Wake Up and Smell the Layer Cake
September 25th, 2006 17 Comments

Wake Up and Smell the Layer Cake

Layer Cake

After an exhausting 26-hour Penang-Singapore-Taipei-Los Angeles journey (layovers included) and then another hour to drive south from Los Angeles International Airport, I finally made it back to my place (specifically my pillow) in Irvine, California. Sleep-deprived and physically-drained, I hit the bed and passed out slept for the next 12 hours.

Waking up in my place in suburbia, I immediately felt the absence of Penang’s early morning chaos, energy and, of course, noise. This is hermetically-sealed Orange County after all. Drive everywhere in your SUV Orange County. Nearest corporate supermarket 3 miles away Orange County. No way I could just walk to the local coffee shop or roadside stall to buy breakfast today.
But all was not left behind. Walking out to the kitchen I could smell the tempting aroma of a Malaysian layer cake sitting on the counter top. If you have ever had Malaysian layer cake before, you know how it can fill the air with an unmistakable sweetness…

Coffee and Layer Cake

Airplanes and cars are not the only way to travel. One bite and a quick sip of Malaysian Kopi-O (dark coffee) instantly transported me thousands of miles, and for a few minutes I found myself back home again.

The best layer cake and coffee powder can be found at:

Ling Home Made Cakes
11-A, Jalan Baba Ahmad,
Tanjung Bungah,
11200 Penang
Tel: (6)04-899-5655
Mobile Phone: (6) 016-420-9921

Ling’s layer cake is made-to-order. Please call at least 24 hours in advance.

Kim Guan Coffee Powder
53, Lorong Stewart,
10200 Penang
Tel: (6)04-263-9266


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the post. I haven’t had layer cake in the longest time…you are right about the smell…mmmmm.

  2. Tummythoz says:

    Back there edi so soon? Btw, haven’t tried this before. Thx for d shop’s info.

  3. babe_kl says:

    oh dear holiday back home is over??? i hope you had had enjoyed yrself

  4. boo_licious says:

    Looks yummy!

  5. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Yep, I am back in the US again! Time always seems to fly by when I am in Malaysia: jalan jalan here, makan makan there. Easy to pass time. ;)

    Boolicious – yes, Ling’s layer cake is absolutely the best. I have tried many and always go back to her. You can call and tapau back to KL the next time you visit Penang. :)

  6. ashan says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for the recommendation. I love love love layer cake. Now I just have to wait till next summer when I go home to get some. So far till then… *sob*

  7. cin says:

    I LOVe layer cake and tried some in Penang near Air Itam which was pretty good. I have to say though that the BEST layer cake I’ve ever ever had was in Amsterdam!

  8. Ming_the_Merciless says:

    OMG, I haven’t had this layer cake in a hundred years! I love, love, love kuih lapis!!!

  9. Mohamed says:

    can we order the cake from the USA?
    will they ship it here?

  10. Seng Leong says:

    Omigosh, I had been looking for really good Layer Cakes for ages!!!

    Thank you very much for the introduction and pointers, I’ll try it out this trip back to Penang :D

  11. Ling Home Made Cake says:

    Hey thx for the support on our Layer Cake.
    Hope to get ur order soon….
    Come down to Penang to buy ur Layer Cake from us…..
    Thx so much……..for the support..^^

  12. zahra al-naamani says:

    hi am from oman i realy love ur layer cakes haw can i get it her u can send me the detals to my e-mail thankx alot

  13. BK says:

    Couldn’t agree more about the hermitically-sealed OC. I love your recipes. I am from Singapore, now residing in OC.

  14. chloemom says:

    Hi There,
    May I know how much Ling Homemade Cake charge for the whole kueh lapis?

  15. Hi. I chance this 5-year old entry which I hope is still valid. Talking about waking up to the smell of SARAWAK Layer Cake, we have posted on four types, we actually have 25. If at anytime u’re interested we’ll send you the catalog and the order form and we’ll get it to you wherever u are.

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