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Almond Tea Recipe (酥皮杏仁茶)

Almond Tea with Puff Pastry
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I hate cold weather.

There I said it, I haaaaaaaate cold weather.

Blame it on my tropical blood, I dread cold temperatures. Winter makes my face crease like a dried prune and my winter wardrobe of fleece, wool, sweaters, jackets and such make me look–and feel–utterly frumpy and unattractive! I love warmth and sun–80 degree Fahrenheit and 80% humidity is my natural habitat. While most people shuns away from humidity, I for one think that humidity does wonders to my complexion–it makes my skin looks perfectly dewy and glossy (perhaps it’s SWEAT?!).

I digress…

So, when it comes to cooking during this time of year, I only have one thing in my mind: foods that make me warm. Other than my claypot dishes, this almond tea with baked puff pastry (酥皮杏仁茶) has been an absolute life-saver, especially during those cold mornings and nights.

I learn this almond tea recipe from a Chinese restaurant near where I live. While it might seem hard to prepare, it’s actually quite easy to make this almond tea with baked puff pastry (酥皮杏仁茶) with store-bought ingredients such as puff pastry sheets, almond powder, and canned ginkgo nuts.

It’s great sipping the almond tea while munching away the crispy and flaky puff pastry, with a magazine or newspaper in hand. And that’s when I feel that I might actually start to like cold weather. *wink*

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    hi rasa, what a clever and delicious recipe. i lobe the idea it sounds wonderful. so the tea has nuts in it? do you chew them while you drink it or leave them behind? or do they dissolve somehow. pardon, my ignorance ;)

  2. Kenny Mah

    It’s actually kinda cold right now in Malaysia with the usual year-end rainy season… so this recipe will fit in just as nicely in tropical climes when the weather turns slightly, uhm, icier? :)

  3. Manggy

    On the other hand, it’s steaming hot in Manila today (maybe cos I’ve been baking all day..)! I need a cold break! (Perfect for making pastry, haha)

  4. Dhanggit

    we are both tropical i understand perfectly your point of view ..i hate cold weather too..but i guess i wont mind so much chilly weather if i have this baked almond tea with puff pastry to accompany me by :-)

  5. cindy

    It looks so lovely and tasty. This is going to go on my must try list.

    One question, does this have to use the sweetened almond powder (the one that comes in the pink can from Hong Kong)? Or can I use the non-sweetened kind where it is just almond powder and compensate with extra sugar?

  6. daphne

    nice! It’s getting too warm in Perth though! will keep this in mind for the weird cold blasts that we sometimes have in the middle of summer!

  7. Piggy

    Didn’t know that almond tea can be served with puff pastry. Looks great, but I might try a different combination since I don’t take food with almond flavor. ;-)

  8. Cindy. Lo.

    You know?
    Everytime after my snowboarding trip, the only choice I had is hot chocolate.
    It’ll be very nice if I have have your baked almond tea with puff pastry instead.
    Very very nice.

  9. Anonymous

    Sounds utterly delightful and while it may be described as simple, you make it seem very sophisticated and delicate! Mmm…would make a nice end to a Chinese themed dinner :)


  10. Amanda

    Baked almond tea with puff pastry sounds good to have when its cold. Im bookmarking your baked almond tea with puff pastry recipe.

  11. pixen

    I missed the stall that sells Hin Jin Thng at Kimberly St- the one in front of a joss-sticks shop and few meters away from the well known Charcoal Char Koay Teow ( in front corner of a kopitiam). You’re right is great to have almond tea in Winter!I can’t find bitter almond/apricot kernels in Europe :-( so can’t make fresh tea… my luggage was too heavy carrying all the ‘food’ :-D

  12. Piseth Ren

    Dear Rasamalaysia

    When i found ur wed i feel comfortable with ur recipe . Now i try to find alot of Yau Char Kway recipe but can not reach, Just now i found it in ur web but no recipe just only pic, i hope you will post it soon . Because i really want it .

    Thanks in advanced

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