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Steamed Scallops with Fermented Black Beans Recipe

Steamed Scallops with Fermented Black Beans
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The pain from my recent dental surgery is slowing easing away; I am starting to be able to chew, well, on foods again. After a week of porridge, porridge, and more porridge of various toppings and ingredients, I am sooooo ready to dive back into something I totally miss, that is, seafood…

My dentist has warned me not to go overboard yet as my gum tissues are still raw so steaming is the best cooking style for now. For today’s cooking, I picked scallops as I found some succulent ones in the market today. I paired the scallops with fresh enoki mushrooms and heaped in some fermented black beans. After a few minutes of steaming, the scallops and enoki mushrooms were bathed in a lightly flavored broth bursting with natural sweetness of the scallops and enoki mushrooms. The fermented black beans were simply icing on the cake. Yum…

Chewing has never been this enjoyable and fun. I am glad to have it back.

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  1. wmw

    Won’t the enoki go in between your teeth and bother your gums? Ha ha ha…But I love this style of dish!

  2. chenboon

    link to here from many blogs… ^^
    en, i like scallop, but never think of steam scallop with fermented black bean… maybe i can try it out someday.
    en en, long time never visit dentist liao… opppsss…

  3. TrueBluePenangite

    Get well soon. I had my wisdoms out last Sept and I still remember the pain. Plus I was so hungry all the time but wanted nothing that I was able to eat. When you are back to normal, you’ll appreciate food so much more. I certainly did :)

  4. SteamyKitchen

    i LOVE the photograph – its one of my favs – the contrast in colors and shapes is amazing. You are so good at photography! Do you like your macro lens?

  5. Claude-Olivier

    Looks astonishing as always…woaw…one more technical question: Do you use a lightbox or natural light, it is always so nice…and the recipe souds good too, nice presentation!

    Have a very nice Sunday

  6. Timothy

    Hey again. As usual .. I drool over your shots. I just recently got myself a close-up filter for my new cam. 4x. But I still need work on my photography… sigh. Anyway .. hope for your speedy recovery.

  7. Rasa Malaysia

    All – I am replying this from Beijing, China. Lucky I can access my site, but all and wordpress blogs are blocked here.

    WMW, no lah, I can chew already, so if stuck in between can use floss. :P

    Chenboon – You better go see dentist soon. Hehe. ;)

    Danielle – Thank you. You are always so sweet.

    Kama – No, this one scallop plating is for food photography purposes…I made 6!

    TruebluePenangite – yep, we tend to take things for granted. :P

    Maya – thanks for visiting mine and left me comments. :)

    Steamy – Xie xie, tor cheh, thank you. Well, I just started using my 50mm and so far so good, but sometimes it tends to get too blurry (background) when I want my shots to be cystal clear…so it’s still not perfect. Even with the 50mm, I still shoot in RAW and do post-processing. Well, I need a perfect and versatile lens…one that won’t need any post processing or Photoshop…does anyone know any? ;)

    Claude – I use natural light but with DSLR, it’s still not what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Maybe I don’t know how to adjust the ISO yet (too lazy) so I shoot them in RAW mode and do post processing (easier). I think Nokia has the same tool too. Try it, it really does wonders to my pictures. ;)

    Timothy – you are a great photographer…I drool over your photos too and can’t wait to see your new lens /filter in action.

    • michael

      hello Rasa Malaysia,

      thank you for sending recipes to my email it helps a lot in cooking various foods, my wife loves to eat different types of foods and I got her into thai food :). looking forward to cooking some of the thai recipes you have on here.

      thank you so much,

  8. msiagirl

    Nice to hear you can chew again. :) Black beans are my fave and when I was little my family used to tease me and call me “Hakka mui” (fondly) – but when I went to live elsewhere you find everyone likes fermented black beans! The english really like it. Interesting to note that mainland china doesn’t get to blog. :(

  9. The Expedited Writer

    What a simple and delicious meal :) Glad you can chew again, i know what a pain in the ass to get those wisdom teeth out.

  10. james

    Hi , I enjoy reading your blog…simply because I also enjoy eating. :) (but poor in cooking)

    Glad to know you have recovered and can chew now. Well, if you plan to open a restaurant in future please remember to inform me, I am glad to visit and try the food recipes if you cook :)

  11. Tummythoz

    How nice to get big fresh juicy scallops whenever one fancies. Over here, they r only available in restaurants with big price tags.

  12. Rasa Malaysia

    May – No, they are fresh from the ocean, so they are not snake meat. LOL!

    Msiangirl – Hey Hakka Mui, hehe just joking. The Chinese can blog using local-blogging platform but it looks like US blogging platform is banned.

    Writer – yes, I am so glad the pain is over. Eating has never been this great, plus I am in Beijing now eating some great foods. :)

    James – thanks for your kind regards. OK, I will remember you if and when I open a restaurant. :)

    Tiga – I think they are more like “flies” scallops…my Venezuelan friends used to call fermented black beans “Chino Flies.” They do look like flies. :P

    Tummythoz – I agree…in Malaysia, you can’t get scallops in the fresh market, only frozen ones and yes, restaurant charges you an arm and a leg for scallops. In the US, they are pretty reasonable…these scallops I got them for like $6.95 per lb during sales. Good deal.

    Jackson – hehe, thanks.

    Eatdrinknbmerry – yes, they are very good as a flavoring agent. I love them too.

    Anonymous – I did not copy this recipe…this is my own creation and my own recipe.

  13. James, Malaysia

    Hi Bee,
    this is a bit out-of-topic, but it seems your another blog is not update for long time and could not leave any comment, even I send a email to your email address in also got no reply… you aborted this project already ?

  14. aria

    oh wow thats so beautiful! i always love your pictures so much, this is mouthwateringly good! i need to figure out how to find fermented black beans….

  15. Rasa Malaysia

    James, Malaysia – thanks for your comment. I just really have no time to update Also, I accidentally deleted my blog in Blogspot, so even though the site is up, I will have to set up a new blog again to publish. :(

    Ming – I love it too…you should try it on your site.

    Aria – Thanks so much for your kind words. You are so sweet.

    Audrey – yes, I am feeling better. Thanks. :)

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