Thai Minced Chicken Salad
April 30th, 2014 2 Comments

Thai Minced Chicken Salad

Northeast Minced Chicken Salad
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This Northeast Minced Chicken Salad recipe is another recipe that I wanted to showcase from the Simple Thai Food cookbook by Leela at She Simmers. As I mentioned, I reached out to them and I will be republishing 3 recipes from the cookbook, with permission. The last recipe of Miang Kham is such a hit on Rasa Malaysia as well as my social media channels, so I have no doubt that this Thai Minced Chicken Salad from the northeast region of Thailand will win you over.

Isaan, or the Northeast part of Thailand is a vast land that is land-locked, and bordered by Cambodia and Laos. Due to the proximity to Laos, the cuisine for this part of Thailand is very different from what we know about Thai cuisine. Dishes such as lap (larb), a ground meat salad is very popular. This minced chicken salad is one of the variations of the popular pork larb.

Anyway, I think this dish is extremely flavorful and refreshing, with really complex and exotic flavors. Since it’s made with chicken, everyone can eat it. This minced chicken salad makes a great springtime salad, and I am sure you will find it delightful. If you like what you see from the Simple Thai Food cookbook, you canĀ pre-order now at Amazon.

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  1. Isabella Popper says:

    Looking delicious! YUMMY … Gotta try this one!

  2. Jm says:

    Could you please tell me what is Rice Powder?

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