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Fish Ball Recipe (Steamed Fish Balls with Bean Curd Sticks)

One thing I don’t like about eating dim sum in the United States is the lack of fish ball offerings….

Penang Assam Laksa Recipe (Nyonya Hot and Sour Noodles in Fish Soup)

Before I start writing this post, I have a confession to make. I have an Asian (Chinese/Malaysian) mouth. In my…

Steamed Fish Rolls Recipe

(Chinese recipes, prepare authentic Chinese food now!) Inspired by Chubby Hubby’s “Not Your Usual Egg Rolls” and “Steam Fish Rolls”…


Stir-fried Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce Recipe

(Chinese recipes, prepare authentic Chinese food now!) I accidentally deleted all pictures captured when I was going through them on…

Baked Sea Bass Recipe

What do you cook when you need to impress your guest(s)? Well, for me, I made this mouthwatering, succulent, and…

More Yong Tow Foo/ Yong Tau Foo (酿豆腐)

I know, I have made Yong Tow Foo/Yong Tau Foo (酿豆腐) before and posted my secret recipe, but I just…

Nobu’s Miso Cod

Miso Cod – delicious, moist, tender, and crazy delicious cod fish marinated with Japanese miso. This miso cod recipe is made famous by Nobu Matsuhisa.

Ikan Panggang/Ikan Bakar Recipe (Grilled Fish with Banana Leaves)

(Updated with new photos on May 28, 2012) A true Malay classic, ikan panggang/ikan bakar (grilled fish with banana leaves)…

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