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Shanghai Ding, Penang

Delicious Dumplings and Dim Sum at Shanghai Ding
Delicious Dumplings and Dim Sum at Shanghai Ding pictures (1 of 17)

If you are in Penang and haven’t checked out Shanghai Ding (上海鼎), do pay it a visit. (You can read my previous review here.) If you have tried it and haven’t been there lately, they have expanded their menu with new dishes such as the Shanghainese specialities Dongbo Rou (braised pork stomach/东波肉), vinegar pork ribs, etc…

Shanghai Ding /上海鼎
Blk H, 4G, Persiaran Bayan Indah (at the right hand corner before Queensbay Mall)
Bayan Bay, 11900 Penang
Tel: 04-644-1644
(Dine-in, private catering, group tours are welcomed)

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  1. Keropok Man

    i am amused by the fried rice that’s in a heart shape.

    the braise pork’s looking good too! but only a bit for me, i will just nibble a tidy bit of it. :-P

  2. New Kid on the Blog

    Can we quote your name and get a discount?? I’ve not been to this Ding Dai Foong before, not even in Queensbay.

  3. MyF

    Cool project!
    The Mango cheese looks rather grainy tho. Scallop Nest looks kinda weird with the banana leaf back there.
    But love the rest of the pictures. Nice composition and shots!

  4. Nate 2.0

    That vinegar pork ribs looks so tasty! Nice composition on the pics. Too bad about the lack of lighting. Could you have used a bounce flash?

  5. Andrew

    Hi. I have been reading you blog for ages and really love it. I live in Australia…love Malaysian food…and find it great to see such food from the source.

    I have been trying to understand the technique to cook Asian style Red Vinegar Ribs for so long. It is very hard to find authentic Asian recipes on the Web. Is there any chance of sharing such a recipe?

  6. lingzie

    wow! your photos are fab! lovely site you have here (still going through all your recipes etc..heehee). thanks for dropping a comment on mine…i’ve just updated again on Mizi Bistro.. :)

  7. Claude-Olivier

    I went to Penang, it was so amazing! everytime you speak about this town, i remember my trip to Asia…ah. anyway, i have not seen such nice thing when I was…you should be with us ;-) cheers

  8. Kate / Kajal

    Those are some fantastic food macros !!! gr8 photography. I love radish cakes …they look superb stir fried and even the shrimp and mango balls intrigue me. Never had those before.
    Well done Rasa …!

  9. durianberry

    I’m actually a regular at your blog as I love your wonderful pics and recipes! I just knew about the new Shanghai Ding at New World Park. Looking forward to try the durian pancake I saw on their flyer menu ;)

  10. Rasa Malaysia

    K & S – thanks for your sweet comment, as always. :)

    KM – hehe, I was intrigued by the heart-shaped fried rice, too. It was very cute, and called QQ fried rice. Yeah, the braised pork stomach was very good.

    New Kid on the Blog – yes, you can ask for the boss and tell him or her that you are a friend of Rasa Malaysia and ask for the special one-time VIP discount. :)

    Andaliman – I couldn’t resist either. ;)

    S – Unfortunately I don’t know how to make them…sorry.

    Christine – thanks. :)

    MyF – yes, it was raining so some shots were pixelated and I didn’t bring any lighting tool with me because I was traveling…I actually like the banana leave as the background…it perks it up…I have one without the banana leaves and it was kinda boring.

    Mandy – thanks. I did…that’s the great perk about doing food photography…I get to eat all the food, wahahahah.

    Nate 2.0 – I didn’t bring my lighting gear…oh well. I think they still turned out quite good.

    Andrew – thanks for your comment and kind word. I do have the recipe, but will have to get to it. If you can’t wait, send me an email and I shall share it with you. :)

    Joe – you are too nice. Thanks for your comment. :)

    Snapshots – thanks and welcome to Rasa Malaysia. See you back soon.

    Lingzie – thanks for your comment…I love your site too, full of great guides of Penang food. Good job!

  11. Rasa Malaysia

    Cynthia – how about you give me a ticket and I will fly to Barbados and “teach” you in your kitchen? I want to go to Barbados. ;)

    Lyrical Lemongrass – correct…calling my name, too. LOL!

    Pablo – next time you have to come to Penang, I will ask my sponsor to cook all the pork dishes for you since you love pork so much. :P

    Claude – come back to Penang again, next time when I go home and I will take you to eat all the good food. ;)

    Kate – yes, the stir-fried radish cake was awesome…yummylicious!

    Budding Cook – feel free to chomp all you want.

    Steamy – thanks!

    Tiga – can lah…some pictures are a little dark…what to do?

    Durianberry – thank you. Leave me more comments in the future, yeah, I love Shanghai Ding Durian pancake too…very tasty I love it. :)

  12. vkeong

    I passed this Shanghai Ding restaurant sooo many times but never thought of trying it. But after looking at your wonderfully taken photos, I think I gotta try it now!!

    Really really nice photos!

  13. Ming the Merciless

    Wow, those are some of the most beautiful and elaborate dim sums I have ever seen. How much are they?

    The dim sums we get in Chinatown are delicious but simple and plain. They cost $2.50 (small), $3.50 (medium) and $4.50 (large).

  14. Oh for the love of food!

    Hi RM, these shots are GORGEOUS ! I’ve never been to Shanghai Ding but will keep it in mind when I’m in Penang next. How can I resist after looking at all this beautiful yummy dishes??!
    Yeah, I know what you mean about taking pics with natural light, its great, but sometimes when the weather is not at it’s best the light can shift very quickly and it can be a real bummer when you’re pressed for time.
    I love your new profile pic – that’s a lovely smile. You’ve brushed really well I can tell, but where’s the rest of your face? It’s not that we don’t know how you look already? HA!HA!
    Oh, one more thing, Congrats on the cooking class alliance with Jaden – it’s great, wish I was there. I know I’d have a ball of a time! Good Luck!


    I just came back from Shanghai Ding, the food is not bad. But when I asked about the special one time “VIP Discount” as mentioned by RasaMalaysia (telling them we are a friend) they refused lol. Talk about embarassment, when the boss looked at me at one kind. According to her their price is already at special rate -_-

  16. Billy@atablefortwo

    Wow! We have Ding Tai Fung here, but Shanghai Ding looks just as good!!! I want to know what is that on the 1st pic, 2nd row? the spiky thing looks divine!!!

  17. Rasa Malaysia

    Billy @ Table For Two – they are called pockey mouse, the specialty there. It’s so soft and awesome. You would love them.

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