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Beijing Pictures

Beijing, China
Beijing, China pictures (33 of 35)

This is the last of my photoblog series for Beijing, China.

With this set of 35 pictures, I will take you on a virtual tour to Beijing: The Temple of Heaven (天坛), the narrow alleys of hutong (胡同), Bell and Drum Towers (钟楼鼓楼), and more.

Buckle your seat belt and let’s go…

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  1. chia

    Very nice sets of pictures!! Especially like the 乡间alleys. Haven’t had a chance to ask ,how do you like your 50mm lens? Did you use it for any of these pictures in Beijing?

  2. tigerfish

    Just returned safely(with those seat belts buckled) after the BJ tour :) Hmmmm…I like the mix – random snapshots of pple, alleys, etc; and detailed shots on the old broken doors (caused by firecrackers?), plants in wine pots/bowls, steamboats/hotpots and hanging lamps.

    No need to secretly think lah, can really make a postcard. Do you intend to print them out ?

  3. Claude-Olivier

    Hihi, I’m not the only one who ask about your 50mm lens ;-) Wonderful pictures in this set! I love the one on your blog, really beautiful!


  4. Orchidea

    Nice… I was in Beijing for 4 days in May 2005, I did a very packed sightseeing and I really liked the city. I tested Pekin duck froma restaurant near Hutongs in the center… that was so good!

  5. msiagirl

    Nice pics, looks like you had a great time. My family lived there for 6 years and they lived on top of the Friendship Store!

  6. Amy

    Your photos are beautiful. I was in Beijing last summer and seeing these pics made me realize I didn’t take enough pics when I was there hehehe.

  7. Cynthia

    You are right, the pic on the blog does look like a postcard. Thanks for taking us on the virutal tour. Wanted to explore more :) Beautiful pics as usual.

  8. Melting Wok

    The replica version in Epcot Center, Disney World, FL looks exactly like th real one, except mini sized hehe..the alleys are so cleaned man, and I wonder how many times they polish their trishaws, so clean, wow !:)

  9. Oh for the love of food!

    RM! I Just love your photos! They sure look like postcards. I must get my hands on that Canon camera. What lenses do you use?

  10. Rasa Malaysia

    Chia – I took all the Beijing pictures and recent food pictures with the 50mm, yes, I like it. I think it’s easier to use. But it’s hard to take scenary shots as I have to stand very very far away to take a decent shots. Hehe.

    Tiga – No lah, don’t plan to print them as I alreay have postcards from Beijing! LOL.

    Jason – I use Canon EOS Rebel XT, I have it for sale on Rasa Malaysia Store, just check it out. It’s a good investment. :)

    Claude – thank you for your kind words, as always. :)

    Orchidea – I had Peking Roast Duck in Quan Je De and thought it was just so-so. Perhaps the best roast ducks are found in the hutong!

    Marvin – thanks. No, I didn’t buy any of them as they are too fragile to bring back. ;)

    Msiangirl – wow, did you live there too? I know the Friendship Store, I passed by the shop when I was in the cab, many times! :)

    Big Boys – you should go back there again…for Olympic? ;)

    Amy – LOL…I have been to Beijing so many times and every time I see/discover something new that I haven’t yet captured.

    Cynthia – thanks. I thought this set is a nice virtual tour…next year Olympic is going to be crazy.

    Melting – they are cleaning up Beijing in preparation for the Olympic next year. ;)

    Babe – really ke? Thank you. :)

    For the love of food – I used 50mm in this set because it’s convenient for traveling purposes, but found it hard to capture scenary shots. The last few shots of the temple of heaven, I practically had to stand like a mile away to take the shots….lol. (Well, not really a mile, but you know what I mean as I cannot zoom out using the 50mm).

    Wandering Chopsticks – I have no idea…just thought they were nice so I captured them.

  11. J@son I WeeMin

    Love your photoblog so much. You are great in food and photography as well. I really love ur blog and instantly bookmark it.

    By the way, I’m so curious about the slideshow u’ve embeded. It darken the background and changes according to photosize. How did u do it?

  12. Florence

    Dear Rasa Malaysia,

    Thank you for sharing so generously via your great blog!

    I came across your blog from a spiritual friend, Yozora NiteSky (

    Wish I could be like you one day too (photography dummy to be on par with the experts).

    Thank you for the postcard-like pictures (weren’t they postcards? ;>), and neat categorized blog posts.

    Until then, may you be well and happy, wherever you may be. =)

  13. Rasa Malaysia

    Nate – thanks…no I didn’t whisper to the wall at the temple of heaven…was I supposed to? Tell me more about it? ;)

    Tunku Halim – LOL…maybe one day I can publish a photo book.

    Jason – Thank you. I used Lightbox 2.0 for the photos…I will write a post soon to teach people how to use it. Please stay tuned.

    Big Boys Oven – cool, free accomodation. :)

    CP – haha…I am glad you did. It’s your “motherland” well, you you are a panda, right? ;)

    Florence – thanks for your kind comment and words…I am glad and honored you like my blog. :)

  14. J@son I WeeMin

    Great, cant wait for the post. By the way, I’m Malaysian too. And what a coincidence, I’m staying in Penang!

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