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Vietnamese Tau Hu Ky Recipe (Bean Curd Skin with Shrimp)

Tau Hu Ky
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Tau Hu Ky, or fried shrimp wrapped with bean curd skin is a must-have appetizer for me whenever I go to Vietnamese restaurants. The reasons are very obvious:

1) I love bean curd products, especially bean curd skins;
2) I live to eat shrimp (check my recipe index and you will know what I mean);
3) Bean curd skins + shrimp + deep fried to oily golden glory, need I say more?

I believe Tau Hu Ky is the Vietnamese adaptation of a similar Chinese appetizer 鲜虾腐皮卷 or fried shrimp rolls which are commonly available as dim sum.

While I love the Chinese version (come with a black vinegar dipping sauce), I also adore Vietnamese Tau Hu Ky. The main difference is the texture of the filling: Tau Hu Ky uses ground shrimp emulsion instead of chopped shrimp. Egg whites are added to the filling to make it fluffy and light…

Now, I am calling your attention to that little basil leaf on the plate! That’s my first ever herb garden in a pot. Straight from Home Depot, I hope this pretty plant will flourish in my hands. The idea of being able to pluck the leaves for garnishing and cooking is too exciting.

Italian Sweet Basil

Anyway, here is the recipe for Tau Hu Ky, adapted from my Vietnamese Cha Tom hors d’oeuvres.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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36 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. tigerfish

    Aiyo, I made the Chinese version-with chopped shrimps leh! And 加料. This time, we are in-sync. Be posting next week.

    Bought your big serving plate yet ;p?
    Time to pluck the basil.

  2. Anh

    I love sweet basil! And you tau hu li looks very good. I think this is the version created by the Chinese in Southern Vietnam. It tastes really good!

  3. MeltingWok

    Was thinking of the same thing, been craving this for a while too :(I wish the sweet basil the best, nurture it with love, ‘k hehe ? :)

  4. wmw

    This is interesting, have not eaten something like this before. Reminds me of the Japanese Inari sushi though, minus the rice….

  5. Oh for the love of food!

    I looooooooove Bean Curd Skin with shrimp, RM! I love anything with bean curd skin and I love everything with shrimp! Can’t wait to try your version. ;o)

  6. aria

    i love bean curd skin so much but never attempted using it at home this looks delicious!

    ooh lala, i’ve always fantasized about plucking my herby ingredients too! :)

  7. Cynthia

    I don’t think I’ve ever had bean curd skin but I will definitely look for this dish next month when I travel and seek out a Vietnamese restaurant. Shrimp – what is not to love? :)

  8. Rasa Malaysia

    Tiga – Great stomachs eat alike? LOL. Quick quick I want to see your creation. :)

    Lydia – thanks for your tips. I am afraid that if I pluck them all, they will die?

    Anh – Indeed. It tastes so good.

    MW – we’ll see what happend to the plant…I am feeding it with lots of plant food. LOL.

    WC – yes, your sugar-cane shrimp looks so good. I want to eat them. ;)

    WMW – yeah, I don’t believe you can find this variation in Malaysia. The ones we usually get in Malaysia dim sum is served with mayonnaise and the shrimp is chopped.

    For the love of food – yes, I see that you love bean curd skins from your lor bak post. Hehe, I made some, too. Will post soon.

    Aria – bean curd skins are great and versatile. You can cook so many things with it…you should try it out. :)

    Cynthia – Exactly, what is not to like about shrimp. ;)

  9. teckiee

    Ohh this i got to try when i run out of rice paper. Can prepare some for finger food for some of my afternoon chitchat with friends over too.

  10. The Cooking Ninja

    It’s sad where I live I can’t find any Bean Curd Skin or Bean Curd at all. It sure looks yummy.

  11. Claude-Olivier

    I have exactly the same in my kitchen and a red version too….it is absolutely delicous, I love it


  12. Passionate Eater

    Looks like you have a green thumb in addition to your fabulous cooking skills! I think I have to hit up Home Depot for that basil pot with seeds and soil. The basil leaves look so verdant and vivid! Excellent job on both ends!

  13. Amy

    I love bean curd skins too. I’ll have to try this, the appetizers look delish. Your little basil plant is adorable! I started a little herb garden this year too. I’m so attached to my plants and it’s so exciting to see them actually grow! :)

  14. C2

    Love the simlplicity, definately on the starters menu on the next dinner invitation. Basil always reminds me of brucheta. Too bad it doesn’t run amok like oregano which you could pick up fresh for free just going for a stroll down the street. Any hopes of getting a recipe for popia which I am currently suffering a withdrawal from:-)

  15. stef

    We have a similar Filipino dish called “Quekiam” or “Kikiam”, though it contains pork as well. Lately I’ve been tiring of pork dishes, though, so this is totally inspiring! Thanks!

  16. nana

    sorry, this may sound stoopid but how a bean curd skin looks like? can u post a pic of it? issit the one which u usually make a soup with su’un?

  17. eatdrinknbmerry

    i love the dim sum version, wrapped around a sugarcane. i am usually too lazy to steam it (yours looks really tasty) so i just panfry it and make little shrimpcakes.

  18. Rasa Malaysia

    Teckiee – Yeah, I am sure your friends would love them.

    The Cooking Ninja – where are you? Really, you can’t find them even in Asian stores?

    Wok and Spoon – where are you? The bean curd skin is usually available in the frozen food section at Asian stores.

    Claude – what do you have in your kitchen and what is the red version of it? Hehe, I think you are missing a word in your comment.

    PE – yes, Home Depot have some herbs and I was soooo delighted to have found them.

    Amy – thanks. I really hope the herb will grow because I will be very sad if it doesn’t. :(

    C2 – Popiah…sure I can make a good popiah, in fact, I haven’t had it for a while and I saw some killer round popiah skin (like home) not the typical square frozen ones…so just stay tuned. :)

    Eatdrinkbmerry – I love sugar cane shrimp but I can’t find sugar cane…shrimp cakes sounds good too. I want I want.

    Stef – get rid of pork…shrimp is way more fun and sexy. ;)

    Nana – this is how bean curd skin looks like, I found it on Chow Time.

  19. msiagirl

    Love Vietnamese food and your rolls look so delish! Our little asian store sells the long narrow looking basil as well – I tend to use it for asian cooking. Picking fresh herbs is the best eh? I am a lucky girl because my front garden is being dug up to plant a herb and aromatic garden. Hooray!

  20. Kenny Mah

    Your sweet basil looks lovely, dear. Best of luck in growing your personal home herb garden… I know it’d be amazing.

    Also looking forward to spending some time on your little pet project this weekend. *fingers crossed*


  21. Rasa Malaysia

    Joe – Haha, you are right.

    Msiangirl – you are a lucky girl. Good luck with your herb garden.

    Nana – thank you for visiting RM.

    Kenny Mah – I hope my plant will grow…thanks for looking into our little pet project.

    Budding Cook – it’s looking OK, but I don’t have much confidence as I will be traveling for two weeks.

  22. Tawau Sabah

    I just came across this site…

    Being an ex-pat now living in Canada, I absolutely love this site and have book-marked it.

  23. My Fun Corner

    your basil looks great and that will be handy for you in the kitchen. I grew basil in my garden last year.. and it grow very well. Too much actually.. so I have to give to friends and neighbour.

  24. linh

    HEy, i suggest you revise your bean curd and shrimp recipe. try steaming the wrapped product for 5 mins before you fry it. then the bean curd skin wudnt burn so fast.

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