Satay Prawns (Prawns with Spicy Peanut Sauce) Recipe
May 23rd, 2008 24 Comments

Satay Prawns (Prawns with Spicy Peanut Sauce) Recipe

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Recipe: Satay Prawns (Prawns/Shrimps with Spicy Peanut Sauce)


1/2 pound head-on & shell-on medium size shrimps (deveined)
3 tablespoons peanut sauce (click here for the recipe)
Some corn starch (to lightly coat the shrimps)
Oil for deep frying
1 garlic (finely chopped)
3-5 bird’s eye chilies (lightly crushed with a cleaver) – Optional


Lightly coat the shrimps with corn starch and deep fry them until golden and well done. Dish out and set aside on a plate with paper towels (to absorb the excess oil).

Heat up a wok and saute the garlic until light brown. Add in the satay peanut sauce and stir a few times. Toss in the fried shrimps and blend them well with the satay peanute sauce. Dish out and serve immediately.

Cook’s Note:

For my Chicken Satay Recipe, please click here.

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24 comments... read them below or add one

  1. worldwindows says:

    I find Malaysian peanut satay sauce too sweet for my liking. Is it necessary to put in sugar and kicap manis. Is it a replacement for MSG. Many put sugar in as replacement for MSG. I once took some friends from Indonesia to Samuri. The just can’t adjust to it. Mind you they have their Sundanese/Javanese and equally good satay. I enjoy them all over Indonesia. I over-ordered and so much was left on the table.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a good idea! I wish I can find good satay peanut sauce easily.

  3. diva says:

    that looks hot! in more ways than 1. yummy :)

  4. Huat Koay @ PenangTuaPui says:

    never think of satay also can be part of the ingredient for prawn cooking..

    i would prefer to cook the shrimp with oat….. nice…. yummmmmy….

  5. Indonesia-Eats says:

    Bee, I just made siomay with peanut sauce too :). Thanks for stopping by mind

  6. Piggy says:

    The pic is so good that it can be used for the cover of cookbook. :-) That’s a great idea to use up satay sauce, yum!

  7. Kevin says:

    Those prawns look really good!

  8. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Worldwindows – Not all satay peanut sauces are sweet in Malaysia. The one that I had recently in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur was spicy and spot on. It’s true that a lot of people use sugar to substitute for MSG. You can use MSG instead. I used kecap manis mostly for the coloring, not so much about making it sweet.

  9. Chuck says:

    OMG, those Prawns look amazing. I would kill for a plate of those. Piggy is correct it’s a photo for the cover of a cookbook or on the cover of bon appetit! Just stunning.

  10. mycookinghut says:

    What a lovely recipe. It’s definitely the best way to cook and eat whole prawns like this! :)

  11. noobcook says:

    satay sauce + prawns – u have two of my favourite foods in one dish! :D~

  12. babe_kl says:

    i would never have thot of cooking prawns this way, hmmm instead of cooking the peanut sauce, i think i will pack back some satay and ask for extra sauce for this :p

  13. Claude-Olivier says:

    I have tested your chicken satay and it was delicous. I should try this one too, it looks great! Nice job !!! cheers

  14. Botacook says:

    Mmmh, this looks gorgeous!

  15. Criz Lai says:

    With the high rise of price for food, this is a good idea to make do with what you have. I do that real often too.. hehe :P

    Another way is to make lots of sambal udang (pounded dried shrimp chili paste) and use that as a dish, bread spread, or stir fry with green of your choice. Simple yet appetizing.

    I did almost the same thing as this recipe of yours but I use the sambal udang instead. I added in some big onions, red chillies, tomatoes and curry leaves. The dish tasted real good except that my friends preferred the prawns to be without any skins on :P

  16. Helene says:

    I always love your pictures. How can you resist this meal.

  17. Fern says:

    I now know how to make Satay Prawns , thanks to your Satay Prawns recipe

  18. Anonymous says:

    This satay prawn looks so good! I must try making it using your satay prawn recipe.

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  20. Good site for recipes it appears that prawns work with anything peanut sauce, oyster sauce thank you very much

  21. barbara says:

    Great cuisine! I used to prepare this for my sister and was so amazed for her appreciation. The savor is really appetizing and definitely easy to prepare. I

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  23. Justin says:

    I’m confused about the shell-on aspect. I have some head-on, shell-on shrimp but do you coat and cook them that way (besides deveining)? Do you then peel them before eating, or do you eat the shell?!

    i have never eaten the shells, but maybe it works? Would love some clarification there.

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