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Bean Curd Sticks and Pork Ribs Soup Recipe

Beancurd Sticks with Pork Ribs Soup (Teik Gah Kee Soup)

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I am partial to soybean foods: bean curds, tofu, soy milk, bean curd sheets, bean curd sticks, and vegetarian food made of soybeans. I consume these products a lot; as a matter of fact, I drink soy bean milk every day and I can’t live a week without soy sauce.

Bean curd sticks (known as “Teik Gah Kee” in Hokkien, or “Foo Chuk” in Cantonese) is one of my favorite soybean foods. I love them in soup–with pork ribs, dried mushrooms, and red dates–cooked slowly over low heat. Bean curd sticks soup is certainly my comfort food; I appreciate the warming effect it brings on a cold day…

While soup is not hard to make, making really good soup requires skills, patience, and a good cookware. (A pressure cooker or a crock pot preferred but it takes the longest time to cook.) A great soup should have a somewhat clear broth; the soup base shouldn’t look overly cloudy or murky. A great soup should also retain all the essential essence of the ingredients–in this case, the meaty taste of pork ribs, the delicate sweetness of dried red dates, and the unique taste that is of the beancurd sticks. This soup is certainly not my typical 30-minute meals, but it sure ranks high in my favorite food list.

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  1. mama bok

    Thank you for the recipe..! i have some fu chook.. and can’t decide what to do with it.. hahha!! so now i can make some good soup.. for me and my brat. ;)

  2. Rasa Malaysia

    May – you are correct; I never see this soup at restaurants either.

    Mama Bok – do take pictures and let me know how it goes. :)

  3. mama bok

    I certainly would..! thank you again..! and the reason why i am saving the fu chook is because .. asian grocery store is 4hrs away from where i am currently living.

  4. Chris

    foo chuk!!!! gosh… what a nice and easy recipe you have there

    the pork ribs in the first picture looks so delicious…you’re killing me

    I’m going to cut the mushrooms into slices… =)~~~ yummy

  5. Audrey Cooks

    Heart warming soup, hmmm sounds great for cold winter days. Haven’t made this for sometime. Thanks for reminding me :D. I bet this is a good time for long simmering stews and casseroles uh?

  6. Rasa Malaysia

    Mama Bok – which part of Canada are you in? Wow, this time of the year must be super freezing up there…yes, cook up a big pot of this beancurd sticks soup.

    Chris – you can do without mushrooms. My mom’s version is without mushroom but she used a kind of preserved vegetables instead. I don’t have that here, and I love mushrooms, so there they went inside the soup. ;)

    Paati – I have never tried with beef. I would suggest replacing the pork ribs with chicken actually. If you want a shortcut, you can use 1 can of chicken broth, then add another can of water to dilute it. Then cut your chicken meat (I prefer breast meat in this soup) into small cubes and bring them to boil. The rest stays the same.

    Audrey – yes, winter days mean digging out my crock pot and soup pots and cooking up some hearty soups…and now where is my steamboat pot?! :P

  7. Chubbypanda

    You know, I met a Hokkien lady from Singapore in Santa Cruz a few days ago. I had no idea how similar that dialect was to Taiwanese, but she understood every word I said and was able to response in her oddly accented dialect. I guess it makes sense ’cause they’re both from the Hakka language group.

    It now makes a whole lot more sense why so many of the Chinese or nonya dishes you present seem so familiar.

    – Chubbypanda

  8. Rasa Malaysia


    Hey, you are Kaki Lang (own people in Hokkien!). Actually, Hokkien dialect is my mother tongue, but my Hokkien is Penang Hokkien– accent is completely different and we speak faster. I can understand Taiwanese dialect too, and you should be able to understand mine!

    See, once upon a time ago, our Chinese ancestors fled China in favor of the “gold” (opportunities) in Nanyang (南洋)hence they ended up in Malaysia and Singapore, etc. Then they intermarried the locals (Malay women) and started cooking up Nyonya dishes (Straits Chinese dishes). Also, most Chinese immigrants came from the Fujian region in China so our dishes are similar to Taiwanese dishes as the “root” is the same!

  9. Passionate Eater

    Gorgeous Rasa Malaysia! My mom makes soup with red dates, and I love the sweet and concentrated flavor. Looks so beautiful and delectable. Thanks again for the wonderful recipe!

  10. tigerfish

    Can you get those chinese herbs easily from Irvine ? I’m looking for those pre-packed herbal mix in the Bay Area now. Hope it’s as easy to find as in Singapore.

  11. Rasa Malaysia

    PE – always a pleasure.

    Tigerfish – For pre-packaged herbal mix, I would advise you to head over to Chinatown.

  12. Kristal

    Hi, I love your blog, it is so helpful. I am wondering about you drinking soymilk everyday. Do you have a machine to make it? I love soymilk too, but just don’t know which machine is good so I can make it fresh everyday. What do you recommend? Thanks so much, love your pictures and recipes.

  13. Candace

    I have made this soup once every week for a consecutive 3 weeks times and am still liking it so much. This soup is definitely good, not only that it is extremely flavorful, it is also light and clear, perfect to enjoy at any seasons, especially in a hot summer day.

  14. I like this recipe, but it’s hard to find the reddates and dried bean curd sticks, even in my asian supermaket (which is usually great!). As these are main ingredients in the dish – I guess there are no alternatives?

      • YOUNG LEE

        Hello Rasa Malaysia,
        I have been trying to buy/find in local Chinese markets for along time to get some beancurd sticks like the ones in the pork rib soup but I cannot find it anywhere can you please tell me where I can buy these beancurd stick’s? I like to sauteed them along with cucumber slices/sticks…they are my favorite’s. thank you very much YLee

  15. Ruby

    I love your recipes. its simple to make and i am to be truthful a newbie in cooking:)

    i have a question, i don;t eat pork. Can i change it to Chicken or other met parts?

    Can i not pit in the red dates?

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