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Spinach and Tofu Salad with Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing

Spinach and Tofu Salad
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My cheekbones have gone missing.

I have been looking for them in the mirror–during day time under natural sun light; indoor under soft tungsten light; in the office with bright fluorescent light–but they are nowhere to be found. They have indeed gone missing.

What I see in the mirror–and most evidently from my travel pictures–are fats, or fat cells, as my gym instructor onNorwegian Cruise Line would refer to. These fat cells have overtaken my face and swallowed up my cheekbones. They have claimed their green card and permanent residency on my ever bulging and protruding stomach and waistline. That’s not all; they have also crawled into the contour of my face, staked their claims on my thighs, my arms, my butt, even my toes! They are pervasively and invasively everywhere…

Spinach and Tofu Salad with Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing

Those are the sad consequences of what would have been a perfect cruise vacation. When I mentioned I packed on pounds in my previous post about binge eating during my trip, I wasn’t half joking. I have indeed put on weight. I have become “bulat” in Malaysian language, meaning r-O-O-O-O-O-u-n-d.

As a remedy, I have to start starving myself eating healthy to shed those unwanted cells; I resort to vegetables, fat cells’ worst enemy.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean that one has to swallow tasteless and unappetizing food. I started off my healthy eating diet today with a bowl of this pleasing, fresh, and delicious spinach and tofu salad with sesame miso dressing–a wonderful salad served at my favorite Japanese joint.

I felt great after eating this spinach and tofu salad. Listen fat cells, I am fighting back, and now get off my cheekbones please!!!

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  1. tigerfish

    I have been invaded as well :( Can I share the salad with you ?
    Can I have more… since me thinks you still can afford a bit of fats here and there :P

  2. noobcook

    I gained 5 kg from spending 9 days at Tokyo on my recent trip. That’s like an average of 1.8kg a day?! heh and that’s not even from eating the good-looking foods like the ones u had during your cruise, sigh. I managed to lose most of it when I came back though… I guess having thinner wallets after vacation helps in a thinner waistline? ha ha

    I like the sauce for your veg salad. I didn’t know spinach can be eaten raw, keke

  3. Rasa Malaysia

    Anonymous – You should be able to find Ponzu sauce in food stores…maybe specialty food stores. If not, just add lime juice to soy sauce and you get ponzu sauce basically.

    • Elaine C

      Hi I am from Malaysia too and never tried Ponzu sauce as well. Thanks for the tips of mixing lime with soy sauce. Will really appreciate if you could provide the estimated portion or lime juice to soy sauce. Thank you. Can’t wait to make this salad tomorrow as I have all the ingredients except for the ponzu sauce!!! Looks really yummy:))

  4. Rosa's Yummy Yums

    Courage! I’m sure that you’ll be able to lose the weight you gained during the cruise…

    A refined and delicate salad!



  5. Nilmandra

    I do a similar one with thte tofu marinated in miso and then pan seared, and with a sesame soy dressing.

    The first two paragraphs made me laugh so hard :D Hope you get your cheekbones back soon!

  6. MyF

    battle of fats huh. been there and.. still there basically…
    well surely i can look forward to low fat recipes from you this week! :-) hehe..

  7. Nate 2.0

    Bee, we have met you and we can safely say that you are not in any trouble with invading fat cells! Still, I applaud your efforts to eat healthier. We could all use a little more green!

  8. At Home with Kim Vallee

    I love salad. Yours is pretty simple to make and sounds delicious. I would give it a try.

    My tips to dieters: Vegetables are a big part of the solution but do not forget to consume more fruits too.

    Finally Bee, your blog is amazing too. Thank you for stopping by mine. I will definitely make a habit to come back to read yours.

  9. Maya

    Great for the upcoming skin baring season :) I have been a bit more careful about what I eat. NO need extra padding anymore now that winter is over!
    Great picture as always, Bee.

  10. Ling

    I’ve lost my cheekbones a long time ago.
    and I will be going to Chicago soon, no doubt the hips will be gone too. Prolly the butt as well. Sigh

  11. Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    Bee, chubby cheeks can be amazingly endearing. It’s chubby on the rest of the bod that you have to worry about! I love a good salad as well, and this one looks great … even though there’s tofu … ;-)

  12. Tummythoz

    Are you trying to make me happy? So there is a powerful being! My friend has gained weight when I just can’t lose any! Yahoo! *trying to bounce out a triumphant skip*

  13. aria

    hi rasa! awww hahaha your cheeckbones will emerge again! i have the same problem since christmas :) this salad looks delicious, i love tofu so much but forget to cook with it often. welcome back — your pictures are beautiful !

  14. Zen Chef

    I haven’t been on a cruise but i feel round too! haha
    Maybe i’m spending too much time in the kitchen. I think i should follow your example!

  15. Manggy

    Ouch, haha :)
    You’re still quite pretty whatever the state of your cheekbones, Bee :) I should start eating lighter fare as well! America was way too generous on my waistline!

  16. PegS

    Hey, your recipe came at the right time! spinach n tofu are my favourite!
    am on a detox diet, 7days, today is the last. feeling more energetic and maybe my cheekbones are smaller too.haha

    thankss for sharing

  17. Doc

    Your pics are always so nice. Anyway I am trying to go on a low carb diet..but the problem is I live in Penang. Arrghhh need low carb hawker food diet !

  18. Anonymous

    Why would you think that the pictures are “best viewed with Internet Explorer”. In fact, they can be viewed with any modern browser — even better ones, e.g. Firefox and Opera.

    Why do you think you have five pictures, given that they are virtually indistinguishable.

  19. Aparna Inguva

    Found your link through Shannon from foodbuzz. I love how the food pops ut in your pictures. What camera do you use? and how do you ensure the bright lighting?. Hope you get some time to visit my blog as well I would appreciate your feedback

  20. Gwen

    Still haven’t lost my holiday pounds…..and it’s almost April!! Gonna try this salad, and look into more recipes. Thanks!!

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