Thai Recipe: Son-In-Law Eggs
October 01st, 2007 54 Comments

Thai Recipe: Son-In-Law Eggs

Son-in-law Eggs
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This past weekend, our neighborhood Ralph was giving away free eggs–a carton of 18 large eggs. Being the cheapo shopper that I am, I didn’t pass up the opportunity, of course. I have always loved eggs and I do shop at Ralph, plus more eggs mean I can experiment with some baking and make my favorite egg dishes such as this and this.

I did bake, but failed two times and wasted 8 eggs! I am not going to get into the excruciatingly painful and embarrassing details about my baking debacle (I am still in agony), but there was one thing that I did successfully with my eggs–this Thai recipe of son-in-law eggs…

(Don’t ask me about the name. I am puzzled. Why aren’t they daughter-in-law eggs? Hmmm, I smell gender discrimination.)

Anyway, these son-in-laws eggs are very good eggs. It’s a simple dish with lots of flavor–tangy, savory, syrupy, and a little spicy. The taste is similar to my Malaysian sweet and sour eggs, but the eggs are first hard-boiled, deep-fried, and then topped with tamarind sauce. The sauce was so good that I practically had to dabble the very last bit of it–leaving not a single drop–with my fingers! Yeah, I kid you not. I suspect the same tamarind sauce would go every well with deep-fried fresh water prawns, but that is another post. ;)

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As the main ingredient of this post is eggs, I am entering this to CLICK: Oct 2007 Food Photography event hosted by Jai and Bee.

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  1. Ravi says:

    Very interesting. I saw this on the Master Chef Australia program on telly and was tempted since then. Want to try it soon. Only difference was that they were going on and on about the eggs being cooked to runny consistency when they are cut for eating. Wonder if any one else came across this and how does that compare with the hard boiled version.

  2. Yvie says:

    I heard somewhere that it was son-in-law eggs because they are so good that it will keep your son-in-law happy (stay a happy faithful husband)!

  3. Jannita says:

    My favourite dish… might have to pop my chicken back in the fridge and opt for eggs tonight!

    They are called son in law eggs (kai luk koei) because it’s the story of when a man was making dinner for his father in law and was late so couldnt cook anything grand and the only food he had was eggs so he quickly made this and his father in law loved it… that’s the story i was told anyway! My mother is Thai so i hear all the stories and enjoy Thai food most nights of the week :D bonus!

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