Beijing Pictures
May 31st, 2007 23 Comments

Beijing Pictures

Beijing, China

Picture 4 of 35

This is the last of my photoblog series for Beijing, China.

With this set of 35 pictures, I will take you on a virtual tour to Beijing: The Temple of Heaven (天坛), the narrow alleys of hutong (胡同), Bell and Drum Towers (钟楼鼓楼), and more.

Buckle your seat belt and let’s go…

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23 comments... read them below or add one

  1. chia says:

    Very nice sets of pictures!! Especially like the 乡间alleys. Haven’t had a chance to ask ,how do you like your 50mm lens? Did you use it for any of these pictures in Beijing?

  2. tigerfish says:

    Just returned safely(with those seat belts buckled) after the BJ tour :) Hmmmm…I like the mix – random snapshots of pple, alleys, etc; and detailed shots on the old broken doors (caused by firecrackers?), plants in wine pots/bowls, steamboats/hotpots and hanging lamps.

    No need to secretly think lah, can really make a postcard. Do you intend to print them out ?

  3. Jason Ho says:

    woah..I love your pics..really postcard style like you said…umm..what camera do you use btw?

  4. Claude-Olivier says:

    Hihi, I’m not the only one who ask about your 50mm lens ;-) Wonderful pictures in this set! I love the one on your blog, really beautiful!


  5. Orchidea says:

    Nice… I was in Beijing for 4 days in May 2005, I did a very packed sightseeing and I really liked the city. I tested Pekin duck froma restaurant near Hutongs in the center… that was so good!

  6. Marvin says:

    You have a great eye for photography. I liked those teapots, did you get to take any of those home?

  7. msiagirl says:

    Nice pics, looks like you had a great time. My family lived there for 6 years and they lived on top of the Friendship Store!

  8. Big Boys Oven says:

    Waliao…. you reminds me of my last few trip to Beijing. Cool.

  9. Amy says:

    Your photos are beautiful. I was in Beijing last summer and seeing these pics made me realize I didn’t take enough pics when I was there hehehe.

  10. Cynthia says:

    You are right, the pic on the blog does look like a postcard. Thanks for taking us on the virutal tour. Wanted to explore more :) Beautiful pics as usual.

  11. Melting Wok says:

    The replica version in Epcot Center, Disney World, FL looks exactly like th real one, except mini sized hehe..the alleys are so cleaned man, and I wonder how many times they polish their trishaws, so clean, wow !:)

  12. babe_kl says:

    gosh… these photos are really postcard perfect!

  13. Oh for the love of food! says:

    RM! I Just love your photos! They sure look like postcards. I must get my hands on that Canon camera. What lenses do you use?

  14. Wandering Chopsticks says:

    I’ve been enjoying all your Beijing photos. :)

    What were all those large urns used for?

  15. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Chia – I took all the Beijing pictures and recent food pictures with the 50mm, yes, I like it. I think it’s easier to use. But it’s hard to take scenary shots as I have to stand very very far away to take a decent shots. Hehe.

    Tiga – No lah, don’t plan to print them as I alreay have postcards from Beijing! LOL.

    Jason – I use Canon EOS Rebel XT, I have it for sale on Rasa Malaysia Store, just check it out. It’s a good investment. :)

    Claude – thank you for your kind words, as always. :)

    Orchidea – I had Peking Roast Duck in Quan Je De and thought it was just so-so. Perhaps the best roast ducks are found in the hutong!

    Marvin – thanks. No, I didn’t buy any of them as they are too fragile to bring back. ;)

    Msiangirl – wow, did you live there too? I know the Friendship Store, I passed by the shop when I was in the cab, many times! :)

    Big Boys – you should go back there again…for Olympic? ;)

    Amy – LOL…I have been to Beijing so many times and every time I see/discover something new that I haven’t yet captured.

    Cynthia – thanks. I thought this set is a nice virtual tour…next year Olympic is going to be crazy.

    Melting – they are cleaning up Beijing in preparation for the Olympic next year. ;)

    Babe – really ke? Thank you. :)

    For the love of food – I used 50mm in this set because it’s convenient for traveling purposes, but found it hard to capture scenary shots. The last few shots of the temple of heaven, I practically had to stand like a mile away to take the shots….lol. (Well, not really a mile, but you know what I mean as I cannot zoom out using the 50mm).

    Wandering Chopsticks – I have no idea…just thought they were nice so I captured them.

  16. Nate 2.0 says:

    You have a good eye. I like the pics of the pots.

    Did you try whispering at the Tien Tan wall?

  17. Tunku Halim says:

    It would be fantastic postcard. Maybe you should print and sell!

  18. J@son I WeeMin says:

    Love your photoblog so much. You are great in food and photography as well. I really love ur blog and instantly bookmark it.

    By the way, I’m so curious about the slideshow u’ve embeded. It darken the background and changes according to photosize. How did u do it?

  19. Big Boys Oven says:

    rasa malaysia,
    might do that, got a friend malaysia friend station there, free bunking!!!

  20. Chubbypanda says:

    Whee! I like this ride!

  21. Florence says:

    Dear Rasa Malaysia,

    Thank you for sharing so generously via your great blog!

    I came across your blog from a spiritual friend, Yozora NiteSky (

    Wish I could be like you one day too (photography dummy to be on par with the experts).

    Thank you for the postcard-like pictures (weren’t they postcards? ;>), and neat categorized blog posts.

    Until then, may you be well and happy, wherever you may be. =)

  22. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Nate – thanks…no I didn’t whisper to the wall at the temple of heaven…was I supposed to? Tell me more about it? ;)

    Tunku Halim – LOL…maybe one day I can publish a photo book.

    Jason – Thank you. I used Lightbox 2.0 for the photos…I will write a post soon to teach people how to use it. Please stay tuned.

    Big Boys Oven – cool, free accomodation. :)

    CP – haha…I am glad you did. It’s your “motherland” well, you you are a panda, right? ;)

    Florence – thanks for your kind comment and words…I am glad and honored you like my blog. :)

  23. J@son I WeeMin says:

    Great, cant wait for the post. By the way, I’m Malaysian too. And what a coincidence, I’m staying in Penang!

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