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Rediscovering Penang

A few old men in a Kopi Tiam (Coffee Shop). Guess which one is my father?

Truth be told I usually take my hometown of Penang for granted when I come back to visit, but not this time. This time it feels different. I’ve brought you along to share it with, and you’re enabling me to view this island with new eyes.

Penang had become a precious pearl locked inside the dark shell of my mind. It needs to be broken free and re-experienced. The feelings felt again like a rekindled love affair…

Nan Yang means south sea literally. Generally, it refers to countries like Malaysia and Singapore by old Chinese traders

And you, my new-found friend, get to share it all with me.

Fueled by my passion for Malaysian food, we will travel together on a gastronomical joyride through the streets of Penang. Once more I want to taste the excitement of this little island: be it the bustling noise of an early morning wet market, the constant chaos at the local Kopi Tiams (coffee shops), the vibrant energy in the open-air hawker centers, or the rule-less and ruthless Penang driving style (yours truly included).

Armenian Street, Penang

The journey has barely started, but I have a feeling this ride is going to be inspiring, fulfilling, and rewarding.

Either way I am glad to be home. Let me show you around.

Corridor of pre-war homes Georgetown, Penang

P.S.: Ang Lee and his production crew are currently on location in Penang shooting his new movie. The above pictures were shot in Armenian Street in Georgetown where the crew is based.

Pictures of mouthwatering Penang hawker food:

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9 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. rasa malaysia

    Hey Babe,

    Thanks, I am having fun so far and have been eating well!! But I am so tired because of jetlag, so it will take a few day to adjust. Got some pictures, but I think Penang hawker foods are just not very photogenic. LoL.

    Stay tuned!

  2. rokh

    hey so happen i would be in penang on saturday ‘food excursion’! maybe we might just bounced into each other. after all, we should be haunting the food places :D

  3. 5xmom

    Welcome back! Hey, I had eaten the curry mee you mentioned, only once. Do make it a point to go to the corner coffeeshop, along Green Lane and Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim (Lam Wah Ee Hospital there), ya? The curry mee is even better. Only in the morning. Enjoy yr hols.

  4. rasa malaysia

    Hey Lilian,

    Yes, I just had that curry mee this morning! I know that corner restaurant you mentioned, I like the nasi kunyit there.

  5. Tummythoz

    How long r u back for? Looked up our ‘ol frens over there? I know I still o u a pix. Will email wen I find a flattering 1 (if it exist)! Hapi hols.

  6. Anonymous

    Bee Yin, I guess u broke ur rule of thumb..wht happen to no internet connection at ur parents place ?? hehe..tangan gatal ya ?good, keep the pix. coming. don’t come back until ur makan mission accomplish, ok ? if somehow u can’t masuk e’thing, just “tapow” some balik here & we’ll b more than willing to help hehe *wink*
    p/s: thx 4 the great pix.!!eat & rest well, ya ? *hugs*

  7. Rasa Malaysia

    Tummythoz – Yep, you still owe me your identity. No, I haven’t had time to see friends here in Penang. I am home for my aging parents actually, but while I am at it, might as well eat well! ;)

    Tikus – yeah, my connection here at my parents is like 50k and one day it dropped to 9k. Alamak!

    But I can’t help to share the foods I eat here with buddies at MyB etc. ;)

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