Singapore Fried Rice Noodles Recipe (星洲炒米粉)
October 26th, 2008 64 Comments

Singapore Fried Rice Noodles Recipe (星洲炒米粉)

Singapore Fried Rice Noodles (Sing Chow Mai Fun/星洲炒米粉)

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Nate and Annie are the loving couple behind the up-and-coming food blog House of Annie. Annie grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but her father came from Penang, so we love similar foods. Please welcome House of Annie to Rasa Malaysia with their serving of a very popular Chinese recipe: Singapore fried rice noodles or “Sing Chow Mai Fun/星洲炒米粉.”

Annie loves noodles. Besides her favorite KL-style Hokkien Mee and her Penang-style Char Koay Teow, she also grew up eating “Sing Chow Mai Fun” or Singapore fried rice noodles/vermicelli. So when she came to study here in America, she was excited to find out that the Chinese restaurants here served Singapore fried rice noodles. But what she got was not what she expected.

The Singapore fried rice noodles we get here in America most often comes flavored with curry! The Sing Chow Mai Fun that Annie is used to in Malaysia do not come with curry! The sauce is completely different there. At first, she was not able to get past it. But as time passed, she came to accept the difference. (Note from Rasa Malaysia: The Singapore fried rice noodles served in Penang is flavored with ketchup and a little chili sauce.)

Here is a recipe for Sing Chow Mai Fun or Singapore fried rice noodles; while it may not be the version that Annie is used to in Malaysia, it’s one of the best Singapore fried rice noodle dishes I’ve tasted. There is quite a bit of prep work involved, but once you have everything in place, the cooking should go quite smoothly.

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  1. lightspeed says:

    I’ve searched so hard on the Internet and can’t seem to find the authentic original Singapore noodles recipe that does not have curry powder. Do you think you can share a version of the original version? Thank you so much!!!! :-)

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