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I know you are probably more interested in the foods I had in Beijing, but I wanted to share some people photography I took in Beijing first.

I love shooting photos of local people when I travel–be it an old man sitting by a narrow alley in hutong, local vendors busy with their daily lives, or a dog whose home is Beijing–these are the kind of shots that would always remind me of what is real of the place I went to.

Have a great weekend!

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16 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

    Hey RM great photog dear. Can’t wait till you’re back on food again. ;-) hehehe

  2. Anh

    I miss my short time in Beijing. Love the photo, RM. Please show us more Beijing life (people, food or whatever) through your lense. :)

  3. Munted kowhai

    absolutely beautiful photographs. Last time I was in Beijing, I only had a 16MB memory card. You can imagine how gutted I was….

  4. Jun

    Wow! Nice ppl pics! Good to hav a break fr the food pics– not that ur food pics aren’t great, mind u, but much as I admire ur food pics, I think ur ppl pics are reli beautiful as well :)

    Loved ur blog since stumbling onto it last year ;) Keep it up, fellow Penangite!

  5. tigerfish

    These are nice real shots. But how come all men, no women? Only women I see are the female tourists :O

  6. Passionate Eater

    I love it when you travel, because I spend hours looking at your wonderful photos. Thanks for bringing us along to Beijing!

  7. Nate 2.0

    Not much of “old Beijing” left as modernisation has taken its toll. Only the old people are left.

    Looking forward to your food photos.

  8. Rasa Malaysia

    Allan and Nigel – thanks for your comment. Yeah, I have posted my food pictures…more appetizing then people shots I am sure. ;)

    Anh – will do. :)

    Munted Kowhai – I brought my 2G memory card. Hehe.

    Anonymous – I think most women in China are home-bound as that’s the traditional Chinese ways.

    Jun – are you Penang kaki lang? Thanks for your kind comment. I am really not that great in photography, just a wannabe. Hehe.

    Cynthia – I just posted my food photos, enjoy.

    Tiga – women are home bound in China traditionally…hehe. Men are out and about more, I think. :P

    PE – I am happy you enjoyed my photos.

    Nate – yeah, all the skyscrapers…it’s still great I found some old Beijing in the remaining hutong.

  9. christine

    This is a beautiful photo. I have to see the rest. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip and get some tips from you. Im going to Beijing in October, I’m so excited! :)

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