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Welcome to Rasa Malaysia 3.0

Welcome to Rasa Malaysia 3.0, the spanking new design and updated version of Rasa Malaysia.

Gosh, where do I start?

My developer R and I have been working on this project for 6 months—yes, half a year!—because we are both hopeless perfectionist (I am a Virgo) and we wanted a great design that looks familiar to all the loyal fans and readers of Rasa Malaysia, but we also wanted to inject new design elements, new color schemes, features, better UI (user interface), and most importantly, we wanted it to look “grown-up,” sophisticated, professional yet friendly and welcoming. Trying to make everything work within our vision is further complicated by the many ads on Rasa Malaysia (someone has to pay the bills). I mean, our creativity was hindered by the gazillion ad spots I have on the site. We went through a couple of designs. At one point, I did my wireframe and practically told R what to do (and that didn’t fly because a marketer should never instill rigid requirements and specs of how a site should be because it just kills creativity). Eventually, R came to me with a concept of the current design and we both loved the direction and perfected it and voila, you get this new design that we are both proud of. R and I are still working on finishing up all the small details on the site, killing bugs, and we also have a grand plan to offer a simpler template/theme based on this design for sale in the near future. But time is the main factor and we shall see if we will really get to it…

Anyway, I wanted to give you a quick orientation of Rasa Malaysia 3.0 and the new features (including the much requested “Print Recipe” function) so you can use it with ease and reap the full benefits of our hardwork:

  1. New Rasa Malaysia logo — The old Rasa Malaysia logo is pretty recognizable as I have been using it since I started this blog back in July 2006. I love it but it’s time to give it a face lift. The new logo is wearing a cap! Yes, it’s wearing a bowl and chopsticks, which is iconic to Asian cuisines, and complement my tagline “Easy Asian Recipes.” I think it’s neat. I also have an official logo (above) with a rice bowl. I think it’s very important to have a clear brand message, and a relevant icon is a great messaging tool.
  2. Browse Recipes — This is the most important button on Rasa Malaysia 3.0. It’s one-click away from all the various Asian recipes on Rasa Malaysia. The most important link is the Recipe Index, which is now graced with thumbs of all the delicious Asian recipes available on Rasa Malaysia. Kudos to my two protégé FriedWontons4U and The Sophisticated Gourmet for creating this page for me.
  3. Login/Register — Rasa Malaysia now comes with a user database (yay!). One of the things I’d learned in my first online marketing job was that “subscribers or members get exclusive benefits.” As a Rasa Malaysia registered user, you will have instant access to the “Print Recipe” feature. Above is the screenshot of the “Print Recipe” page, so no more jotting down my recipes on paper and print out 16 pages of the post!
  4. From the Editor — this gets a prominent real estate on the new design because it’s the voice of the site and the place you get the 411 about Rasa Malaysia.
  5. Editor’s Pick — I have 300 recipes on my site, but there are some recipes that I am exceedingly proud of because they are just so good and have had rave reviews from my readers who had tried out the recipes. So, this is the area where you will find what I strongly recommend. I will change this constantly because every season calls for special recipes.
  6. Popular Recipes — This module is database-driven and dynamic, meaning they are the recipes that get the most views and traffic from you, my readers. So, you know what are people searching for on Rasa Malaysia.
  7. Nyonya Food — the sister site will soon become a sub-domain on Rasa Malaysia. I am blessed because in less than 9 months, I was able to grow the traffic on Nyonya Food—an almost unknown Malaysian sub-culture and cuisine—and it’s time to evangelize and promote it even more. I hope becoming a part of Rasa Malaysia will bring more eyeballs and cultivate more interest to Nyonya Food.
  8. Freeze Pane — I have the freeze pane function on the top navigation of Rasa Malaysia 3.0 so you don’t have to scroll up and down to get to the main menu of the site.

I must warn you that the site is still buggy and have a lot of missing images, but my team and I will work on fixing the issues soon.

Thanks for your support and please do send me your bug report via comments. I hope you like what I have done for you. And just between us, the code name of this theme is Queen Bee. *wink*

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  1. Cool! Only little problem, I see the “contact” link outside of the bar…

    I’m using FF3.5.8 under Fedora 12

    Screenshot here:

    Seems like a problem of the of the menu, adding a -5px margin on the left works for me (I don’t know if it breaks it on others system, though, you should check with your webdesigner ;) )

  2. Jane

    Excellent. Just wondering if you could include, in parenthesis, the non-metric measurements. I usually have to google a conversion page to get the measurements in cups (dry ingredients) or cups/tablespoons for wet. Love your recipes and want to make sure I do them justice. Congrats on your new format.

  3. Good job! I know redesigning these things and implementing the changes is a big overhaul that takes a LOT of time! I like it. Clean, simple, and easy to navigate.

  4. Luckyboy

    The new site is hot! I love it. Very clean, modern, easy on the eyes. This is how I would imagine the perfect food blog to look like. =D

  5. chilipadi

    Thanks for the great new layout and design. One problem. When I open up your posted recipes I don’t see the ‘print recipe’ except in your welcome page. Is your ‘print recipe’ set up to print only the recipe portion? I hope that’s the case because it would save alot of paper.

  6. This is so invigorating and I love it! I need to re-orientate myself a little though, since it has been almost four years following the “older” layout. But change is good :P …

  7. Your blog has been evolving since I first read it way back in 2005 *hugs*
    I like version 3.0 Very thoughtfully laid out, kudos to you and your developer on getting the whole thing put together ;)

  8. wow… the long wait cetainly worth it! Congratulations!!! I love the new look and Thank you for thinking about us…your fans and friends. :-)

  9. wow… the long wait certainly worth it! Congratulations!!! I love the new look and Thank you for thinking about us…your fans and friends. :-)

  10. Jimmy Hung

    Who needs to go to a Michelin star rated restuarant when there is a 5 star rated food cuisine website in RASAMALAYSIA. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  11. Asani

    Love the new design! Very clean, simplistic, and easy to navigate. Great job and I am looking forward to more of your fantastic recipes!

  12. love to new design, Bee. Very professional, clean and user friendly. the freeze pane is a nice touch. Good job! Oh btw, I meant to ask u, we want to join your Penang Food tour in May! NEed your brother to show us all the good eats in the nooks in Penang! Will hit u up soon! :)

  13. Jeff

    I like the redesign. However, one thing I would still like to see is a speed up of the way the images load on the recipes. I love seeing your food photography but I rarely click the next button because it takes so long to load. There should be a way to set it up so that you only refresh the image, not the entire site (which is what it appears to be doing).

    Congrats on RM 3.0.

  14. I meant to come and leave a message before to let you know that I love the way the new site is set up. It is beautiful and so easy to navigate. I honestly have been following your site for a lot longer than I have been a food blogger and I was so happy to hear about all of the changes to the site and your up comming book.

    I also wanted to show you how much I appreciate your blog. Recently I was given a Sunshine Award and I would like to let you know that I named your blog as one of the blogs that has influenced me the most. You can read my post and pick up the award at this link
    Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and I will be back to see more recipes.


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