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Seaweed Salad

Seaweed Salad
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This is the first entry of Korean recipes on Rasa Malaysia—Korean seaweed salad.

I love Korean food, but I don’t know how to make them, or shall I say, I haven’t acquired the skills to make Korean food yet. The many great Korean restaurants in SoCal doesn’t help; I am pampered with too many selections out there so there is really no need for me to cook at home when it comes to Korean food.

Anyway, our Korean friend gave us a bag of dried Korean seaweed or miyeok recently. According to my friend No Recipes, miyeok is the Korean version of wakame, but it’s thicker than Japanese wakame. Seaweed is a super natural food, a food that is loaded with anti-oxidants, minerals, and promote physical and mental youthfulness. I made the seaweed into a Korean-style seaweed salad—simple and quite tasty.

Some people don’t like the “fishy” taste in seaweed, but you can camouflage it with sesame oil. Try this seaweed salad recipe and add some seaweed into your cooking repertoire. It’s rewarding to eat healthy.

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  1. lb

    YES! You answered my prayers – I was just talking to someone about how good seaweed salad is yesterday and hoping for a recipe. You’re absolutely right – there are a ton of great Korean restaurants in LA. Sometimes I buy seaweed salad from one of the local Asian markets – now I have a recipe to try at home!

  2. I wonder if there is any nutritional difference between wakame and miyeok…but I guess both of them have lots of antioxidant. I have used miyeok in soup and even miso soup. :)


    VERY GOOD !!!

  4. Salad Spinner

    Does anyone have the recipe for chicken salad with? I’m looking for the recipe for chicken salad that has peas and potatoes…i had this at a baby shower on some tostadas and it was really good. does anyone have this recipe. thanx

  5. Catherine

    Nice looking salad! I’m a Korea-born Korean-Canadian living in Toronto, Canada. I love seeing foodies take interest in Korean cuisine. I personally love cooking just about anything and would love to trade recipes with you! My mother-in-law is Indonesian and she and I will be testing out some Indonesian home cooking this summer which we are going to publish. :) Perhaps you would like to review some of these recipes?

  6. Thao

    Can you show me what the rice wine vinegar bottle look like? Is there a substitute for it? I have go around search all Asian and everyone working at he store think I’m crazy. They said there is no such thing as rice wine vinegar. They said it can either be white wine vinegar, white vinegar, or rice vinegar. I no I’m not crazy, because I have seen many recipe call for rice wine vinegar. I have enjoy cooking for years and NEVER seem to get my hand on the rice wine vinegar. Unless the bottle written in other language that I don’t know about.

  7. Chelsie-Belle

    I tried a Korean, authentic dried seaweed recipe made with similar ingredients…sesame oil & seeds, soy, sugar, etc…& the truth of the matter is I can barely choke the seaweed down. The sesame oil doesn’t do much to mask the “fishiness” either, and it certainly doesn’t help the smell. However, I didn’t boil it. Does boiling it ultimately change the flavor? Maybe it makes it less strong?

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