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Win a Wok Star Kit (CLOSED)

The winner is Please claim your prize by responding to my email.


Chinese (Lunar) New Year is just around the corner. Are you ready for a new way of cooking? You can start making simple and easy everyday stir-frying and many dishes on Rasa Malaysia and more—including the recipes in my upcoming Chinese cookbook!—with this Wok Star kit, which is what I use in my kitchen.

Enter to win a Wok Star Kit (retail value $145) courtesy of my friend Eleanor Hoh of Wok Star.

This giveaway runs from today till January 21, open to all my readers WORLDWIDE (yes, we will ship the Wok Star Kit to you wherever you are!). Winner will be picked on January 22. To enter, please leave a comment now. One entry per day.

Good luck!

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  1. Irene Chan

    I prefer this kind of wok when cooking. Where can I this wok……or how to enter to win this?

  2. Tuyet Tran

    I love your site!!! I’m going to try one of your crab recipes tomorrow night…either chili crab or ginger/scallion crab. Can’t decide…maybe I’ll try both. :)

  3. erika

    i wanna be a wok star! :D
    your food is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us!

  4. Estee Chin

    Looking at the Wok makes me miss my mom cooking. If I were to win this Wok kit, i will learn to cook mom favorite dish and hopefully by the time she come to visit me in State…i will be able to cook for her.

  5. Jean

    I’d LOVE this wok! I need a new one. Mine is about 30 years old, and has certainly been moved too many times! I want to learn more ways to use it.
    Thanks for the contest!

  6. Eleanor

    Wow. I am looking into buying a new wok. I hope I win. Thank you for the contest. Fingers cross :)

  7. Becky Gruebmeyer

    Ooooooooooooooooooo WANT THIS!!! If you use it, then it takes the wonder out of what to buy. PICK ME!!! :)

  8. Earl

    nice that it looks like a traditional wok with the rough sides so you can keep the food on the side warm while cooking at the bottom of the wok

  9. Desi

    This is exciting. Just when I have started to expand my cooking ability. I would LOVE to have this and learn how to cook these lovely recipes.

  10. Jen Pan

    Hi Bee, I have been following your site for years, and I love all your recipes. Keep up the great work!

  11. bevy

    i just cooked your cashew chicken. omg yummy! i was so excited that i had the proper sauces and other ingredients on hand. coming from austin,tx, it’s not a normal pantry for me to have these ingredients. i am trying to be a good student of yours and it’s working! now i just need an amazing wok, etc., to complete my “lessons”. thank you so much for all your insight, recipes and now your amazon store. i am working on an order now. :)

  12. cookingwithlove

    WOW!!! Would be Wonderful to cook mouth watery dishes with. Such a grand opportunity, Thank You for sharing!

  13. Hillary

    Awesome! That looks like a great kit … now I’m thinking of all the delicious things I would cook with it….

  14. Stay

    Oooohh this is fantastic! Does the winner get a follow up blog entry for a Rasa Malaysia or personal recipe using a wok?

  15. Peggy Adams

    I’m gonna wok around my kitchen when I win the nice wok star kit. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have never owned a wok, just can’t afford one.

  16. David

    Some want to party like a rock star; I just want to cook like a wok star.

    BTW, how hot does the wok need to be to get the “wok-mi” flavor on noodles?

    • David, high heat and lots more oil unfortunately, otherwise the starch from the noodles stick. I prefer NOT to fry the noodles but make a nice sauce and just combine, taste good.

  17. debra

    We have several students from Malaysia attending the univ. where my husband works and it has become our habit to have them over for a taste of home. Your recipes that I have prepared have gotten very good reviews from them!
    The wok would be a wonderful addition to our nights together.

  18. Rex

    I love to cook with woks. It’s quick and flavorful. I have been experimenting with chow fun anda feel it’s the”wok hey”that makes the difference! I have a louisiana crawfish boil burner that gets really hot. Definitely not for nonstick cookware :(

  19. Grace Chong

    I always want to have a good wok to cook dishes. However, I could not find a good wok. Hopefully, I can win this wok to cook many Malaysian dishes. Thank you!

  20. Anna Hoang

    So cool! I hope I win. For LNY, I’ll be making Banh Men, butter cookies dipped in chocolate, pineapple squares, and Banh Tet. I’m excited.

  21. It is funny how today I made fried rice from leftover basmati and was thinking how Eleanor’s kit could become handy. I made stir fried rice years ago it was disasterous as I added so much soy sauce. Today it came out nearly perfect, as I didn’t have a wok, but I was close!

  22. Evelyn Lew

    I want…I want! Cook best with a big flame burner. Used to have one in my backyard where my husband build me a small kitchen for me to cook my yummy Malaysian dishes ie. char kway teow, fried kangkung, and dishes using belachan coz’ he said it stink up the house…but he loves to eat after cooking!!

  23. Sarah

    Wow, looks like a great kit, I’ve been wanting a wok for a while now! Your recipes always look so delicious and inspire me to try new foods! Thanks!!

    • YES, there’s a 3-disc set incl. an audio cookalong! I show a NO-recipe technique which you can adapt to any of Bee’s wonderful recipes. There’s also an amusing segment of my husband (westerner) called, Wok Up and Smell the Coffee where he shows how to make his special omelet/crepe/pancake with broccoapricotsalmon. YUM. He never cooked prior to this, so it’s never too late to start.

  24. Jackie Podger

    I have a twenty-year old electric wok that I still use several times a week. As both my husband and I adore Asian food, needless to say it is well worn. It would be wonderful to win a new one with all of these incredible extras. I was born in the year of the Rabbit so I am really looking forward to the new year!

  25. Jene

    Mmmm, Chinese New Year! I should make some tea eggs this week. Also debating buying a kueh bahlu mold to surprise my mom.

  26. Christie

    Would love to win this, pan-asian food is my new fav to cook at home, but i just don’t have the right tools! It would WOK to have these additions to my kitchen!

  27. Jitfong

    I’m looking for a new wok and would love this Wok Star one, which looks well-made and durable.
    Love rasamalaysia — I’m going to try making the ginger scallion fish tonight. I couldn’t find basa fish in the supermarket, but I found “Basa brand” swai, which looks similar. I’m guessing anything is an improvement over carp, which was the last fish I used for stirfry and was full of small bones.

  28. elca foster

    i love your websites. i have cooked several dishes and they all turned out great. my favorite is the chinese style steamed fish and so does my auntie.

  29. Katie

    I need this! I make your fried green beans about once a week in an extremely thin metal pan. It would be so much easier if I had this!

  30. Douglas Wagor

    Wok kit looks complete with top included. Can’t wait to try cooking with it. Enjoy your site. Keep it going and growing!

  31. that wok looks beautiful! i don’t wok often enough but would love for that to change. :) i especially love steaming stuff in the wok.

  32. Leonard Lumpkin

    I would love to have this wok, what a change it would make, I wouldn’t have to do all my cooking in a frying pan.

  33. Katz

    would love to have these to cook with!!!! definitely a treat, crossing my fingers! thanks for the info on Penang food, absolutely helpful for my research :)

  34. pamla fant

    I have been using my big frying pan for a wok, the real thing would be much better! love your website

  35. Laura L

    Really beautiful set, I could use it to cook some of your recipes instead of using my cast iron fry pan!

  36. jan

    I have an electric wok that I’ve used so much over the yrs that its crooked now. Just to have a chance to win one gives me hope that maybe I will finally be able to throw the other one away.

  37. golflouis

    I love this site, very often will i go forward with recipes proposed on this site…this wok would suit me great! i whish everybody good luck..

  38. joana


    I would love to win this amazing package! This will not only impress my husband but for sure my parents in law as well. I am married to a wonderful Chinese man who loves and enjoys eating. I know that this wok set will help me enhance my passion for Chinese cooking.:)

    Love reading your blog entries! Keep it up and more power! :)

  39. Catherine She

    I love your site and your sharing of your recipe. The first cake I bake from your recipe was Pandan Sponge Cake …wow…its fantastic…untill today I still bake a cake for work collegues every 2nd. month. They all love it. The WOK set,, yes it will be lovely to win it. Thanks.

  40. Mike Goody

    What a great prize! I hope the person who wins it gets maximum pleasure from it. Are they available for sale in new Zealand?

  41. Marissa

    This is awesome! I am trying to cook Chinese food more, so this would be a great addition to my kitchen.

  42. Melissa Battiato

    My mantra for the new year is “Cooking is NOT a chore”. I’ve been cooking everyday! I need a wok badly!!!!

  43. LotusWing

    Wow!! I would love to win this wok! Thanks for giving us this chance to win this awesome wok!!!

  44. Mei Choot

    I live in Melbourne and had always missed my Malaysian food. After reading the recipes by RasaMalaysia, I started to cook the nice delicious meals and desert, which I have never thought I could do all that. I love you RasaMalaysia!

  45. My 8-year-old son LOVES the Rasa Malaysia kung pao chicken! And the way I make it now (with something totally wrong — cast iron fry pan), I can only make enough for 3 people. Would love this wok and to invite family and friends to join us!

  46. mikeq

    Thank you for the chance to win a wonderful wok. I absolutely love cooking your recipes. The best food blog on web!

  47. Helen

    Your website is my first go to for egg tarts….my three kids are in love! I would love the wok though! :)

  48. JG

    This is a terrific give away, thank you for doing it. I know I could really use a good wok set to replace my five year old wok.

  49. Erik

    Woks don’t work particularly well on electric stoves. Not enough heat, not hot enough. But a proper heat siurce can be made, in a fashion using a heater from a turkey fryer.

    • Eleanor Hoh (wokstar)

      Erik, I offer a portable butane gas stove which solves problem of high heat + instantaneous heat control Essential for successful stir frying. The stove is an addition, not part of giveaway cause some peeps have gas stoves.

  50. bevy

    entering again today. i just realized it is cast iron. that is so cool. i love cooking with cast iron.

  51. simie

    What a great prize for a busy housewife! Wish I could win it but knowing my luck, it won’t ever be me. I’ve never won anything in my life ever! I am always not lucky enough! Congrats to whoever is the winner of ths wok set and happy wokking!

  52. Dolly Lim

    To train WOK STARS of next generation!!wok kit will be used to train my 2 girls the tradition of WOK cooking. The next generation shall inherit the skills of wok cooking!! Thanks for a great site!!

  53. Adeline Lamond

    Hi. I’ve been looking for an authentic wok for sometime. It would have helped to have had a good wok when I cooked your recipe: Lobster Loh Mein. My kids and husband loved it. I was a star that night, even if I wasn’t a wok star. Thanks for all your recipes, from a Malaysian living in Sydney, Australia.

  54. Shuinn C

    I’ve been wanting a wok for so long but as a student I haven’t been able to afford a nice one. Hoping I can win this one :)

  55. Tenny Lim

    I’ve worn out 5 woks in 2 years – 2 tefal, 1 inox & 2 no-brand!Not that I’m a good cook, I just don’t know how to maintain them!The coatings keep falling out.I remembered my grandma had a wok that’s always smooth and black, and her wok was not even branded or coated (?). Should’ve learnt from her when she was still around……I hope I win this set and that it comes with instructions on how to use and maintain the wok properly!!!

    • Tenny, you’re so right that nonstick doesn’t give same texture & flavor to your food like cast iron woks! Nonstick coating doesn’t sear your meat or give your veggies the crunchy texture.

  56. Tricia

    Love asian food, love your recipes, love your blog.,love the pictures of the baby and would love to win the wok.

  57. nona zareena riffat

    Hi i think every body win then everyone will be happy or pay a small amount send every body one

  58. Lena chew

    Rasa Malaysia is the best website I ever have ! I hv tried most of the recipes posted here and they all taste fantastic! I would love to win the wok starter kit to use it to cook all my favorite dishes in Rasa Malaysia.

  59. Mark In St Pete

    Thanks as always for the excellent recipes on your site. My wife Ying and I have both enjoyed everything we have tried from your site. Tonight it will be the Daging Masak Kicap (Soy Sauce Beef). Would love to win the wok, thanks for the chance!

  60. Jasmine

    Happy new year everyone. Hope everyone has a good start for a new year.
    *Hope I stand a chance for this give away*

  61. Justin Timbers

    I’d love to win this after I recently threw away my non-stick wok that I purchased before I had all these great resources to tell me what to buy. :)

  62. dorothy schwarz

    Just in time my wok has to be replaced and I would love this one.
    I love doing stir fries, my husband says mine are better than our local restaurants….

  63. Jeanne P

    If I had to choose one thing to bring along with me it definately would be the most wonderful versatile “WOK”

  64. Kary S

    I have been in the market for a new wok so this would be perfect! Hard to stir-fry in a saute pan. :)

  65. Liliane P.

    I’ve been using the same wok for about 25 years. She’s been a good, dependable worker, but she’s quite worn out and tired. I’m sure she would like to retire and spend her days on an upper shelf of my pantry. Hope I win!

  66. Huey

    I would love to have a wok kit like this. But I have never had luck to win anything. In anyway, I’m very glad to have found your Rasa Malaysia website through facebook, it’s great, I’ve been using some of your recipes. Thanks.

  67. denise matthews

    I retired last year & discovered cooking again from your website & recipes, they are just the best. Thank you for the chance to enter your Wok Star competition.

  68. linda

    love your recipes …they inspire me to get into the kitchen and cook wonderful food for my friends and family…i would just love to win the wok. keep up the good work !!

  69. Alex Lee

    I cook for my family eveyrday. How nice if I could win this fantastic wok as it will further enhance my cooking skill.

  70. Mrs Lavanyia

    Hi…. This website is very usefull for me in cooking. I have learned a lot the method of cooking & also the new recipes.
    All my family members were surprised of what I cooked as earlier i dont even know how to cook :)
    Thank you so much Rasa Malaysia ….

  71. Suzy

    This would be an awesome wok set to get as a good wok is hard to find. Once you have a good wok, all sorts of dishes can be produce for family and friends.

  72. Aaron

    Win a Wok! Nice, Included a RASA MALAYSIA Recipe, PRICELESS! With the wok, I can really stir fry my Char Kueh Tiao with that authentic smoky flavour of the Wok. Yummilicious.

  73. Leah

    mmmm the Soy Sauce Beef looks very yummy!! That will be on next weeks menu…tried your Nasi Goreng the other night with some Sate Ayam and Acar very very nice!! Thanks for the great recipes and what I love most are they are all very easy especially when you have wonderful photos that show me the end result :-)

  74. Elaine Ong

    Being a pure Peranakan Penang too, lucky for me both my parents are Peranakan Penang, i love your site as it is very near to my taste. The only thing that i am not used to is the Japanese sauces, Mizkan which i dont think we have these in Msia. Being a Convent bred, growing up visiting friends of all races from Malay, Chinese, Indian & having friends from Western countries & Eastern, we sort of possess one of the most exotic taste/tongue & most of the time, we shock friends as we eat petai, budu, cencaluk, puri, tosai, perut ikan, masak belanda,lam mee for CNY,nasi ulam, bubur chah cha, vade, tong yuan (glutinous rice balls), kee chang, bak chang, pucuk paku, pajelis pineapple, apom bokwa, chio hua (nyonya jelly)& o’giou jelly etc. People like us seems to be near extinction as we are the world’s heritage on 2 feet.
    My secret of Wok selection is the blk wok seems to give fried koey teow & meat or vegetables stir fries the most excellent taste compared to if i were to use a stainless steel one.Our Nyonya elders usually forbid our Nyonya girls to use black wok as it is dark & black…althou i personally feel cooking stir-fry with it seems more delicious. Aluminium kuali is usually recommended which is a large wide mouth, sloping towards the center for frying rice, noodles & for steaming but i usually separate my steaming wok from my stir-fry wok as steaming wok will have water stains. I use non-stick for frying eggs. Cooking vege stir fry with non-stick don’t seem to taste good due to slower heat absorption compared with a black one. An olden typical nyonya must have is a pestle & mortar (batu lesong),batu geling, parut (coconut grater), wok & belanga (earthern pot) for curries which retain the curry flavours. A modern Nyonya like me would usually possess a good quality aluminium kuali, Moulinex grater for grating spices, food processor, reenaware or wonderware to replace the pots, cook curries in stainless steel pots & double boiler to make herbal soups. I would wish to get this Wok Kit as with my cooking know how, it would help me to explore its strength & improvise my methods of cooking.

  75. Susan H.

    What a wonderful complete wok set. I would love to win and make more of your recipes. My family has been enjoying the delicious meals. I cook a recipe from your website every week.

  76. Melondy

    Wok cooking is light, healthy and nutritious. The best method to use when frying food, because it is stir fried with less oil, rather than just sitting in a certain spot like deep frying with lots of oil.

  77. Jes

    What a great competition!!!
    just what i need a new wok to go in my new kitchen….
    sharehouses killed my last one :(

  78. tangent

    the wok together with its long ladle is really a gem in the kitchen…it makes the food more yummy…my grandma used it to cook our food in those good old days… i could only wish to have a new one…

  79. I have been collecting your recipes for a while now and use some when I want to prepare something interesting or “out of the ordinary”.

    Would certainly love to get the Wok Kit, especially from the experts to use.

    Thanks and All the Best
    Curry Mad

  80. Twilightriver

    Lived in Japan as a child and have been learning to make the dishes that made me so happy then. A wok would make it possible to make some of the things that have been so frustrating in a skillet that I have wanted to give up.

    Also, thank you for the recipes on this site, which have already made so many old favorites into new favorites!

  81. george

    Wok a Chinese New Year with this new wok kit set. I will be a star with the family.
    Kong Hee WOK Chye

  82. Vy Howard

    I absolutely enjoy cooking with a wok, although my last one has been used to much that I had to discard. That looks like a great wok kit!

  83. Sally Oh

    I live in San Francisco, CA and have hunted every nook and corner for the right wok. I am still on that mission and have dumped out countless woks. Thank you for introducing the Wok Star as it sounds a perfect combination for heat and weight. I would be most happy to get this as that will end my 20+ years of wok hunting. I did carry one back from Singapore a couple of years back but it was hijacked by my daughter….how could I refuse her!!!! Now I hope that wok hunting will be finally over.

  84. Gretchen Panganiban

    I love your site and I love the fact that this contest is open to EVERYONE! Thank you so much! :)

  85. stevenelson1973

    A big thank you to Eleanor Hoh and wok star for providing this opportunity. Very informative website concerning wok cooking. Really liked the health portion and letting people know just how healthy cooking this food can be in a wok. I’m really into heathy cooking. Again thanks so much!

  86. Jennifer

    I missed enjoying my mum’s fantastic home-cooked dishes. You name it! She made almost everything (stir-fry, deep-fry, steam etc) in a well-used wok day after day. I always wondered what was the magic. Now, far from home in Canada, replicating her meals with non-stick pans is never the same. Even with seasoning, woks that I bought here fail miserably. Hope Wok Star can help me.

  87. penny

    i came across this site while looking for pineapple tart recipes. this is my first chinese new year away from my family :( i have been hunting for a wok since i left singapore for australia to study, with no avail. i even had one that cracked?! i have intensified my search so i can cook tuanyuanfan for my friends this year. please send me the wok and to help me make many people happy this cny :)

  88. ravi monger

    Wow!! I would be a star with the wok star … what with the wok star kit n Bees upcoming cookbook how could I not impress my friends… I want!!

  89. Paula Fernandez

    I would love to win this wok kit! My new year’s resolution was actually to get better cooking tools and equipment, and so this would be a huge help!

  90. Karen VFong

    Loove the wide variety of recipes in your page and will ENJOY THE WOK SET! I want to have your recipes and where to cook and share those flavors!

  91. Julie

    I’m thrilled to have found your website!
    My uber picky Dutch Indonesian boyfriend had nearly succeeded in making me not like to cook anymore. I stay up late reading your recipes like they are a novel–thanks.

  92. John Pierre L. Dormido

    Please count me in. Although I already have a wok of my own, I sure would like to win this wok set.

  93. Taryn

    I just started using my wok that a friend gave me ages ago. I’m in love! I’d love to get my hands on the wok star kit!

  94. maria

    Eureka !!!Finall I found a website to satisfy my tastebuds. I missed the food so much but any help from this website is most welcome.

  95. BB Aminah Yahaya Abdullah

    No other cookware can compete the chinese wok when it comes to cooking authentic Asian dishes that requires the ‘wok hei’.

  96. Stella Fun

    I love this website, everytime when I run out of idea what to cook for my family, I just have to log in to this browse recipes and I can find all kinds of recipes. I love especially the Chinese recipes, I even told my helper to get recipes from here. I deserve the wok and I love the wok, it reminds me of my grandmother’s cooking…..

  97. Peter Pantry Raider

    I cannot recall what happened to our family cast iron wok and was thinking of getting a new one a few weeks back. You guys must have read my mind. I researched and wish to9 share with RasaMalaysia fans on how to care for cast iron cookware.


  98. MC

    I am finally getting gas connected in my kitchen next month, and it would be fantastic to be able to do a proper stir-fry in this wok! Can’t wait!!!

  99. Peter Pantry Raider

    I cannot recall what happened to our family cast iron wok and was thinking of getting a new one a few weeks back. You guys must have read my mind. I researched and wish to share with RasaMalaysia fans how to care for cast iron cookware.

    For a new wok, smear some cooking oil on the insides of the wok with kitchen tissue and heat up the wok. Let cool to allow the oil to permeate the cast iron wok. This will make your wok non-stick. To keep your wok until the next time you need it, just smear it thoroughly with some cooking oil before storing it.

    Before cooking for the very 1st time, just rinse the wok under the tap and wipe dry. Add oil to do your cooking. NEVER use detergents to wash cast iron woks or pots.

    Next time you order fried koay teow observe how the hawkers clean their cast iron woks. They usually use some water and a bundle of thin bamboo strips as a brush to clean their woks.

    Cast iron woks can last many lifetimes if properly cared for. Cast iron pots are called Dutch ovens. You can check the internet yourself to get information on how to properly care for your cast iron wok or pot.

    If I can’t win the wok star set I will have to go ask the koay teow seller where I can buy one.

    • Peter, this cast iron wok is ‘preseasoned so you can use it right away. The step you left out was scrubbing out the factory powder first. There are many steps prior to adding oil to season. But you don’t need to know any of this cause I’ve DONE IT.

  100. Sarah Oldfield

    My mother-in-law is Nonya and I get some great recipes from here to impress her with! Thanks.

  101. Linda Licker

    My resolution for 2011 is to learn to make really great Asian food. This wok set would be a wonderful asset.

  102. vossjs

    That is a beautiful set. I enjoy cooking and love trying out new recipes. This beautiful set will certainly be a big help. Greetings from Trinidad in the Caribbean.

  103. Robert Peckham

    I really enjoy reading your post and the emails that I received from you. I relly do enjoy cooking and have a passion for it as well.

  104. dorothy lin

    All my life I have been using a wok to stir fry my vegetables, to cook noodles, to make simple soups, and to steam buns,rice,fish,make sauces,deep fry,and steam Malaysian cakes. Without the wok I am lost.The wok is easy to wash, uses less oil and good for the home stove.
    The picture of the wok starter kit looks very interesting and handy. I hope I am lucky to be chosen to have this kit.

    Dorothy Lin

  105. Janelle

    I love the WOK so much! It is really hard to find this type of wok in Ireland.Hopefully I can make more dishes which have Rasa Malaysia using the wok to cure my homesickness.. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  106. Fung

    Thanks for your website. Living here in America, I recently tried a few Nonya dishes and desserts and my family was blown away! It reminded me of the great cooking of my late grandmother that I grew up with. Everytime I create a dish I thought about her and she must be watching proudly from heaven. And that is simply a great feeling!!!

  107. Joanne

    I think the tastiest ingredient you can ever put in your cooking is L-O-V-E and your recipes have large quantity of that ingredient. Keep up the good work.

  108. kuccirat

    how are you going to choose the winner? i would love to have a good wok for my Malaysian cooking here in Romania!!

  109. jean

    Last year I invited 16 people for cny lunch and I made mongolian beef,sweet sour pork,satay and fried wonton using your recipe. Thank you for the blog.

  110. hjlowry

    I love your website, and would love to win the wok. It’s funny, this morning I finished off our last soy sauce egg, made with the remaining marinade from the soy sauce chicken I made this week. I love the recipes, and check back often!

  111. Audrey Wong

    This would be the piece that will Malaysianize my too westernize kitchen!

    Greetings from FL. Just moved here from Perak.

  112. Lynn Tan

    Do I get a chance to win a wok star kit? My hometown is Penang and I am living in Kuala Lumpur. I am really missed my mum and granny’s cooking. I love all the recipes that provided by our sweet editor from Rasa Malaysia and I learn to cook the Nyonya Food lately.

  113. Vishnu Prashad

    I love your website and have made several of the delicious dishes. I would love to get this wok kit.

  114. Cookie C. Choo Choo

    I love stir-fried dishes, but finds it challenging to achieve the necessary wok hei. The Wok Star Kit may just be the tool I need!!:)

  115. Alison K

    I’m in desperate need of a wok! When I really need a wok, I “borrow” my mom’s. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  116. Shok Keng

    I discovered your website just before I moved to Mumbai from Singapore. Thanks for your recipes, I am able to cook some of the dishes which I miss so much even with my limited cooking skills.

  117. simon perry


  118. pykuan

    There is no other utensil that can do Boiling,Braising,Deep frying, Smoking,Steaming,Stewing…not unless its the humble wok !!
    Its like the wok of all trades and master of them all as well!

  119. James Jones

    I have been a Chef for a long time. And about 5 years ago I lost my passion. But in the last 6 months, I have regained my passion and flirting with everything. This wok will not only help me be more experimental, it will help fill three boys will much less effort. I love this site.

  120. Liz Cruz

    I would LOVE to win this wok! I am not a great good, in fact, I’m more of a beginner, but what a way to start woking!!!

  121. joana

    My husband and I will celebrate our 14th year anniversary this year and I am planning an authentic Chinese Dinner for our family and friends who makes significant impact in our lives. I am married to a wonderful Chinese man who loves and enjoys eating! :) This wok would be great help in fulfilling this event. “) Thank you so much!

  122. Tony

    I love making stirfry but almost always end up soggy veg and dried out meat. I cook in a 12″ saute pan and i am always crowded for space in the pan. Can anyone suggest a way to cook for 5 people without taking forever to cook and where everyone eats at the same time? Thanks again to Rasa Malaysia for this oppotunity!

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    I live overseas. The wok I have been using has only one handle which is heavy and hard for me to use. I remember watching “Wok with Yan” on television in my younger days. With the recipes from your blog and Eleanor’s and using this wok kit, I hope to whip up scrumptious dishes. I can imagine my family grinning from ear to ear like the two “ear-like handles” of this wok.

  126. Jossi

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    My favourite recipe is the mie goreng malaysia :)

    Keep up the good work girl!

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    No wok no tasty Oriental Food. It makes a world of difference.
    Love to get this unique wok.

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    HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR EVERYONE- Year of the Rabbit!

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  159. Peter Pantry Raider

    Here is an extract on how to look after cast iron products for the benefit of all RasaMalaysia addicts:

    Seasoning and care
    Bare cast iron

    Americans traditionally season their iron Dutch ovens like other cast-iron cookware.
    After use Dutch ovens are typically cleaned like other cast iron cookware: with boiling water and a brush, and no or minimal soap. After the oven has been dried, it should be given a thin coating of cooking oil to prevent rusting. Again, whether that should be a vegetable fat or an animal fat (such as lard) is hotly contested. Saturated fats are more stable than polyunsaturated fats, which tend to go rancid more quickly.
    Where possible, a cleaned and freshly oiled Dutch oven should be stored in a clean, dry location with the lid ajar or off to promote air circulation and to avoid the smell and taste of rancid oil. If the Dutch oven must be stored with the lid on, a paper towel or piece of newspaper should be placed inside the oven to absorb any moisture.
    With care, after much use the surfaces of the Dutch oven will become dark black, very smooth and shiny, and as non-stick as the best Teflon or other non-stick cookware available. With proper care, a Dutch oven will render decades or centuries of service.

    Good luck to whoever wins the Wok Star kit and hope you get to season it properly.

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