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Shrimp and Green Beans Curry Recipe

Shrimp and Green Beans Curry

I am starting a new series of recipes for the busy bees who do not have all the sweet time in the world to cook up a storm in the kitchen on a daily basis. I, for one, do not have the luxury to cook something elaborate each day. Just like many of you, I have a day job to tend to, endless chores to run, heaps of dirty laundry to wash, and let’s not forget the mundane cleaning tasks (no, I do not have a maid!).

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  1. Audrey Cooks

    Yup! i agreed totally…housework is an enery drainer! but thank God for Thai chili paste and fish sauce, eh? I absolutely adore these 2 ing.

  2. Rasa Malaysia

    Audrey – I started using fish sauce and Thai chili paste after coming to the US since Malaysian ingredients are hard to find. Fish sauce is very versatile if you use just a dash or two.

    Meiyen – welcome to Rasa Malaysia and thanks for your kind comments. Do frequent this site. ;)

  3. toniXe

    does look very simple but tempting with all that curry look !

    ( why all from Thailand your paste, Pg dont have meh, then u better start selling them, Boo, meiyen & me and u can be partners ok, I wanna b based in Pg 4 this new venture heheha ! )

  4. Meena

    Hi RM!! Wow!! Finally, a lovely Malaysian food blog I can actually relate to! I’m half-Malay (from Mom’s side) and just love Malay food. Thank God I bumped into your lovely site. :o)

  5. lucia

    oh no! oh no! i am salivating! i am!!!

    deadly combination of my favourites of favourites! i love shrimps very much (the only food i will eat no matter how it is cook) and i love curry very much – shrimps and curry… aahhhh…

  6. Passionate Eater

    I love the idea of 30-Minute Meals the “Bee Rasa Malaysia” way! I am always looking for great meal ideas for when I get off of work, so I am very excited about this new series. I agree with Elmo Monster, given what I’ve seen you make, I am sure that you’ll blow Miss Ray out of the water!

  7. Rasa Malaysia

    Boo – yes, just remember to cook up a lot of rice…just the curry with the white rice is already good!

    Tonixe – you have to understand I am in the US and it’s hard to find Malaysian Curry Paste. I like my curry cooked with curry paste instead of curry powder; powder doesn’t taste as good. I am all in for a food business in Penang…Boo, Meiyen, you, and me, 25% each, sounds good? ;)

    Elmomonster – thanks for your support. LOL.

    Meeena – Awww, you are too nice. Thanks for the comments. I love Malay food! Do visit often. :)

    Meiyen – thanks for linking me. I will add you to my Blogroll too.

    Lucia – you are just like me! I love shrimps and have never had any bad shrimps in my whole life. Must be a Penang thing. :P

    PE – welcome back. That’s great that you find Rasa Malaysia 30-minute meals useful, and about blowing Miss Ray out of the water…I am not too sure about that. ;)

  8. Chris

    Jesus, I’m starving….looking at the hot & spicy shrimps… so yummy~~~

    It reminds me of tom yam prawns, I’m a big fan of tom yam, I can’t resist it…do you mind sharing your tom yam prawn recipe/s?

    • Peter Kong

      If you are in Penang or Malaysia you can get “TAE PEE” tomyam paste in bottles from supermarkets. The simplest way is to boil water, add a tablespoon or two to the water and then add the prawns until cooked. Tastes great just like that.

      If you want to impress guests you can add a few stalks of lemon grass (serai), sliced big onions, kaffir lime leaves, some kind of mushrooms available from supermarkets or even some pieces of chicken.

      Another lazy way is to beat 2 eggs while the tomyam soup is boiling and add the beaten egg spoonful by spoonful to make tomyam egg soup.

      I prefer this brand compared to the Thai Mae Pranom brand which I don’t like cos it’s too sweet. In fact I bought a bottle of Mae Pranom before and cooked it once and never touched it again ever since. I never put sugar in my cooking unless it is for sweet soupy desserts like green pea soup (lake tau thng) or gandum.

  9. Rasa Malaysia

    Chris – you read my mind. I am going to cook up some yummylicious Tom Yam Prawns soon…stay tuned for my secret recipe. ;)

    Chubbypanda – LOL. You are so funny. Thanks for your support. Do you want to be Rasa Malaysia 30-Minute Meals publisher? :P

  10. k.t.x

    curry is always a cool dish to accompany rice on its own or with other dishes.

    wow..this is a cool site. r u a cook by profession? i think i m gonna link u in no time.

  11. Anonymous

    i live in a more remote place with all white folks. i wanted to try this dish but i was wondering if i could use normal milk instead of coconut milk since my hubby doesn’t like coconut milk and what is other substitution for curry paste?

    • Peter Kong

      I have cooked chicken curry before using unsweetened milk (in boxes) instead of coconut milk in Langkawi and my friend enjoyed the curry but couldn’t tell the difference.

      If you can’t get curry paste in your area or even curry powder, perhaps you can go online for Baba’s or Alagappa curry powder for either Meat of Fish curries. I use Alagappa.

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