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Raisin Scones Recipe

Raisin Scones
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I have never paid much attention to scones–I don’t even remember the last time I had them, but it all changed when I was on my cruise vacation. Being on a giant ship 24 hours x 9 days—mostly sea bound—means that the best past time on board was to eat. Every afternoon, I had scones for my afternoon tea, and of course, a crepe or two. And then one fine day, I fathomed that scones are such great things to eat—under the shade on the deck overlooking the azure blue sea—over a cup of tea or tea.

So, that was how I discovered them and marked the start of my love affair with scones, especially raisin scones. I have always loved raisins and in this recipe, raisins give that extra sweetness and add moisture to the scones.

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  1. worldwindows

    I love scones with homemade strawberry jam, esp those from Smokehouse in Fraser’s Hill. Thanks for bring back the memories. Have not been there for 5 years. Those from Cameron Highlands are not the same. Hope to try your recipe.

  2. PenangTuaPui

    what a yummy looking scones… stop waving at me.. OK?!!..

    I say “NOOOOOOOOOOOO”…..

    I will fall in love with you, scones….. pls.. dun look at me like that…. can u?…

    Else I will jump in to get you… :P

    …… hee hee hee hee ….

    Thanks for willing at add my blog to yours.. Appreciated that…

  3. Annie & Nate

    Beautiful scones.

    Annie makes some awesome scones. They’re very popular with all our friends. Way, way better than the kind you can get in Cameron Highlands. We’ll have to blog about ours soon.

  4. Kate / Kajal

    these look gr8. i’m yet to try out scaones, and am going to save this recipe for when that day finally arrives :p,
    Nice to see you back in action.

  5. diva

    bless you for making scones. i cannot do without em. Cream tea is life! :)

    i love em with really good homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream. one of the most relaxing, comforting things ever.

    these are beautiful. i never bother with an egg wash or sorts to give it that top shine, but maybe i really should now that i’ve seen these :)

  6. Anonymous

    u r awesome!! i like to read ur blog SO MUCH!!! it inspires me not to give up my hobbies..
    i noticed that u stated ‘teaspoon of vanilla extract’..may i know if it’s 1 teaspoon or wat? please guide.. thanks..

    P/S: please keep up this good job!! and thanks!!! =D

  7. Anonymous

    in future pls use grams or ozs in your measurement as cups are not very accurate like 1/2 cup butter, etc. thanks

  8. Rasa Malaysia

    Hi Anonymous – I don’t use grams or ozs that much as most people do not have a scale at home, but many home cooks have measuring cups at home. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. Roselyn

    I tried your scones recipe last night.
    However, I had trouble with the dough. I followed the recipe word for word but when I got to the dough part, it turned out really sticky, so I couldn’t roll it out and use the cookie cutter. It still taste good nonetheless. Maybe you could explain to me the methods even clearer. I’d very much like to try it again.

  10. Chelsea

    I made this recipe today, however when I tasted it there was way too much baking soda. It was disappointing because they looked and smelled so good. I was just wondering if perhaps it is 1 teaspoon of baking soda rather than 1 tablespoon? I followed the recipe exactly. Thanks for your help!!

  11. PY

    I am planning to try this out soon – I see from other recipes that 1 tablespoon of baking powder is just about right. As baking soda differs from baking powder, I suppose 1 tablespoon of baking powder will work?

  12. Denise Meyer

    I have tried your recipe yesterday, as for the sticky dough, I added little bit of flour. Result was very yummy. Will definately use in future!

  13. lovi


    I would like to bake the raisin scones. Do you have the measurement in grams ? flours? sugar? milk? Or are using measuring cups to measure all those ingredients?

    Kindly advise. thanks.

    • dlduncan

      For those looking for different can google search for a measurement converter app that will easily help you do the conversions. Hope this helps!

  14. Felicia

    Hi there,

    To prevent the sticky dough, instead of adding additional flour, can we reduce the amount of milk? If not, how much more flour do we add on at the end? Would like to give a try soon ;o).


  15. Claire

    Hi Bee, was just wondering, instead of softened room temp butter, do you think I can use melted butter?

  16. Rae

    Tried your Raisin Scones Recipe – came out light, fluffy and moist – just delicious!
    However, I made a slight variation – added 1 tsp of cinnamon and used 1/3 cup of sour creme and 1/3 cup of whole milk.
    Your recipe is a “Keeper “!

  17. Rae

    Oh I forgot to mention that instead of slightly kneading the dough – I just used a 1/2 cup measuring cup to drop it on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper.


    Just made these, they are hot out of the oven and the aroma is so inviting! I have my tea brewing and can’t wait to dig into one of them. I followed the recipe EXACTLY, and used not quite 2/3 of cup of milk. I made it in my Cuisineart and just pulsed it about 5 times to mix first dry ingredients, then added the cold butter pieces and pulsed 5 times, then the beaten egg, vanilla, and 1/3 of the cup of milk and pulsed 6 times, then added a little more milk until the flour started to just pull away from the sides and then the raisins. It was crumbly, and perfect, when I gathered up the dough it was just perfect. I took a taste and WOW! This is my go-to recipe from now on. It couldn’t be simpler.

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