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Thai Yellow Curry with Seafood Recipe


Thai Yellow Curry with Seafood Recipe

4 scallops
6 tiger prawns (peeled, deveined, but leave the tails on)
12-15 mussels and clams
1 small zucchini (cut into slices)
2 tablespoons of Thai yellow curry paste
1 small can of coconut milk (5.6 oz size)
Fish sauce to taste
Palm sugar to taste
Curry leaves/basil leaves/kaffir lime leaves (optional but would be nice)


Heat up some oil in the wok and add in the curry paste. Stir it until you smell the aroma. Add in all the shellfish and zucchini to give them a quick stir. Add in the coconut milk. Cover the wok and bring it to boil or until all shells are open. Add fish sauce and palm sugar to taste (this dish should taste creamy, salty, and sweet). Add some curry leaves/basil leaves/kaffir lime leaves if you have them handy. If the curry is too thick, add some water. Serve hot with plain white steamed rice.

Cook’s note:

For the yellow curry paste, Rasa Malaysia recommends Maesri brand.

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15 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. Keropok Man

    i am in a very hungry mood now. see the curry, i am like pavlov’s dog, salivating. haha..

    oops, friend just called asking want to go for lunch. Going to Botak Jones. weird name huh. yes, some food for this hungry boy…

  2. Chubbypanda

    Veggies in curry? Nooo~! They will dilute the curry goodness. Veggies on side stir-fried. (>_< ) Well, that’s usually my preference, but I like my curry any way I can get it. =) – Chubbypanda

  3. tigerfish

    Love this medley of scallops, tiger prawns, and mussels/clams.

    You never add curry leaves in this dish ? Or throw away liao ? ;p

  4. Rasa Malaysia

    Keropok Man – I will read your complete report about Botak Jones.

    CP – Actually, using vegetables in curries are not uncommon. In fact, a lot of Malaysian or Thai curries calls for vegetables, and they taste very good. For this dish, the key is not to overcook the zucchini pieces so they still have that crunchy texture. ;)

    Ckutu – thanks for dropping by Rasa Malaysia. I checked out your site, it’s cool!

    Tiger – yeah, I did use some curry leaves in the curry, they are lurking somewhere in the picture, but they have already lost the flavor. :-|

  5. Claude-Olivier

    Hi, thank you very much for your comment on my blog ;-) And yes, I have done all these asian plates by myself! I really love to cook with these curry pasta, vegetables and so one!!! I will have a look at your blog, you have a lot of very beautiful stuff here. Nice job!!!

    Have a nice day

    P.S I will add a link on my blog toward yours !!!!

  6. Rasa Malaysia

    Claude – thanks for leaving me comments too and thanks for your nice words. :)

    Lucia – as I said before, it looks like we love the same kind of food, must be our Penang origin. ;)

    Tummythoz – yes, freeze them in the freezer, if you don’t, they will go bad (moldy). Yeah, and green beans, okras/ladies fingers, etc.

    PE – it’s the last one, but I will continue to cook seafood because seafood is my ultimate love! Hehehe.

    Meiyen – yes, it was supa yummy!

  7. Keropok Man

    did not get to botak jones. have to wait for over 30 mins, friends decide to go elsewhere. we had bak kut teh instead :-P

  8. Hi Rasamalaysia, Had fun with this recipe and adapted it to include mussels, onions, carrots, and zucchini. It’s sooo delicious. You can see the results at the Susitna Cafe’ Chronicles under “Cafe’ Menu Gallery”. Thank you for the delicious recipe. My tummy is happy, happy :o)

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