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Stir-fried Brussels Sprout Recipe with Dried Sole

Brussels Sprout

As much as I feature fruits de mer on Rasa Malaysia, I do eat a balanced meal. I love vegetables–all kinds of vegetables–especially the mini ones such as Brussels sprout, baby bok choy, okra, and French endive

Dried Sole

It’s probably just me, but the idea of featuring a stir-fried vegetable dish with plain garlic oil seems uninteresting and somewhat boring. Plus, with my old point-and-shoot camera, I could never capture the beauty and freshness of my vegetable dishes–they always looked utterly unappetizing and appeared like some green blah. So here is my clarification: I eat my greens and am not cholesterol-overload despite my seafood obsession.

Stir-fried Brussels Sprout with Dried Sole

Above is my stir-fried Brussels sprout with dried sole. Sole fillet is available fresh, frozen, and dried. Known as 扁鱼干 or Pee Hu in Hokkien dialect, dried sole is a great ingredient when it comes to vegetable stir-fry’s. The texture and taste of dried sole marry beautifully with crunchy vegetables such as Brussel sprouts. If you are tired of the usual suspects of garlic oil or shrimp for your greens, try my recipe. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed…

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  1. MeiyeN

    i like Brussels Sprout alot!!!!! we usually eat this outside and i must say that you are great, could cook so well!!!!!! envy, envy……

  2. Stef

    Who says Belgium hasn’t much to be famous for? Brussel sprouts!

    Ok, back to the kids as they r trying out some Belgian chocolates (saves me to bring them each time me go overseas :-)

  3. Kenny Mah

    I think Brussel sprouts are much maligned in literature, esp. the children variety. I love them — so crunchy and green and fresh! Yum, yum…

  4. Wandering Chopsticks

    Hey RM,
    I wonder what you can do with that whole stalk of Brussels sprouts I saw at the farmers’ market? :P

  5. tigerfish

    I love brussel sprouts! Alamak, how to try the recipe if no Pee Hu :O
    I like Pee Hu too, not as saltish compared to Kiam Hu. Where you get yours from ?

  6. Oppss

    yeah… same here.. I do eat a lot of vege but don’t normally take pictures of them. They always turn out to be the green blah like you said. Your brussel sprouts do look very good though.
    btw, I am in south pasadena.

  7. pablopabla

    I had a lot of brussels sprouts when I was studying in Leicester, England. Cheap and nutritious!

    By the way, the digital camera really does wonders to your food and presentation. Great pics!

  8. Pradeep

    I made something like this a while ago thru experimentation. Instead of dried sole I used smoked duck and shredded the sprout. Turned out great! the T&T supermarket here in vancouver is a great source

  9. Rasa Malaysia

    Meiyen – yep, eat this outside is better…more wok hei, mine has no wok hei. :P

    Budding Cook – so when are you making yours.

    Tummythoz – I am sure you have had it before…it’s usually used during Chinese New Year for this dish stir-fried with bangkuang, etc.

    Stef – oooh, I want Belgian choc.

    Kok – you are too sweet. Thanks. :)

    Oopps – oooh, we are not too far away, that’s awesome. Next time we must save our prawn heads together and we can cook our favorite Hokkien Mee together. Great idea, yes? I am serious, not joking. :)

    Chubbypanda – yeah, I used them all up for my prawn noodle!

    PabloPabla – Now I know, anyone can take pretty decent pictures provided you have the right gear. When are you buying?

    Precious Pea – I think you are right, yes, Pee Hu is Hokkien, I believe the Cantonese call it Chai Yu 柴鱼。

    Pradeep – smoked duck and shredded Brussels Sprout…wow, you are too creative! Sounds like a gourmet meal. :)

    Elmo – I think the pictures turned out decent. Not to the level I wanted yet, I need more practices and a new better macro lens I think! :P

  10. team BSG

    wa more delicious slimming secrets from da Princess !

    btw V have partially fulfilled yr gluttony fantasy of a poor man’s economy Chinese Banquet rice in KL,

    mission accomplished TQ

  11. lucia

    er… i don’t know what is dried sole… even with the hokkien name pee hu, i don’t know! (even with pictures!! crazy eh!).

    it look like what one usually use for economy fried mee/bee hoon, in hokkien something like this ‘teh ga kee’.

  12. Ben

    HI Rasa Malaysia: The pictures of the brussels sprouts were really good. It’s so hard to get the character out of such things but you did it so marvelously. Care to share how you did it? The lighting seems much better now … was it natural light?

  13. Rasa Malaysia

    WilsonC – I see that you are in KL…just go to Mamak store, hehe. :)

    TeamBSG – thanks for doing the economy rice post.

    Lucia – ask your mother, I am sure you have had it before. This is no “tek gah kee,” it’s fish! ;)

    Ben – I left a comment for you…I started shooting in RAW mode, and it’s working out awesome. I am quite pleased with the results! :)

  14. Ming_the_Merciless

    I live in an Irish neighborhood so I eat a lot of brussels sprouts. But they tend to cook it to death, like diner broccoli. Your sauteed brussels sprouts looks nice and crunchy.

    Normally, they take out the core to reduce the bitterness. I notice you didn’t take the core out. Was it bitter?

  15. simcooks

    Oooh. I think this dried sole thinghy is what I had brought back from Singapore! I was wondering what is the Engligh name for it as I only know the name in Teochew!

    They are so yummy and can be added to soup too! I just used some of it for my stir-fried tao gei today.

  16. Sweettooth

    hi! RS.. I’m so gonna try cooking this. It’s gonna be my 1st attempt at brussels sprout. btw, i dig ur blog…so inspiring to budding cook like moi heheee..

  17. LordJezo

    I want to head out to my local Asian supermarket for some dried sole in a day or so to try out this dish. Where in the store is it? I have plenty of Chinese supermarkets around here so finding a place to shop wont be a problem, just wouldn’t know which aisle to look in. Does it actually say “Sole” on the package or will I need to bring a translator with me?

  18. Anonymous

    how about crushing some of the golden fried dried sole fillet pieces and sprinkled over the dish just before serving … hmmm …

  19. Anonymous

    stir-fried Brussels sprout with dried sole sounds like a good idea. thank you for sharing stir-fried Brussels sprout with dried sole recipe.

  20. Dan

    Yes – someone else who loves brussel sprouts! I love brussel sprouts, but for some reason my friends aren’t that into it.

    Your pictures look really tasty and I definitly will try your recipe. Personally, I love brussel sprouts and all green asian veggies cooked in chicken stock. It just tastes so so good!

    Thanks for this post!

  21. Your recipe is good. I usually use kiam hu for bean sprouts or kailan and they are good too. I have no doubt that pee hu will be good, but getting dried sole could be a problem, especially in NZ. Will definitely try it out once I get some pee hu. Thanks.

  22. keekerngcheng

    Never knew how to cook brussel sprouts, so was glad to try this recipe. Yes it turned out great except the fried sole fish wasn’t crispy anymore,perhaps it was because I washed them under running water prior to cutting them up and frying.Could you please confirm that they are not supposed to be washed. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  23. I tried out this dish. It delicious! I like Brussels sprout but often find them too bland. My husband loves this dish. I didn’t use the dry version of the fish. I used bottle salted fish. They are soaked in oil in a bottle and the salted fish stays really fresh. Just as the recipe mentioned, the salted fish needs to be stir fry till it’s crispy and brown. It turns out so great that i’m including it in my recipe file and i suspect that i will be cooking brussel sprout more often now! I have also tried cooking brussel sprout (saw on a cooking show) using duck skin and olive oil and adding sausage/ham and apple into it. The sweetness from the apple and saltiness from the sausage complement very well with the Brussel sprout. However, your dish is so much simpler and tasty. Thank you very much for sharing.

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