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I had a great time in Beijing this time and here are a small subset of the scrumptious food I had while I was there.

I went back to Paper again (this time to my disappointment as the set dinner was almost the same with only a few new dishes and the portion had gotten smaller), sampled some fantastic regional cuisines such as Sichuan, Guizhou (贵州菜) and Dalian (大连菜)…

The highlight of the trip was a very fancy dinner at Green Tea House (紫云轩). Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to capture any pictures there. All I can say is WOW as I was floored by the decor and ambiance, plus the food was actually pretty good despite a fusion (I don’t even like fusion food) menu. The presentation and the plating of the food were a real-eye opener–think a plate of jiaozi served with a tree trunk, beer served in a giant bowl, and an unknown plant that is at least 2 feet tall–all as the centerpiece of the food ordered. It was a totally new dining experience and I would recommend you to check it out if you are in Beijing.

Green T. House
No. 6 Gongti Xi Lu Chaoyang
Beijing 100027
PR China
Tel: + 86 10 6552-8310/8311
Fax: + 86 10 6553-8750
Hours: 11:30am – 3:00 pm; 6:00pm – midnight

Feast your eyes with the food porn aboveand let me know which dish looks the best to you. I looooved the steamed turbot and wok-tossed chicken. ;)

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16 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. Oh for the love of food!

    Hi, RM, I am SO jealous! I love going for food Holidays like these! The ‘no menu’ concept at Paper is really clever, I always say that if I ever opened a restaurant, there would be no menu and people would just have to eat what I cooked on the day, and that the restaurant will only be open when I felt like cooking. Oh and only 20 guests at a time! HAHA!
    I love the look of the juicy egg plant at Paper and the idea of 14 really mini courses. YUMMY!!

  2. Wandering Chopsticks

    That water cooked fish looks awesome! And the clams. Mmm. Lucky you.

    I always thought turbot was a big fish?

  3. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    i always wondered how turbot tastes like..they serve this in unique seafood…for RM248++ a kg..which is twice as expensive as soon hock..and way above cod fish..hmmm

  4. Rasa Malaysia

    For the love of food – OK, you have to tell me when you open your no-menu restaurant.

    Steamy – yeah, but please also go to Green T House. It was really quite an experience.

    WC – I have had turbot in the US (imported from France) and it was bigger. The ones in China seems smaller, but I have had bigger ones there, this one is definitely smaller.

    Joe – I love Turbot…but I love Soon Hock, too, but the last time I had Soon Hock was like 10 years ago and I forgot the taste. But steamed turbot is just soooo good.

    Gazard – LOL. I have to say that some are great, and some are so-so. Hehe.

    Marvin – I love clams so anything with clams are good, hehe. Water-cooked (translated literally from Chinese) is a Sichuan cooking style where they use oil to cook the fish…very spicy.

    Simcooks – hehe, we are similar. I love authentic foods as they are harder and harder to find these days. At fusion / cosmo restaurants, all their menus look the same. For Green T. House, even though they serve fusion food, their ambience, decor, and presentation sorta “disguise” the fusion food as I was paying more attention to the environment than the food. The food wasn’t half bad that’s why I recommended it. ;)

  5. tigerfish

    How come Paper cut down on the portions just within a few months? :O

    I only like fusion food when they “fuse” the cuisines I like, and when the resultant turns out “what I like”? Hahhaha….I also dunno wat I talking lah….eg. when I tried some chili crab pasta(pasta with lots of chili crab egg gravy) in a bistro bac in Sg, I thought it was yummy (if considered fusion?).

    Though there’re no pictures of Green Tea House, I like the chinese name 紫云轩 a lot! 紫云轩 sounds so therapeutic. But I would have associated it with a lavender-themed place coz of the color purple :D

    Beer served in a giant bowl? Sounds like how the “chinese dynasty era” serve their 高梁酒 and 女儿红. Just that 紫云轩 use beer instead. That is called fusion too right? – the presentation? And what a name… Turbot fish is 多宝鱼!!! :D

    Sorry…I was a bit long-winded again, but the food, names, and descriptions were very interesting leh, so can’t help it.

  6. Tunku Halim

    I passionately agree with Oh For the Love of Food. I’d love to enter a restaurant and they just bring food, food, food! No decisions needed. All freshly cooked, all tasty, and lots of it. No waiting, either!

  7. MeiyeN

    i visited beijing 7 years ago…. unfortunately, i just couldn’t remember what i had before at that time :( lucky you to so much of yummy food @ beijing!

  8. annechung

    I was looking for a satay sauce recipe and stumbled on your blog.I’m a Malaysian living in Los Angeles and writes a blog too. It brings back memories, I’ve been so busy I’ve not gone back in 20 years but will make a trip next year if nothing just to eat. I miss the food, ice kachang especially- Anne of blog socalgalopenwallet

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