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Spicy Sichuan Tofu

Spicy Sichuan Homestyle Tofu
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I love Sichuan food, it’s most likely my favorite regional Chinese cooking. I would eat out or pack Sichuan food or noodles a few times a month. Lucky for me, my neighborhood offers a few authentic Sichuan restaurants, operated and run by real Sichuan chefs, hailed from China. I wouldn’t say that the taste rivals the real Sichuan fares found in China, but I really can’t complain much. They are as good and as authentic as it gets. Sure, some dishes are adapted and watered down, but they still taste distinctly Sichuan, riling up and tingling my taste buds. I just love them!

One of the dishes I always order at my favorite Sichuan restaurant is a tofu dish called “jia chang dou fu” or 家常豆腐, or homestyle tofu. In Chinese, the dish basically means the regular and simple tofu dish that you would always make at home, like the ones made by your mother or grandmother. However, every family has their own version of “homestyle” tofu, for example, this recipe would be my version of homestyle tofu, made with tofu and mushroom. Anyway, not to confuse you further, in the Sichuan restaurants here in the United States, homestyle tofu always means a spicy tofu dish with spicy bean sauce, some vegetables, chilies, meat, etc. So, here is my spicy Sichuan tofu, the ones that I always get at Sichuan restaurants here.

Spicy Sichuan Homestyle Tofu

This dish can be super spicy, especially if you eat out at authentic Sichuan restaurants which do not tone down their spicy level. My spicy Sichuan tofu recipe has been toned down quite a bit…but still somewhat spicy, savory, and utterly delicious and appetizing, especially as a side dish to go with steamed rice. A lot of people do not like to deep-fry foods in their kitchen, especially tofu, which tend to splatter a lot. For this recipe, I bought fried tofu from Asian store. Try my Spicy Sichuan Tofu and enjoy!

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