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Sambal Lady Fingers

Sambal Okra

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Before I came to the United States, I’d known okra as lady’s fingers.

I was in primary school in Malaysia when my English teacher first taught us the name of the different vegetables. The strange and awkward name of lady’s fingers deeply imprinted in my mind even though I didn’t like them back then.

In high school, I slowly learned to appreciate okra or lady’s fingers, especially when my mother made sambal okra. I started to love the slimy and sticky texture and its beautiful shape when sliced in pieces. Most of all, I loved the delicious good taste.  I eventually fell in love with okra…(get sambal okra recipe after the jump)

Here is a simple sambal okra recipe that I absolutely adore. The addition of dried shrimp adds depth to the taste structure of this simple but scrumptious dish.

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