Win a Wok Star Kit (CLOSED)
January 14th, 2011 628 Comments

Win a Wok Star Kit (CLOSED)

The winner is Please claim your prize by responding to my email.


Chinese (Lunar) New Year is just around the corner. Are you ready for a new way of cooking? You can start making simple and easy everyday stir-frying and many dishes on Rasa Malaysia and more—including the recipes in my upcoming Chinese cookbook!—with this Wok Star kit, which is what I use in my kitchen.

Enter to win a Wok Star Kit (retail value $145) courtesy of my friend Eleanor Hoh of Wok Star.

This giveaway runs from today till January 21, open to all my readers WORLDWIDE (yes, we will ship the Wok Star Kit to you wherever you are!). Winner will be picked on January 22. To enter, please leave a comment now. One entry per day.

Good luck!

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628 comments... read them below or add one

  1. Elise V. says:

    I would love a wok!! :)

  2. Lynn says:

    Pick me please…pick me…

  3. joana says:

    i am an avid fan from Canada! :) would love to win this wok! thanks! :) happy cooking everyone! :)

  4. Leo says:

    I need that wok

  5. Hugo says:

    I would simply love this :D

  6. Chio says:

    I’m in need of a new wok and would love to have this one!

  7. Adrian says:

    Please let me win this wok!

  8. K says:

    I love wok cooking. I have been trying to teach my father to do it for years now, because any time he stays with me and my fiance, he looses weight and enjoys the healthfulness of the cooking. I never thought in a million years he would get away from meat and potatoes. :)

  9. Alison K says:

    The kit is such a great idea for beginners like me!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Would love to win this wok starter set!

  11. stevenelson1973 says:

    well I’m way ready to be a wok star…this is one skill I wouldvery much like to master since the wok can cook just about anything. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such a nice prize and a healthy way to cook food :)

  12. Sare says:

    What a great giveaway! I have wanted a good start for my asian recipes. I bookmark them all the time!

  13. noobcook says:

    woah awesome giveaway! :)

  14. Ayfun Tan says:

    Love Woks! Amazing piece of equipment to use especially cooking quick and easy meals! yum yum yum! :)

  15. jan says:

    I have a friend that taught me how to cook chinese food. It would be nice to have a wok set like this when I cook the same dishes for her. Especially now since she got out of the hospital and is now recovering

  16. golflouis says:

    I want that beautiful Wok starter kit..

  17. Alex Lee says:

    I am a retiree and I love cooking very much. I love to patronize the supermarket where they sell this cookware utensils. There is one particular wok which I urge to buy but due to financial constraint, I have to defer it. How nice if I could win this wok so as to make my dreams come true….

  18. Frank Wang says:

    I want to learn how to use a wok!

  19. Peter Pantry Raider says:

    Here is an extract on how to look after cast iron products for the benefit of all RasaMalaysia addicts:

    Seasoning and care
    Bare cast iron

    Americans traditionally season their iron Dutch ovens like other cast-iron cookware.
    After use Dutch ovens are typically cleaned like other cast iron cookware: with boiling water and a brush, and no or minimal soap. After the oven has been dried, it should be given a thin coating of cooking oil to prevent rusting. Again, whether that should be a vegetable fat or an animal fat (such as lard) is hotly contested. Saturated fats are more stable than polyunsaturated fats, which tend to go rancid more quickly.
    Where possible, a cleaned and freshly oiled Dutch oven should be stored in a clean, dry location with the lid ajar or off to promote air circulation and to avoid the smell and taste of rancid oil. If the Dutch oven must be stored with the lid on, a paper towel or piece of newspaper should be placed inside the oven to absorb any moisture.
    With care, after much use the surfaces of the Dutch oven will become dark black, very smooth and shiny, and as non-stick as the best Teflon or other non-stick cookware available. With proper care, a Dutch oven will render decades or centuries of service.

    Good luck to whoever wins the Wok Star kit and hope you get to season it properly.

  20. srshopper says:

    I tried out the soy sauce beef over the weekend and it was easy yet delicious. Thanks for sharing the great and easy-to-follow recipe

  21. nan see says:

    winner winner…please )

  22. Shahnaz says:

    Yes. I like to win it too!

  23. BabeIpoh says:

    Love to win the wok and able to cook using Rasa Malaysia that never fail me recipe.

    Thanks for your nice recipe.

  24. gracelyn arenas says:

    i want to receive this wok! i love cooking and i prepared usin a wok in cooking especially in stir fry menu. god bless!

  25. Rasy says:

    Oh My God!! That wok would sure give the chance to make perfect stir-fry. I would love one >_<

  26. key says:

    I’m going stir fry crazy if I win this wok!

  27. Margaret says:

    I want this wok kit; if I don’t win, I’ll buy one:-)

  28. Maria says:

    Great giveaway!

  29. Cathy M says:

    I would love to win this great wok kit!

  30. Matt says:

    Would love this in my kitchen!

  31. dk says:

    wok looks awesome. big fan of your site, especially when homesick for southeast-asian food!

  32. renee says:

    me here. me here I want to win. 5

  33. Zbyszek says:

    I have five others wok. But i think that this one will be the best….

  34. Susan says:

    I’ve always wanted a wok, I would use it well ;)

  35. Denise says:

    I love cooking and one of the main pieces that I am missing in my kitchen is a wok. I would love to win this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. hjlowry says:

    Checking back for Wok submission!

  37. Sarah says:

    I’ve been looking at your site a while, and I’ve used a few of your recipes, and I just now noticed that I haven’t subscribed to your blog posts! I shall remedy this immediately!

  38. Jennifer Ross says:

    I would love this wok starter kit!

  39. jade says:

    this is just what i need!

  40. NL says:

    Great website. I’ve already tried a couple of your recipes and we loved the dishes! I love the chance to win this wok set. Thanks!

  41. looks great! I’d love to win!

  42. vossjs says:

    Think how many more wonderful meals I could cook with this beautiful wok set.

  43. Yih Lee says:

    I learned a lot of cooking dishes from your website! Hope i will be the lucky one to have your giveaway wok whic I love to have it.

    Good luck!

  44. Justin Timbers says:

    Adding a chance for today. Thanks for the opportunity.

  45. Lynn says:

    I’d love to win this wok kit.

  46. lily says:

    I’ve been looking for a good wok!

  47. Patricia says:

    Pick me, Pick me, me, me !!! :)

  48. Aileen Smith says:

    It will be great to win this set for my daughter.!

    Aileen Smith

  49. Clement Tan says:

    Perfect!for me to start food blogging.

  50. Louisa Yee says:

    WOW! this is such a great prize! I would be so happy to win it!! :-)

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