The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook
August 19th, 2010 13 Comments

The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook

When I first started blogging on Rasa Malaysia 4+ years ago, there weren’t that many food bloggers back then, and Hui Leng Tay (AKA Tigerfish) of Teczcape: An Escape to Food is one of my very first blogging friends. We have become good friends over the years, even though we have only met once.

I am very happy to announce that her first cookbook—The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook—is finally launched. Published by Adams Media, the book is part of the popular “The Everything” series. As the name suggests, the book is all about cooking with a rice cooker, with a whopping 300+ recipes using the magical electronic rice cooker. And the sweetest thing is that they are not all rice recipes because a rice cooker is so versatile that you can use it to make so many different things: soups, desserts, steaming, vegetables, pasta, seafood, and more…

If you are still debating if you should buy a rice cooker, I say go ahead. It’s probably one of the best investments you will ever made in the kitchen. What’s more, now you have a perfect cookbook to start expanding your cooking repertoire.

I would like to congratulate Hui Leng for launching this cookbook. To buy “The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook”, please head over to:

  1. Amazon – US$10.85
  2. Barnes and Noble – US$11.48
  3. Borders – US$15.95

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  1. John P. says:

    Wow, I didn’t know what you can make other stuff using a rice cooker. That’s interesting. Will check it out. What brand of rice cooker do you recommend?

    • tigerfish says:

      Personally, I stick to Japanese brands such as Panasonic. And with a basic conventional rice cooker (not fuzzy logic), you can really do more with your rice cooker.

  2. Yay, Hui Leng! Again, congrats! And it’s really sweet of you to do this post, Bee.

  3. Lucy L says:

    Ooooh, that seems like a good cookbook to have in the kitchen.

  4. joey says:

    I’m going to check if this book is available over here…as it should be because everyone here owns a rice cooker! I so need this! I’d love to make more use of my rice cooker (although it already takes quite a beating with all the rice we eat!) :)

  5. Carol Lam says:

    Hi, Do u hav recipes for Kuih Kosui, My family like it. A brown colour traditional kuih cotated with coconut.

  6. Tigerfish: do you talk about doing sous vide in a rice cooker?

    Bee: how nice of you to highlight Tigerfish’s cookbook! I’d like to get my hands on a copy.

    By the way, House of Annie has moved to its own domain, I’d appreciate it if you changed the link in your blogroll to point to the new site instead of Thanks!

    • tigerfish says:

      Not really. Most are quick-cooking, not under any sort of vacuum. However, there are some recipes that use the concept of “slow-cooker” cooking – esp for those dishes that require slow simmering or braising.

  7. Hi Bee… Congratulations on the book. Who was the food photographer? Would love to do an interview with food photographer just like I did it with Matt Armendariz, Lara Ferroni and Aran on food photography blog.

  8. Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the book and hopefully get it autographed by the supremely talented Tigerfish!

  9. Love ur blog! We hope that you could visit us and check out our food as well one day and im sure u will love it! Find us in FB too! :)

  10. Alan McCracken says:

    Hi. In your introduction of the book “The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook” The fuzzy logic rice cooker seems not to be the thing to use. Since this is what I use, I am wondering why this cooker should not be used? Thanks

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