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Thai Fish Cake (Tod Mun Pla) Recipe

ทอดมันปลากราย. I don’t know Thai, but I think it means Tod Mun Pla, or fish cakes in Thai. Let me…

Deep-Fried Fish and Seafood Galore

One of the things that I miss most about Malaysia is the availability of various kinds of little fishes in…

Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe

(Chinese recipes, prepare authentic Chinese food now!) Please meet Piggy at Piggy’s Cooking Journal–a beautiful food blog that I absolutely…


A Fishy Tale

Fried whitebait consumed at a tapas bar in Madrid, Spain. I just love fried fish, little fish, to be precise….

Miso-Marinated Sea Bass Recipe

I love Nobu’s black cod with miso, but it’s not easy to find fresh black cod in the market, at…

Yong Tow Foo (Yong Tau Fu)

I have written about Yong Tow Foo a couple of times here and here but here is the real stuff….

Baked Fish and Seafood Parcel in KL

This is part 2 of my 5-hour layover in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. You can read all about Part 1…

Fish Ball Recipe (Steamed Fish Balls with Bean Curd Sticks)

One thing I don’t like about eating dim sum in the United States is the lack of fish ball offerings….

Penang Assam Laksa Recipe (Nyonya Hot and Sour Noodles in Fish Soup)

Before I start writing this post, I have a confession to make. I have an Asian (Chinese/Malaysian) mouth. In my…

Steamed Fish Rolls Recipe

(Chinese recipes, prepare authentic Chinese food now!) Inspired by Chubby Hubby’s “Not Your Usual Egg Rolls” and “Steam Fish Rolls”…

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