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Photoblog: Random Eats

Here are some random food pictures snapped in the last 36 hours…

Bak Kut Teh, Zealand Restaurant, Gurney DriveVegetarian Bak Kut Teh with beancurd sticks, mushrooms and fried tofu. Surprisingly light and delicious.

Yau Char Kway, Zealand Restaurant, Gurney DriveYau Char Kwai, perfect for that bowl of steaming Bak Kut Teh.

Xiao Long Bao, Shanghai's Ding Tai Feng Restaurant QueensbayMy beloved Shanghai Xiao Long Bao at my favorite Shanghainese restaurant Shanghai’s Ding in Queensbay, Penang. Juicylicious.

Muar Chee, Gurney Drive Hawker CenterLittle glutinuous rice balls coated with ground peanut and sugar; a dessert I can’t do without whenever I am home.

Kuih Pai Tee, Gurney Drive Hawker CenterI can never get tired of these little cups filled with shredded jicama and other yummy bits. A Penang Nyonya specialty. My recipe is here.

Nyonya Rempah Fish/Fish Stuffed with ChiliA rempah (spice) hard-tailed mackerel found at a rice stall. My mother made killer rempah fish–another Penang Nyonya specialty.

Oysters Noodle, Zealand Restaurant, Gurney DriveStir-fried noodles with oysters. Yum.

Grilled Cuttlefish, Gurney Drive Hawker CenterDried cuttlefish are flattened, grilled over charcoal fire, and serve with a special chili sauce. A great afternoon snack.

Malay Laksa, Tanjung BungahMalay Laksa found at Tanjung Bungah’s roadside stall. I love the hard-boiled egg, which is inherently absent from Chinese laksa.

Goodbye Malaysia…next stop is Beijing for a week before returning to the OC (Irvine, Orange County).

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    I love all your pictures. Wish I was in India eating roadside food!
    The food looks so fresh.


  2. sc

    RM, is the muarchee frm the famous stall near Gurney Drive, PG? looks so good that i’m craving for it now!…

  3. Passionate Eater

    I thought I would miss you while you were gone in Asia, but you have been delivering on every post! Thanks for taking the time out of your trip to make my mouth water back in the U.S.!

  4. Claude-Olivier

    very very nice picture as always with you !!! I really love all these plates…so nice and tasty…woah


  5. Tummythoz

    Your trip home was really food-filled. *Kowtow-kowtow* Incredible!Oya, wanted to but I was unable to find time to try out Shanghai’s Ding in Penang during the hols.

  6. Kok

    Wow!I think you were filled with all the Malaysia’s good food which I’m craving at the moment. Hope you enjoy your stay in Malaysia!:)

  7. Rasa Malaysia – Hi and thanks for your kind comment. I had been to Mumbai before but I don’t recall seeing any street food stalls. Oh well, I guess I didn’t know where to look. :P

    Brigitte – thanks for sharing your recipes I will check them out.

    FBB – Errr, maybe because I eat seafood and don’t eat much meat? :P

    SC – I don’t know if the one I got from was the famous stall at Gurney Drive, but they are all very good, regardless of the stall you get it from. ;)

    PE – Thanks…I just wanted to share every bit of my eating adventures with my readers. :)

    Unkaleong – of course. You know I was in Singapore last night and went to Ang Mo Kio for chili crabs and I saw an Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant, muahaha!!!

    Anonymous – thanks for your comment. :)

    Claude – you are too kind. Thanks for your encouragement!

    Tummy – aiya, next time okay? I will pull some string and get you a special guest table!!

    WMW – of course I am eating well in China. It’s -4C here and I just had some fiery hot Szechuan dishes…my lips are still tingling and numb. Very very Ma (Numb) and Very very La (Spicy!).

    Kok – yes, I did have a great time in Malaysia. It’s sad to leave.

  8. Buxi

    Hi, i am Ana from Portugal :)
    Those photos are so iami!But i am on a diet…
    In some months i will be able the learn them and eat them hehe


  9. malaykid

    geez, looking at those pics i mustv at least 100 things in my must-eat list now for the next time i go back! lol!

  10. tigerfish

    The glutinous sweeties are Muah Chee and oh, I love those Kueh Pie Tee!
    When is the next time you are havin all these good yummies again? Waiting for you to be my Penang guide :D

  11. Ming_the_Merciless

    Everything looks delicious, esp. the rempah fish. When I was a kid, my mom used to make fried curry-rubbed fish.

  12. Arisa Go

    i did not get the chance to eat the food you had.. except for the laksa (chinese ones..). should have eaten muah chee before i went back to newcastle.. anyway, loved the photos and the food. looking forward to your culinary experience in beijing!

  13. Rasa Malaysia

    Buxi – hey there and welcome. :)

    Malaykid – yes, you must start compiling your list so it’s longer than the Great Wall of China. :P

    Tiger – yes, Muar Chee. Yay, good, I now have two people signing up for my Penang culinary tour. Any other takers?

    Mina – you should go to Malaysia.

    Ming – yes, too bad in the states we can’t get the kinds of fish in Malaysia. All the fish sold in the states look alien to me. ;)

    Arisa Go – I love Chinese laksa too but I seem to appreciate Malay laksa more these days. Must be the hard-boiled eggs. I just loooooove them.

  14. Melting Wok

    aiyoo..woman, think I don’t dare to comment..seems like the list is getting longer and longer, don’t know if I could wait that long :PP

  15. Nate 2.0

    Penang has the best food in the world. Love the muar chee but the stir-fried noodles with oysters really makes me say, “Wah! I wish I had some now!”

    Of course, can’t forget the assam laksa either…

  16. aria

    ahhhhh! eeeeeeeeeek, sqeeeeeeeeeeal it all looks so good! every bit of it, congrats on your new camera, cant wait to see more delicious pics. …slinking away with my little point and shoot…. :)

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