Eating Beijing Food
May 21st, 2007 16 Comments

Eating Beijing Food

Beijing Food
Beijing Food pictures (3 of 17)

I had a great time in Beijing this time and here are a small subset of the scrumptious food I had while I was there.

I went back to Paper again (this time to my disappointment as the set dinner was almost the same with only a few new dishes and the portion had gotten smaller), sampled some fantastic regional cuisines such as Sichuan, Guizhou (贵州菜) and Dalian (大连菜)…

The highlight of the trip was a very fancy dinner at Green Tea House (紫云轩). Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to capture any pictures there. All I can say is WOW as I was floored by the decor and ambiance, plus the food was actually pretty good despite a fusion (I don’t even like fusion food) menu. The presentation and the plating of the food were a real-eye opener–think a plate of jiaozi served with a tree trunk, beer served in a giant bowl, and an unknown plant that is at least 2 feet tall–all as the centerpiece of the food ordered. It was a totally new dining experience and I would recommend you to check it out if you are in Beijing.

Green T. House
No. 6 Gongti Xi Lu Chaoyang
Beijing 100027
PR China
Tel: + 86 10 6552-8310/8311
Fax: + 86 10 6553-8750
Hours: 11:30am – 3:00 pm; 6:00pm – midnight

Feast your eyes with the food porn aboveand let me know which dish looks the best to you. I looooved the steamed turbot and wok-tossed chicken. ;)

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16 comments... read them below or add one

  1. Oh for the love of food! says:

    Hi, RM, I am SO jealous! I love going for food Holidays like these! The ‘no menu’ concept at Paper is really clever, I always say that if I ever opened a restaurant, there would be no menu and people would just have to eat what I cooked on the day, and that the restaurant will only be open when I felt like cooking. Oh and only 20 guests at a time! HAHA!
    I love the look of the juicy egg plant at Paper and the idea of 14 really mini courses. YUMMY!!

  2. SteamyKitchen says:

    I am so amazed at the photos you took! I’m going to try to make it to Paper when I go.

  3. Wandering Chopsticks says:

    That water cooked fish looks awesome! And the clams. Mmm. Lucky you.

    I always thought turbot was a big fish?

  4. "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    i always wondered how turbot tastes like..they serve this in unique seafood…for RM248++ a kg..which is twice as expensive as soon hock..and way above cod fish..hmmm

  5. Gazard says:

    The dishes looks really really nice. It is because of your photography skill?

  6. Marvin says:

    The Clam Soup looks delicious. Also, does “water cooked” just mean boiled? Poached?

  7. simcooks says:

    I don’t like fusion food either.

  8. Rasa Malaysia says:

    For the love of food – OK, you have to tell me when you open your no-menu restaurant.

    Steamy – yeah, but please also go to Green T House. It was really quite an experience.

    WC – I have had turbot in the US (imported from France) and it was bigger. The ones in China seems smaller, but I have had bigger ones there, this one is definitely smaller.

    Joe – I love Turbot…but I love Soon Hock, too, but the last time I had Soon Hock was like 10 years ago and I forgot the taste. But steamed turbot is just soooo good.

    Gazard – LOL. I have to say that some are great, and some are so-so. Hehe.

    Marvin – I love clams so anything with clams are good, hehe. Water-cooked (translated literally from Chinese) is a Sichuan cooking style where they use oil to cook the fish…very spicy.

    Simcooks – hehe, we are similar. I love authentic foods as they are harder and harder to find these days. At fusion / cosmo restaurants, all their menus look the same. For Green T. House, even though they serve fusion food, their ambience, decor, and presentation sorta “disguise” the fusion food as I was paying more attention to the environment than the food. The food wasn’t half bad that’s why I recommended it. ;)

  9. tigerfish says:

    How come Paper cut down on the portions just within a few months? :O

    I only like fusion food when they “fuse” the cuisines I like, and when the resultant turns out “what I like”? Hahhaha….I also dunno wat I talking lah….eg. when I tried some chili crab pasta(pasta with lots of chili crab egg gravy) in a bistro bac in Sg, I thought it was yummy (if considered fusion?).

    Though there’re no pictures of Green Tea House, I like the chinese name 紫云轩 a lot! 紫云轩 sounds so therapeutic. But I would have associated it with a lavender-themed place coz of the color purple :D

    Beer served in a giant bowl? Sounds like how the “chinese dynasty era” serve their 高梁酒 and 女儿红. Just that 紫云轩 use beer instead. That is called fusion too right? – the presentation? And what a name… Turbot fish is 多宝鱼!!! :D

    Sorry…I was a bit long-winded again, but the food, names, and descriptions were very interesting leh, so can’t help it.

  10. Nate 2.0 says:


    great pics as usual. I *so* wanted to slurp up the clams. mmmMMMmmm…

  11. Tunku Halim says:

    I passionately agree with Oh For the Love of Food. I’d love to enter a restaurant and they just bring food, food, food! No decisions needed. All freshly cooked, all tasty, and lots of it. No waiting, either!

  12. MeiyeN says:

    i visited beijing 7 years ago…. unfortunately, i just couldn’t remember what i had before at that time :( lucky you to so much of yummy food @ beijing!

  13. wmw says:

    Welcome back…..waiting for more “sharing” from you.

  14. annechung says:

    I was looking for a satay sauce recipe and stumbled on your blog.I’m a Malaysian living in Los Angeles and writes a blog too. It brings back memories, I’ve been so busy I’ve not gone back in 20 years but will make a trip next year if nothing just to eat. I miss the food, ice kachang especially- Anne of blog socalgalopenwallet

  15. team BSG says:

    Those dishes really very Chinese !
    Multiple tastes at one go right !

  16. Anonymous says:

    restaurant in beijing with adress and telephone number, juice, dinner

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