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Thai Recipe: Green CurryI first stumbled upon Thai 4 Real / Bonbini on Foodgawker a few months ago; it was food love at first sight. I am very glad to have Thip (Thip is a professional baker at two (2) fine dining restaurants in San Francisco!) as a guest writer on Rasa Malaysia, so please welcome Thai 4 Real / Bonbini as she shares Thai Green Curry recipe with us. Enjoy!

Green Curry
Guest Writer: Thai 4 Real / Bonbini

I was surprised and excited when Rasa Malaysia asked me to be a guest writer about Thai food on her blog. I admire her as a great cook, writer and photographer. She always comes up with interesting dishes.

Although I bake more than I cook, I make sure I have some time to cook Thai food for my husband. It’s funny that I hadn’t been interested in cooking at all until I moved to San Francisco six years ago. I started cooking out of necessity, to comfort and satisfy myself as I lived so far away from my country. Since then, cooking has been my passion.

I have many favorite Thai dishes that I like to cook regularly. For example, spicy basil chicken (gai pad gapao), stir fried ginger curry chicken (gai pad prik pao), sweet and sour soup (tom yum), green papaya salad (som tum) and of course curry. Today, I’d like to share the most popular curry in Thailand with you, green curry. Most people use Thai eggplant in green curry. However, gourd, pumpkin and bamboo shoot are commonly used in green curry, too. I don’t make my own green curry paste because I’m already satisfied with the brand I use. Mae Ploy is the brand I trust when It comes to high quality ingredients.

RECIPE HERE: Green Curry Recipe
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Recipe: Green Curry


1/2 lb. chicken breast tender, cut into bite-sized chunks
2 tbs. green curry paste, Mae Ploy brand
1 cup coconut milk, Mae Ploy brand
1 cup bamboo shoot, Buddha brand
3 kaffir lime leaves, split and thinly sliced
2 mini peppers, sliced
1/4 cup Thai basil leaves
1 ts. fish sauce
1 tbs. palm sugar
1 tbs. vegetable oil


1. Saute the green curry paste with oil over medium heat until fragrant, add 1/2 cup of coconut milk and stir until the oil surfaces.
2. Add the chicken and kaffir lime leaves, continue cooking until the chicken is almost done.
3. Add the remaining coconut milk, palm sugar and fish sauce. Bring to a boil.
4. Add the bamboo shoots, cook for 5 minutes or until the bamboo shoots are softened.
5. Add the basil, stir and remove from the heat.

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