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String Beans/French Beans Recipe (干煸四季豆)

String Beans/French Beans (干煸四季豆)
String Beans/French Beans (干煸四季豆) pictures (2 of 3)

I made this string beans (french beans) recipe a few months ago but haven’t gotten to posting it. Called 干煸四季豆, this is a popular Chinese recipe that is mostly served in Chinese restaurants here in the US.

I love the texture of the deep-fried string beans; the great flavors came from stir-frying the string beans (french beans) with dried chilies, dried shrimp, and ground pork. This is another Chinese restaurant recipe that is worth trying out so please read on and get my string beans/french beans recipe below.

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  1. I first had this dish at a Malaysian friend’s house and since then I’ve fell in love with it! I’ve been thinking of making it for a while, tomorrow I’ll go and buy some beans, so I can check out your recipe!


  2. Ooh, this is seriously one of my favorite quick dishes! Especially good when the ground pork gets all crispy around the edges. Good stuff, in flavor and nutrition.

  3. Candace

    I always love this dish and always wanted to make it but can never find the recipe. Finally found it on your website, thanks so much !!

  4. kayakmama

    I love long beans, but I have not seen freshly picked ones, taut outer skin like we used to get at the friday markets. That is why I use french beans and pretend they are long beans.Taste is rather different. So sad.
    I should start growing them myself, if I can get seeds. Thank you for the recipe.

  5. Ooh, sounds so good. I love finding new ways of cooking beans, and I’m already thinking of how to make this work for me (vegetarian)! Gotta love simple stir-fries!

  6. I love these! We always called them “Dry Fried String Beans” in California. Can you give me a good substitute for the ground pork? I can’t eat pork products…. thanks!

  7. NYMY

    String Beans/French Beans 四季豆 is my #1 green. I can have it any which way it is cooked but yours has got to be my best way to savor this healthy yet most time, overlooked beans.

  8. Su-yin

    I love string beans! I had them recently in a Szechuan restaurant and it was yummy! Will definitely try this out soon, thanks for the recipe!

  9. Nisa

    FABULOUSLY STUPENDOUS! This is one of my fave veggie dish in Chinese restaurants. You just gotta have fiber company to the rice. And I’ve never bothered to learn how to make one, but since our helper is down to sickness, I finally got the “chance”. My laziness hated that “chance” so much. Anyway, THANKS!! =D

  10. Rose


    In Malaysia :

    long beans is kacang panjang while french beans is kacang buncis.
    Each with distinct shape and taste. Both can be eaten raw with sambal belacan.

    • In the US, it’s called different names and I am confused by it as different stores label differently, too. Either way this recipe is fine with either of them.

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