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Breakfast Pancakes Recipe

Pancake Ingredients

With the following recipe, I can assure you that you will not need any Instant Pancake Mix in the future!


Breakfast Pancakes Recipe

1 cup of all-purpose flour
1 cup of water (use about 90% full if you want your pancakes “thicker”)
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 egg
Some butter


Whisk all ingredients in a bowl until well blended and smooth. Heat up the pan and grease it with some butter. Use a ladle to scoop up the batter and pour it onto the pan. Flip the pancake and cook it to light brown on both sides.

Serve hot with some butter.

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  1. Rasa Malaysia

    Dear readers,

    I upgraded to the new Blogger Beta and accidentally deleted my old file of this Pancakes post and lost all the comments from you. I am very sad. :(

    Plus now my “Previous Posts” are messed up as they no longer change dynamically and all my older posts do not show up anymore. And that’s not all, my “Archives” also go to 404 Page Not Found.

    I have sent an email to Blogger but the chance of they answering my email is very slim so I am helpless. If you are a whiz kid and use Blogger as your publishing tool, please let me know if you can help.

    Rasa Malaysia

  2. Chris

    I’m terribly sorry to hear that, I wish I could help you out, but I’m not computer literate..

    Anyways, wishing you all the best in resolving the problem.

    By the way, your site looks much better after the side bar arrangements. Way to go.

  3. Rasa Malaysia

    Hey Chris,

    Yeah, I fixed the Archives issue but the Previous Posts issue is not resolved. :(

    I added the categories, so it’s easier for people to find post that ignite their interest.

  4. maryeats

    I always make my pancakes with buttermilk. Actually I can’t get buttermilk in Seoul, but I add a squirt of lemon to the milk to make it sourer. It is funny that for me, pancakes are the only food I make the same way twice. Usually I’ll fiddle with just about any recipe, but not my pancakes.

  5. Rasa Malaysia

    Mary Eats,

    I have never used buttermilk before…my version of pancake is Malaysian-style…that is, we just use plain old water. ;)

  6. Mother

    I’ve made it twice in the last week – it hits a particular nostalgic spot. Nice change from using dairy, as I feel less indulgent, but strangely comforted… I of course realised that jemput udang, pisang and the like is just a variation of this – water, flour and egg – but less healthy because of the deep-frying. Thank you for this reminder.

  7. Ja

    Pancakes ready made batter is so expensive here. Its nice to know that i can make pancake at home. Your breakfast pancake recipe sounds easy using regular ingredients.

  8. rl

    hi! just to check whether i’m doing it correctly, is it supposed to have the texture of roti prata, not the mcdonald’s pancake texture?

  9. Don Gryder

    I came to SEA to work about 40 years ago and lived in Singapore for a while. The Malaysian Hotel offered a breakfast of Malaysian pancakes that were absolutely fantastic. The were covered with grated coconut that had been fried in butter and the whole thing topped with honey.

    My question, how do you fry coconut? Is it kalapa muda or kalapa tua?


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