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Pound Cake Recipe

Pound Cake
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I am a bad passenger, airlines don’t like me.

I am a magazine hog who snatches every in-flight magazine, pile them up in my seat, never return them back to the rack, and then I rip off interesting pages on these magazines. (Oops, did I just confess my dirty secrets?!)

Yes, I am one of those passengers that flight attendants and fellow passengers sneer at, especially when they hear the suspicious noise as I tear off pages. I really can’t help it. I am addicted to magazines; I can’t sleep on planes; and I absolutely CANNOT resist mouthwatering food and recipes on magazines. They whisper “tear me tear me” in my ears, I swear.

Pound Cake

This pound cake is the result of the above acts. It’s a classic pound cake recipe on Better Homes and Garden, May 2009 issue. The pound cake photos look velvety, deliciously dense, moist, and just perfect. I had to tear the pages off and try the pound cake recipe at home. Sorry airline!

My pound cake turned out quite good. It was a good pound cake recipe.

Here is my adapted pound cake recipe. Happy baking!

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  1. Btw, I am going to give that pound cake with real vanilla to try ;) It looks delicious! Thanks for mentioning I Heart Vanilla on the blog, Bee. Oh, so how long do you suggest creaming the butter and sugar?

  2. NYMY

    From now on, if I get magazines with food pages torn off, I may count myself lucky to possibly have crossed path with you. I see more people tearing off the sudoku or crossword puzzles than any other pages on airline magazines. Wonderful looking poundcake pictures. Like everyone else, I could bite off my monitor screen right now. If anything, looking at these pictures just made my instant coffee taste better!

  3. I neglected to cream the butter/sugar enough once too. After that, I always powder the sugar first to make it easy and smooth :) But I found that I did like the sweet crunch that comes from that bit of sugar in the bottom of the cake. Looks good :)

  4. I’m guilty of piling up magazines at my seat too, if only there were that many for me…hahaha! Food and recipe magazines can absolutely calm me down for long-haul flights cos I can’t sleep well too. Please leave some pages for me….leh! ;p

  5. This cake looks delicious! Love the sweet simplicity of pound cake! :) You can have my share of magazines in the long haul flights…airplane engine acts as a sleeping pill for me! I am that irritating passenger that falls asleep on the shoulders of strangers!

  6. lc tan

    difficult to measure 1 cup of butter or 1 cup flour. can u pls let me know in GRAMS or OZS. This would be more accurate. thanks

  7. Carol, Singapore

    hi hi, love your blog and have been following for a few mths now. a friend of mine knows i love recipes, too, but instead of ripping up pages or sections off magazines, she takes ictures of the recipes with her cell phone – oh, i forgot, you can’t have your cell phone turned on while flying (bummer!), and then sends them to me via email. at least i get coloured pictures of the recipes, too :-)

  8. lc tan

    wanted to try yr blueberry poundcake but again everything in cups measurement. not so accurate. would prefer if in future you give your recipe in ozs or grams. Because if we pour the flour in cups, do we have to shake the cup to make the flour level or heapful. this is the problem. Also how to measure butter in cups. It is solid. thanks

    • I don’t have the recipe in oz or grams, I got the recipe from a magazine. As I mentioned in the recipe, 1 cup of butter is 8 oz. If you bake, you should get a cup, this is the most convenient and accessible method as not everyone has a scale at home. 1 cup means level, not heapful. Hope this helps.

  9. Melissa Tan

    You’re such an amazing food writer. I call tearing out magazine…occupational hazards on your part!!
    I was a flight attendant many moons ago and yes! just take the entire Bon Appetit magazine…the cabin crew do it all the time too! I believe most of us do it at least once, especially at the Doctors office when it all quiet and all you can do is behave! These days you just snap it with your phone and viola!
    LOVE your recipes….

  10. Genevieve

    Thank you for the Pound Cake recipe.I did it today.It turned out very well.I wish I could post the picture for you to see..
    And it is delicious too..I did your Brandy Butter cake with prunes too???that is yummy too.

  11. Gina Igel

    In this day and age of Internet, websites, and smart phones, why not do what I do. Go to the Better Homes and Garden website. Find their recipe section. Enter the name of the recipe, and either email it to yourself or take pictures of the recipe. By doing this you can allow others the enjoyment of reading the magazine as well as hold your head up high knowing that you did unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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