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Masala Turmeric Squid with Coconut Cream

Since my last post about Potluck Party, Malaysian Style, I have had no less than five inquires about this slurpylicious and jilatable dish (yes, I almost terjilat aka “licked” my plate dry when I first tried them last week)–emails, comments from my last post, plus a couple of phone calls.

Due to the overwhelming and positive responses, I resolved to get S to spill her secret recipe to me. After much sweet talk and sincere flattery, I finally convinced S to pen down the following recipe to Rasa Malaysia readers.

I know I am not the only one who is going to rush into the kitchen and cook up this fabulous dish. Inspired by S, Mae of Rice and Noodles had already concocted her variation of squid dish…stay tuned for her upcoming post and pictures.

Without further ado, here is the highly anticipated recipe of…


Masala Turmeric Squid with Coconut Cream


Masala Turmeric Squid with Coconut Cream

courtesy of S.


Cleaned squids (with eyes removed)
Kaffir lime leaves
Minced ginger
Curry Masala Spices (available at Indian stores)
Tumeric powder (or ground fresh tumeric)
Your favorite Sambal paste
Coconut milk/cream


Marinade squid with curry masala and tumeric powder, set aside.
Pan fry kaffir lime leaves and ginger until fragrant, put in the pre-marinated squid and fry on both sides until slightly brown.
Add a table spoon or two table spoons of your favorite sambal paste and coconut milk, let
Turn heat to low and simmer till all squid are cooked (about 8-10 minutes for 1 lb+ of squid).
Do not overcook the squid as they can become pretty tough and rubbery.

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