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October 31st, 2006 21 Comments

Potluck Party, Malaysian Style

Last weekend, I hosted a DeepaRaya potluck party celebrating the two festive occasions of Deepavali (Hindus’ festival of lights) and Hari Raya (Muslims’ Aidilfitri); as promised, here are the droolicious foods we had.


Sotong Kunyit prepared by S. These tumeric squid with sambal paste and kaffir lime leaves were cooked in light coconut cream sauce. Five fingers licking good!

Malay Satay

Chicken and beef satays courtesy of F. These satays were marinated for two days and grilled to perfection. The ones I made paled in comparison!



Cookies, murukhus, nuts, and fried chick pea snacks are essentials for DeepaRaya celebration.

Assam Pedas Seafood

Assam Pedas Seafood (Seafood in Tangy and Sour Sauce) is another knockout dish created by S.

Rojak, Curry Chicken, and Nasi Impit

Rojak with shrimp paste, fried chicken with rempah (spices) whipped up by G, Nasi Impit (Malay rice cake) by F, and my humble A1 Best One Curry Chicken.

Potluck party, Malaysian style.

Note: I would like to thank MyBuddies.net. Without it, I wouldn’t have met so many dear Malaysian friends. If you are a Malaysian living overseas, check it out now.


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  1. Chubbypanda says:

    Want! Want!

    - Chubbypanda

  2. Tummythoz says:

    Wow! And wow!

  3. wmw says:

    It must have been a great party, food and ambience wise. Delicious food, best of Malaysia, so to speak. Wish I was there! Self invite! ha ha ha….

  4. Anonymous says:

    actually I envy u 4 u r enjoying all those high end clinically sinfully intoxicating visually temptatuous star menus while I labour and toil far and wide in the backlanes + boondocks for basic carbs n veges !

    Now now don’t tell me the feeling is mutual ! LOL

  5. Audrey Cooks says:

    Your friend S must be one good cook! I don’t mind having a few of those friends around, then I can hang up my apron once in a while!

  6. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Chubbypanda, I think we Orange County bloggers should get together for a multinational potluck party: you, Elmo Monster, etc.?!

    WMW – Yep, it was a fabulous party. Sure, come over and crash the party, I don’t mind, the more the merrier. Are you based in Orange County? :P

    Tonixe – let’s put it this way; I wish I were in Malaysia. Then I don’t have to cook…;)

    Audrey Cooks – yes, my friend S is the Malaysian version of iron chef. She makes her own sambal paste, blend her own spices, know everything in the food world, and more!

  7. pik says:


    come up to nyc and cook for me!

  8. wmw says:

    Nah, I’m in Malaysia, but I travel around the States and stay there for about 2 months or so almost every year as my sis is there in SFO. Next time I’m there, I’ll drop you a line! Thanks in advance for the invite ;o)

  9. Ben says:

    The sotong looks absolutely fabulous!

  10. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Yes Ben. They were absolutely fabulous.

  11. Mae says:

    Oh, my! What delicious treats. I couldn’t take my eyes off the squid and assam pedas seafood… want some!

    Thanks for passing by my site and leaving a lovely comment. Your site makes me hungry and it’s only 9am here. Also, i’m already hooked – i’ve browsed so many pages back :)

  12. Chubbypanda says:

    I’m in!

    - Chubbypanda

  13. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Chubbypanda – do you want to organize it? Where is Elmomonster? I want my fix of real Indonesian food!

  14. Rasa Malaysia says:


    Thanks for stopping by. You have a very nice blog too and your pictures make me drool…hehe.

    The recipe of squid is up…check it out.

  15. Chris says:

    Jesus Christ, the first dish is driving me crazy, sotong kunyit, gosh… you should’ve invited me… !@#$%

    Just kidding…

  16. Rasa Malaysia says:


    Yes, I would have invited you and WMW if you guys were in the US. :P

  17. maryeats says:

    YUM! Please come to seoul and have a potluck here!

  18. Celine says:

    Hi Bee

    Could you also try to wrangle out the recipe for the Assam Pedas Seafood (also by S) as well as the Fried Chicken with Rempah (by G)?

    I’m trying REAL HARD to stop myself from licking the screen…

    Many thx!!

  19. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Hi Mary Eats – OK, the next time I go to Seoul, I will call you up.

    Celine – I will dig out all the secret recipes. Stay tuned.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hi Celine, try blending some fresh/dried red chillis, ginger, shallots, garlic, presoaked dried tamarinds with a pinch or two of tumeric & belacan, & you got yaself some mean Asam Pedas Paste. For other ingredients, make use of your favorite veges/ whatever is available, ie.cucumbers/italian squash, eggplants, okras, long beans, onions, red bell peppers & etc. Shellfish used is all up to your liking, ie. cuttlefish, shrimps, fish fillets, etc. Now now, you can stop licking the screen, start drooling again OR go cook up some Sour Tangy & Spicy Seafood for all to share, enjoy ! *wink*


  21. Rasa Malaysia says:


    Here is the recipe for the Indian Fried Chicken, courtesy of G.


    20 drumsticks..make some slices in the meat so the marinade can soak thru

    - 4 tablespoons ginger & garlic paste ( tumbuk or get the ready made paste)
    - 6 green chillis chopped
    - 3 tablespoons of finely chopped curry leaves
    - 1 egg
    - 150 g ( 1 packet) of Chefs Pride Special Fried Chicken mix ( from Indian store)
    - (if you can’t find the above, use 150g of curry powder for chicken will do)
    - Water..enough to mix ingredients..don’t make the marinade too thin

    Marinade chicken for 1-2 hours & deep fry. Make sure oil is hot.


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