ajam B’worth that sells chicken wings. Look alike deli chicken wing =) try it! cost only RM1.30/pc.. no regret!

  17. DAVID


    • Graeme

      Hi! I also was stationed in RAAF Butterworth 478 SQN Dakotas, from AUG 74 until FEB 77 and lived in Penang.
      For 2 and a half years I enjoyed the best tasting food in my life. No wonder they call it the Pearl of the Orient, it is a food lovers paradise. My Armah cooked the best Spring Rolls I have eaten in my life.
      A take away meal from Gurney Drive Hawkers every week was looked forward to. I used to love Murtabak, Penang Hawkers Fried Kwoy Teoh and the Satays. Everything is second class here in Australia to the quality and taste of the food there.

      • DAVID

        To Grameme who sent me the email. I was also station at RAAF Butterworh.
        I was with 55 AIR DISPATCH SQN from 1963/65. we use to travel on the ferry from Butterworth to Penang every day. If I had my way, I would have loved to live in Malaya, to me food was outstanding and the people was so good to us. Before we got onto the ferry we us go to one of Hawker stalls and have curry sauce with chapatti which only cost a Dollar, this brings back so many great times.

        • David and Graememe – you should go back to Penang again and rekindle your “love affair” with this magic island. A lot has changed in the past 20+ years but a lot remains the same, and that’s what draws people back to Penang again and again. Even just go back for the food, it’s worthwhile.

          My family runs a private tour + culinary tour, we can take you back in search of you favorite eats. You would be surprised as some of the places are still around, it’s just passed on to the new generation.

          Hope to see you in Penang. Email me at if you are coming. :)

  18. richer

    yeah, penang’s yong tau fu is the best that i’ve ever had since i stayed there for 2 weeks. also duck rice near the adventist hospital, also the best duck rice. also recommend you guys to indonesia to try Tien Sim noodle at pluit sakti raya no 47north jakarta, that is awesome noodle. that 3 items are strongly recommended, and malaysian people says die die must try !!!

  19. Yen Ai

    Really can’t help with those hawker’s food since i stay far away from my lovely home town – Penang. Perhaps i could cook some this weekend and share with my friends here with these marvelous food.. Thanks for the detailed recipes and great pictures! Great job!

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