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Steamed Scallops with Soy Sauce and Garlic Oil Recipe

Steamed Scallops
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Scallops on the half shell are hard to find, as far as I know. I have been searching high and low for them for quite some time now. I asked, I looked, I googled, but I hadn’t found any stores that sell them in SoCal–until I found the seafood store that I mentioned in my crawfish post. (The seafood store sells live crawfish, scallops on the half shell, cockles, various fresh oysters, crab legs, etc.)

I love regular scallops (especially the untreated ones), but scallops on the half shells are–in my opinion–better, tastier, and prettier! Plus, I can take great pictures with the scallops strutting in their half-shells.

Anyway, to preserve the most original flavors of these scallops, I opted to steam them with the simplest of ingredients: soy sauce and garlic oil. Succulent, sweet, and delicious…

Now if only the scallops are bigger. Well, that’s just me, I am just never satisfied. *wink*

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44 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. Amy

    What an elegant presentation! I have never seen scallops in half shells before but I’ll have to keep an eye out for them.

  2. Andreea

    this is such a beautiful dish. lovely. i can see why you like scallops on the shell. here they are SO expensive!

  3. YOYO's Food

    Rasa~ so yummy so cute

    can you read chinese here?


  4. joey

    That looks so sophisticated! :) And the flavors deliciously simple…Can’t wait to hear the recipe as I’ve also found a vendor here selling scallops on the half shell :)

  5. Lydia

    The presentation is lovely — I don’t think I’ve ever seen scallops on the half shell at my regular fish market, but will look for them at the large Asian supermarkets.

  6. tigerfish

    I also wish for these scallops to be bigger :O and I like them steamed this way. DA BEST! Can taste the unami.

    Good you found this seafood store – seems to have lots of seafood. Lucky you!

  7. Toki

    I don’t know what’s more impressive: the food or the photos!

    Your blog and photos inspired me to get my first DSLR camera! The cherry tomato photo is one of my favorites!

    Tell me, how do you get your photo shots so white and bright?

  8. team bsg

    somebody shud start a scallop mee shop here in Pg or KL soon
    ( mild aka fish ball soup and spicy aka prawn mee style versions )

  9. Toki

    Thanks so much for answering my question!

    I’ll definitely play around with the post processing software. Thank you very much for the advice!

  10. cooknengr

    I know I wasn’t seeing thing when said I saw Scallop on half shell here in L.A. Are they any good, taste and texture compared to the frozen ones ?

  11. Alicia

    I’m drooling all over myself. I can go hungry for days–and all I’d have to do is visit your blog and be satisfied staring at these yummy posts.

  12. Rasa Malaysia

    Amy – Yeah, they are hard to come by…so when I saw them, I just had to buy them.

    Claude – tasty! Yes. :)

    Unka – somehow your comment reminds me of that song “are you satisfied?” Whahahaha.

    Andreea – I got them for $1 each…it’s really not so bad. :)

    Yoyo’s Food – 我可以看到你的comment. :)

    Joey – oooh, you will have to show me the scallops on the half shell in the PH…I am sure they are bigger and more succulent than these!

    Lydia – exactly! I don’t know why they are so hard to find in the US.

    East Meets West Kitchen – Good luck hunting them. :)

    Marvin – yes, you should come and get their fresh oysters too…many different kinds. All the good ones.

    The Cooking Ninja – are you you based on? You are lucky!

    Tiga – I love my scallops bigger too, but not too big. These are too small lah. But it’s OK, better than none. Hehe.

  13. Rasa Malaysia

    Hakka House – yes they do, but their cockles are different from the ones we get in Malaysia / Singapore. They are big and scary looking, actually I decided not to buy them after seeing them…they seem to have hairs on the shell too, scary! But you can get frozen cockles (the small ones) from Ranch 99, but I have never tried them.

    V. Chick – that’s cool my post prompted you to try making this. :)

    Kevin – yeah, the shells are just pretty…but the shells are all white…instead of that brown color shades, but anyway, I can’t complain too much. :P

    Princess – you are right…macam skirt, cantik-nya. :)

    BSG – aiya, scallops are meant to be steamed…not to put in some noodles lah. :P

    Toki – thanks for your sweet comment and congrats on the new DLSR. I left you a comment on your blog. :)

    Cooknengr – they are good…taste like the good and untreated ones. Actually the store told me they are sashimi quality and actually restaurants buy from them for sashimi…the only thing is that they are small…perhaps it’s seasonal? I dunno.

    Big Boys – thanks. :)

    Cynthia – hehe…you are too nice…come to LA and I will make you some. ;)

    CP – I did. LOL. But bigger scallops are just better…and of course, the more the merrier.

    Alicia – haha, you are too funny.

  14. daphne

    that’s enticing. I love the way you take the pictures. Similarly, I have difficulty getting fresh seafood here in Australia!
    I bet it will taste just as good with other seafood recipes.. mmmm..

  15. ~marion~

    hi Rasa,

    I choose to link your blog on mine for the “Blog Day” event because I love it ! My blog is in French, sorry, but still I hope you like being chosen for this day !


  16. marias23

    Love your blog! I adore scallops too but something about them really intimidates me (in the home kitchen anyway!). This recipe looks good enough that I might have to overcome my cowardice and venture into steaming these little goodies!

  17. aria

    oh rasa this is the most beautiful recipe i’ve seen all summer! bar none so succulent and delicate. i’m bowing to you, YUM!

  18. Christy

    I LOVE scallops!!
    And this is steamed:D
    Really nice presentation, you should run a fine dining restaurant or become a food designer:D

  19. Rasa Malaysia

    Daphne – thanks for your nice comment about the pictures. I thought Australia is abundant with fresh seafood?

    Ming – yeah, scallops are expensive, but I got these for only $1 each…not too bad at all.

    Budding Cook – thanks…yeah, I like it that the scallops are dressed in the shell. :)

    Andaliman – thank you…scallops are great. I didn’t get to eat scallops that much in Malaysia so now I am on revenge here in the US. LOL.

    Steamy Kitchen – I know…that seafood store is too awesome…wait till you see the list of fresh oysters they have…oh my!

    Anh – thank you for wanting to try my recipe…:)

    Marion – thanks so much for linking me…I don’t mind at all…I really appreciate your kind gesture. :)

    Marias23 – actually cooking scallops at home is not too bad…try it. :)

    Stephen – hehe, I wish they were bigger though. ;)

    Lemongrass – is it hard to get scallops on the half shell in London?

    Anonymous – thank you.

    Meiyen – you can go to Tambun in Penang…the steamed scallops on the half shell are great and cheap. ;)

    Addie – I love all kinds of scallops, bay, diver, frozen, on the half shell, even the dried ones…the dried ones are killer for Chinese soup. Yum yum.

    Aria – you are really too sweet. I take your comment as a great honor…bowing back to you for being so nice to me.

    Christy – I wish to run a fine dining restaurant one day, and yes, I want to be a food stylist / designer too. I would love to do something like that? Anyone wants to hire me? Hehe.

  20. Olivia

    im in love with this steamed scallops with soy sauce and garlic oil! i like how you use minimum ingredients in your steamed scallops with soy sauce and garlic oil recipe.

  21. Anonymous

    Nice and simpe recipe. I would even try it with the 'non-shell' scallops ones.

    I'm in Australia, seafood is not hard to find but they're just so expensive so I hardly eat them. Shrimp are probably the most common seafood item that I eat and wish that I could eat fish more.

    I might try the soy sauce with scallion & garlic oil on steamed fish as my partner is very fussy and this sauce will definitely make the fish taste 'less fishy'

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