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Teriyaki-Glazed Fish Balls

Teriyaki-Glazed Fish Balls
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I love fish, so it’s very natural that I love all sorts of fish-based products, such as fish balls. Growing up in Southeast Asia, I practically started eating fish balls since I was a little toddler. In Asia, fish balls noodle is the equivalent of spaghetti and meat balls here in the United States. It’s our staple food and we eat fish balls a lot. What’s not to love about round, bouncy, fresh, succulent fish balls made from fresh fish? Fish balls are so versatile and they add so much more flavors and texture in fried noodles, noodle soup, stir-fries, main dishes, side dishes, appetizers, party foods, etc. They are absolutely delicious and such a delight to the palate, for both adults and children alike.


While you can make fish balls from scratch but I always buy frozen fish balls from the market and my favorite and go-to brand is DODO Fish Balls. Ask any Asians around you and they will tell you that DODO fish balls are the best out of all the different brands in the frozen food aisle. The reasons are very simple: DODO fish balls are bouncy (which is the benchmark for good fish balls), flavorful, fresh-tasting, with a wonderful texture. They are also so easy to cook and turn your boring everyday dishes into something mouthwatering and fancy, for example: noodle soup, fried noodles, and even curries.

DODO Fish Balls

What I have noticed is that most Americans are not familiar with fish balls, and I hope this post will help you understand more about this wonderful food product. If you have tried Japanese ramen, you would have seen or tasted slices of fish cake as toppings on your ramen. Fish balls are essentially in the same category as those, but round and in ball shape.

Fish balls are made from fresh fish meat, starch, salt, sugar, and water. In my previous post on “How to Make Fish Balls” – I showed you the tedious step-by-step of making fish balls from scratch. However, the problem is that quality and fresh fish are hard to find in the United States, even if you live by the coast. To make great fish balls, you need the best and freshest fish, and certain types of fish for the best taste and texture, but those are hard to come by here. So, I always buy pre-made and frozen fish balls from the market, and I have always been 100% satisfied with DODO Fish Balls, my top choice. DODO Fish Balls are distributed from Singapore by Thong Siek Food Industry which strives on excellent quality, stringent enforcement of hygiene standards, and produces products with sound nutritional values.

DODO Fish Balls

Now that I have gotten you interested, I wanted to share a super easy, delicious, and family-friendly fish balls recipe with you. These teriyaki-glazed fish balls are so yummy I finish all the skewers in a very short time. They are great for parties, and everyone loves them. Imagine perfectly fried and golden brown fish balls threaded on wooden skewers, then glazed with sweet, sticky, savory teriyaki sauce, and topped with some toasted white and black sesame seeds, I am sure your stomach is rumbling at the very thought of this wonderful appetizer.

As it’s summer now, these DODO fish balls skewers are just perfect for any backyard get-together, pool party, kids party, or any casual gathering. Preparation takes less than 20 minutes, and there is no clean-up afterwards. Just eat and toss the sticks away, that’s all.

DODO Fish Balls

You can get DODO Fish Balls at many Asian stores or supermarkets. Just head over to the frozen food section and you are most definitely going to find a section filled with fish balls of different shapes or forms, imported from Asia. Look out for this boy mascot on the packaging with the word “DODO Fish Balls.” Load up a few packets of these fish balls and start making these teriyaki-glazed fish balls skewers. I can almost guarantee that you would love them!

Thanks so much to DODO Fish Balls for the opportunity to work with you and endorse my favorite food product. To the readers, I can’t wait to share more fish balls recipes with you in the near future. Please stay tuned!

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