Steamed Shrimp with Garlic Oil Recipe
March 20th, 2007 32 Comments

Steamed Shrimp with Garlic Oil Recipe

Steamed Shrimp with Garlic Oil

If you have been following this blog for a while, you should know by now that I am addicted to shrimp. The hard evidence can be found on Rasa Malaysia recipes index–you can practically spot shrimp, more shrimp, and even more shrimp dishes on the page…

Steamed Shrimp with Garlic Oil

Here is my simple and healthy (since it’s loaded with garlic!) shrimp dish that is extremely simple to make. Just chop off the eyes part of the shrimp head, make a slit down the back, remove the vein, steam and then top them off with heaps of garlic oil.

Ooh La La.

With such versatility and wide range of flavors, now how can I not love shrimp?!

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  1. Passionate Eater says:

    Sounds easy enough, and looks incredibly artful!

  2. sc says:

    looks yummy RM! i like mine with some mince ginger/ginger juice *slurps* ;)

  3. Tummythoz says:

    Yummy. No drops of soy sauce (“si-yau” / “tau-yue”)?

  4. Wandering Chopsticks says:

    Don’t go overboard on the shrimp. It’s really high in cholestrol. Crab and lobster too. Why are the good foods always bad for you? :(

  5. christine says:

    Yikes! They’re high in cholesterol too? Had no idea. I love shrimp too!

  6. lucia says:

    me luv shrimps too. the only food i will eat whatever it is cook.

    er… actually it is only the head that is full of cholesterol. body part only teeny weeny percentage of cholesterol. anyway, other shellfish like squid is said to be higher in cholesterol than prawns!

    BY, this shrimp recipe indeed look so simple… and i’m sure very yummy since i like garlic and shallion.

  7. pablopabla says:

    I MUST try this! I MUST try this! Must get some prawns from the market this weekend! I MUST! and it’s all because of you ;)

  8. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    Those shrimps look marvelous! Yummy!

    By the way, you have been tagged with a meme (Spring Meme)! For more infos, check out my blog…

  9. mott says:

    wah..this one so easy leh..NO NEED TO PEEL DEM PRAWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cool!! will try this asap!

  10. team BSG says:

    one of da best pixs of ready-to-eat prawns ( or shrimps ?) V have ever seen! Or will ever see?
    ( not even Bkt Tambun?)

  11. Susan says:

    These are gorgeous!

  12. Claude-Olivier says:

    Oh yeah, looks great…but it seems that I’m a vampire…so ;-)

    have a very nice day bee


  13. elmomonster says:

    Oh my! This looks scrumptious. You’ve taken three ingredients I love (shrimp, fried garlic, wilted scallions) and put them together!

    Does the shrimp shell get eaten too or is it too tough after steaming? I love deep fried shrimp shells.

  14. Chubbypanda says:

    You like shrimp? I never would have guessed. (^_~)

    Don’t listen to WC. The cholesterol in shellfish isn’t the bad kind. It’s actually good for you. Eat all you like!

  15. Mallika says:

    There’s no point worrying about shellfish – they taste too good! These look gorgeous…

  16. Véro says:

    It looks gorgeous… I’d never seen shrimps prepared that way, it’s very classy!
    Now, do you think Claude really is a vampire??? Or is it just that he dislikes garlic??? :-D

  17. tigerfish says:

    You see…masterpiece again ;p
    I’ve eaten similar dish in restaurant before…yes…very garlicky but it’s good! I think I want to try this too!The prawns like “procreation” mode…buahahah!LOL! More prawns for you!

  18. Precious Pea says:

    Oooo..yummy..i like my prawns steamed too for maximum sweetness. But usually i put raw garlic to be steamed together with the prawns. Next time will try your version.

  19. Ming_the_Merciless says:

    OMG, they are so beautifully prepared. It looks yummy! But only three shrimps? Apa macam? Chien fay-ah?

  20. BuddingCook says:

    looks very unique and creative. i’ve never seen shrimp displayed like that. :D

  21. fatboybakes says:

    someone mentioned cholestrol??? actually, according to my cardiologist, the prawn body is okay, not much cholestrol there. it’s all in the head……

    RM, it looks delumptious (delicious & scrumptious) as always.

  22. maryeats says:

    bee, those shrimp are stunning! Is it difficult to split them down the back and prepare them like that? In Korea there is a similar shrimp preparation, but the shrimp is steamed, then covered with minced hardboiled egg yolk and egg white. It is pretty, but looks time consuming.

  23. Sam says:

    So happy to find your blog because like you I can eat shrimp all day.

  24. Kok says:

    Rasa M’sia,
    Are the shrimps expensive at your place?

  25. suanne says:

    Looks simple and delicious. I wonder if the shrimp will curls up when steaming them?

  26. k.t.x says:

    gawd, i mean, u r a real cook! i m amazzed.

    steam prawns….always!

  27. MeiyeN says:

    steamed prawns my favourite too!!!!! i like those with egg custard as well….yummy!

  28. aria says:

    what a lovely presentation! looks delicious!!

  29. Rasa Malaysia says:

    PE – are you going to try the recipe? ;)

    SC – I like minced ginger too, but mostly with steamed fish.

    Tummythoz – I used fish sauce and salt instead.

    Wandering Chopsticks – My cholesterol level is very healthy…I think I eat too much seafood I am immuned to it. ;)

    Christine – Eat first think later!

    Lucia – true. I heard squid is the worst. So don’t worry, keep on eating our favorite shellfish.

    Pablo – OK, quick quick show me your rendition of this recipe. :)

    Rosa – thanks, I will check it out.

    Mott – yes I hate peeling the prawns too…always get poked by them. :P

    TeamBSG – I wonder how they would look with my new camera. Hehe.

    Susan – thanks. :)

    Claude – you don’t like garlic?

    Elmo – no, I don’t eat the shell, but yes, those fried shrimp shells are sooo good…sometimes I am too lazy to peel so I eat them all. I heard it’s rich in calsium. ;)

    ChubbyPanda – yes, I agree with both hands and both legs. For shellfish, I will eat them without thinking.

    Mallika – yes, eat first and don’t think.

    Vero – I secretly think that Claude is both vampire and dislike garlic! LOL.

    Tiga – Me and my udang…endless love affair. :)

    PP – yes, I used raw garlic sometimes but prefer fried garlic…it’s more aromatic. :)

    Ming – aiya, of course more than 3 lah, but for food photography purposes I show only 3. Show all not nice one.

    BuddingCook – I think they are frolicking. :P

    FBB – ooooh, I love delumptious…will have to use it sometimes. :)

    Maryeats – yes, it’s kinda hard to have them “presented” this way as once they are cooked, they tend to curl…wow, steamed shrimp with egg yolk and egg white, sounds fantastic! Take a picture for me. :)

    Sam – there is only one thing that is constant in my fridge, shrimp. I never run out of it…if I ever do, I would declare it an emergency! LOL!

    Kok – shrimp is extremely cheap in the US. Usually average at $4.99/pound, and sometimes when it’s sale, it’s only $3.99/pound and I am talking about big ones not the tiny ones in Malaysia!

    Suanne – yes, they curl up…so what I did is I slit it from the head towards the end of the tail.

    KTX – thanks. :)

    Meiyen – yes, I love clams steamed in egg custard soooo good.

    Aria – thanks. :)

  30. Jaden says:

    I’m going to make these next week! The presentation is so artful. Its hard to find shrimp with head on here where I live though. I used to make a mason jar full of the garlic oil and use that to top steamed vegetables, but recently read that home made garlic oil contains toxins if you do not refrigerate it and leave it out.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I love your steamed shrimp with garlic oil recipe. It sounds very easy. I must try to make this steamed shrimp with garlic oil.

  32. Ella says:

    Shrimps are not high in cholesterol. Actually shrimps are good for lowering cholesterols. We Asians, have been eaten Masak Lemak Daging Salai, Gulai Udang, Pucuk Paku Rebus n Sambal Belacan for many generations.. had no prob with health until……. the low fat stuff came. We all get sick..

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