Butter Cake

Butter Cake - the BEST butter cake recipe you'll find online. Crazy buttery, sweet and rich, so addictive and delicious | rasamalaysia.com


Thank you so much for the simple recipe. I managed to bake 8 cup cakes using half of the portion…
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February 12, 2008


Thank you so much for the simple recipe. I managed to bake 8 cup cakes using half of the portion…

Butter Cake - the BEST butter cake recipe you'll find online. Crazy buttery, sweet and rich, so addictive and delicious | rasamalaysia.com

Butter Cake

Butter Cake – the BEST butter cake recipe you’ll find online. Crazy buttery, sweet and rich, so addictive and delicious!


2 sticks (total of 225g) unsalted butter, at room temperature
7 oz (200g) plain flour/all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
7 oz (200g) castor sugar
4 eggs
½ tsp salt
4 tablespoons fresh milk or yogurt
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

1. Preheat the oven to 375°F.
2. Lightly grease the pan (loaf pan, mini loaf pan, 8×8, or 9×9) with some butter.
3. Mix the flour and the baking powder together and sieve. Add in salt and mix well. Set aside.
4. Use an electronic beater to mix butter and sugar until well combined or pale yellow in color. (Note: Sugar has not dissolved yet).
5. Add in the first egg. Beat well after each addition of egg until creamy.
6. Scrape down the sides for even mixing.
7. Add in vanilla essence and mix well.
8. Fold in the flour into the mixture and mix well.
9. Finally, add in the milk/yogurt.
10. Pour the mixture into the greased baking pan. Shake it lightly to distribute cake mixture evenly.
11. Bake until golden brown and cooked, about 40 minutes. Use a cake tester to test if it’s cooked.
12. Remove it from the oven and let cool on the wire rack for another 5 minutes. Serve warm.

Butter Cake - the BEST butter cake recipe you'll find online. Crazy buttery, sweet and rich, so addictive and delicious | rasamalaysia.com

Butter Cake

Butter Cake – the BEST butter cake recipe you’ll find online. Crazy buttery, sweet and rich, so addictive and delicious!

Originally published in February 2008.

Butter Cake - the BEST butter cake recipe you'll find online. Crazy buttery, sweet and rich, so addictive and delicious | rasamalaysia.com

I love baking cakes, especially this rich, sweet, and extremely buttery butter cake. This butter cake recipe is the easiest recipe that I have tried and yields the best result. Honestly, if you are looking for the best and ultimate butter cake recipe, this is it!

Butter Cake - the BEST butter cake recipe you'll find online. Crazy buttery, sweet and rich, so addictive and delicious | rasamalaysia.com

I love it that I can bake this at home anytime as the recipe calls for simple and everyday ingredients that most of us have at home. All you need to do is follow the easy instructions and in less than an hour, the mouthwatering smell of butter cake fills your house.

Butter Cake - the BEST butter cake recipe you'll find online. Crazy buttery, sweet and rich, so addictive and delicious | rasamalaysia.com

I love having butter cake with a cup of coffee or tea. It’s absolutely delightful and delicious. If you over-ripe bananas, turn it into banana bread.

Recipe Name
Butter Cake
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Preparation Time
Cook Time
Total Time
Average Rating
2.5 Based on 30 Review(s)
Recipe Name
Butter Cake
Published On
Preparation Time
Cook Time
Total Time
Average Rating
2.5 Based on 30 Review(s)

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  1. Those butter cake slices look so appetizing with afternoon coffee right now.

    • Hi Bee,

      Trying your butter cake recipe twice, however, the result is about the same. The batter before adding the flour looks like the oil and egg have already separated, after added flour in it, it looks like a cake batter again. I did sieve the flour but when i scoped, can see some lumps formed, when I press it, I can’t feel the flour. Thirdly, after done, there was a wet surface appeared on the cake surface but not very obvious one. I turned my oven to 170 deg Celcius to bake the cake. Where have I done wrong? Pls advise.

  2. Love_at_first_bite says:

    Hey RM – I don’t know how you do it but I want to make all your posts. I have a big pot of shrimp stock i made last night in the fridge for Hokkien Mee this week. I can’t wait to see how your recipe turns out for me but now I’m craving dumplings and butter cake and I haven’t even had my noodles! Maybe i can make the cake for dessert and have the dumplings next week. Keep up the great work!

  3. Coffee and cake…sigh..sounds fabulous especially for breakfast!!!

  4. The butter cake looks good! I have never made butter cake. I want to start doing some more baking.

    • renea edwards says:

      This recipe was amazingly delicious!!! the only issue we had(daughter & I) was finding the castor sugar and how the measurement cups I had was different. But other than that it was delicious and very easy to make!! BTW we ending up making the castor sugar ourselves…very easy!

  5. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) says:

    You’re inspiring me to do some baking — these are the kinds of cakes that are wonderful to have on hand when friends drop in for afternoon tea. Some day I will bake and bake, and fill my freezer!

  6. Mansi Desai says:

    Some things are best left simple! this looks great Bee:)

  7. Thay’s a good simple recipe :)
    Cake for breakfast! That sounds like me a few years ago.. :p

  8. Claude-Olivier says:

    very simple, but so good. You could also add lemon juice or rhum ;-)

  9. rasa malaysia,
    Wow, you’re into baking now? It’s sure a breakthrough since you only cook and no bake previously. I think baking is simpler. hehe. Enjoy!:)

  10. i agree. Love a good old butter cake. It’s classic!

  11. Gong xi fa cai!

    butter cake is my all time favourite too! :-)

  12. Nic (KHKL) says:

    nothing like a simple yet hearty cake to go with that cup of hot coffee (or tea), eh? a very versatile cake too, i must say.

    tad late but still, happy chinese new year, rasa malaysia!

  13. lovely! You don’t look like a rookie to me. I love cake too, especially butter cake and tea cake.

  14. I just bake a butter cake 2 months ago :) I like to bake too but sometimes lazy to clean up the messy after the baking…haha

  15. Nice food styling as always. I am tempted to do some baking now. Haha..

  16. well your butter cake looks too “pro” for a rookie in the baking department :-) i must admit i always love staring at your photos..coz even if i cant taste them for real the photos give real justice to their taste
    :-) i love this butter cake simple and perfect for our tea breaks

  17. Hi,i am from Singapore. I have just started to learn how to bake. I would like to try out yr butter cake receipe. I am not sure whether i can get all purpose flour. Can i check is it ok if i substitute with cake flour? Thanks. Happy New Year!

  18. Tried your recipe last night with the help of my 3 year old son. It turned out very good! Yum!

  19. East Meets West Kitchen says:

    Yum! Butter Cake!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  20. Butter cake resepi?!
    I wanna try it [someday] hehehe ;)

  21. butter cakes, butter biscuits, i love ’em all!

  22. Given the amazing things you cook up I have no doubt you will soon show us your full prowess in baking too!

  23. Wow, this recipe looks great! I’ll try to do it during weekend :)

  24. Hi Rasa, My mum has a great butter cake recipe and it’s really simple but very, very buttery. If you want, I’ll email it to you. That was one of the first cakes I ever baked and until now, it’s one of those cakes that I can whip up without a recipe on hand.

  25. love all your recipe, you are making me hungry……
    my husband says i’m hungry because of you.
    i’m going to try the shrimp recipes and cake,

  26. Your butter cake recipe is awesome!! I can hardly wait to hase some in the morning with my cup of tea.

  27. I didnt know butter cake was easy to make until i came across your butter cake recipe.

  28. Thanks for the fabulous recipe, extremely easy and tasty!!! Love it!!!

  29. Hi!

    CAn i replace all-purpose flour with spelt flour?

  30. Hi,

    i have tried your recipe. The color of the cake looks good. I followed the instruction until to the part where i had to grease and flour the base. I baked it for 60 mins but the bottom half have a layer of slight soggy. Could you advise on what is the cause of it?

  31. i love baking. i am a certified accountant and gave it up for baking goodies to sell. i did good but other preoccupations kept it on hold. i love butter cake. you can give it a rum glaze to make it better.

  32. Hi RM, I L-O-V-E all your recipes! I am an Malaysian now residing in Istanbul, Turkey. Though I can’t try all your recipes (too bad that I can’t find certain ingredients here in Istanbul), just looking at the photos helps to quench the thirst, well, the appetite. Haa. Just a question, the oven degree used in your baking recipes, in Ferenheit or Celsius? Big Hugs!

  33. It would be good if the measurement for butter cake recipe is in weight. How much is 3/4 cup butter? 250 g?


    • Don’t know to be sure, but try looking for a fairy cake recipe and doing some simple maths might be the best bet, remember a simple fairy or sponge cake is a simple mix.

      4442, that’s 4oz(100g) Flour, Butter, Sugar to 2 eggs. From that should be able to work it out.

  34. Have tried this recipe of yours yesterday, my family really enjoyed it!!

  35. I try to bake your buttter cake,according to recipes.it turn out inside so wet.200 temp
    60mins.please do let me know what wrong baking.

  36. That is a very good recipe. I actually added a little bit of ginger (which is good for the digestive) and it came out tasting delicious!

  37. This is the third butter cake recipe I’ve tried and I’m still having trouble figuring out why they all turned out wet but cooked on the inside. This recipe was edible albeit looked totally different from the picture posted. How do you get a butter cake to turn out fluffy and dry? Can somebody with experience pls advise?

    • Hi Peng, I am not sure why. The only reason I can think of is the butter because different butter has different water/moisture level. If yours is too wet, then use lesser butter. I always use this recipe and it works fine for me, just as pictured.

      • I’m beaming from ear to ear as I write this because I’m now able to savour this butter cake in its true form. Thank you for the advise. I reduce the butter by a third and I believe this is it. The butter I use really do have a higher moisture level than ordinary butter. I noticed that when I tried making some crumble for an apple crumble. The butter cake tastes truly truly wonderful – I’m happy again. Thank you so much for the recipe and advise – it tastes as good as it looks!

  38. Hi there, I tried this recipe a few times by using creaming method and works fine! Thanks =) Was just wondering that you said put all ingredients and just beat until smooth, approx. for how long please? I tried it today, its not as fluffy because I think I either over beat or not beat enough, thanks =)

  39. hi, I have been following your blog quite some time. I am very amazed by your great and stylish food photography. I have been learning baking myself. However, after a short hiatus due to laziness, I lost the connection with my oven and when I started baking again, everything does not turned out well. All my cakes were either burned but still damp on the bottom, does not rise even though I have put baking powder, still smell of eggs, texture of the cake is brittle..and the list go on. I don’t know what was wrong, is it my ingredients or my oven..or my bad baking skill…
    Regarding the simple butter cake recipe above, can u explain a little bit more on the technique. Is is as easy as putting ALL ingredient all at once and mix them up? or creme the butter and sugar first. I’m confuse :P I hope you can help me in baking even a simple cake recipe. Thank youu

    • I am not much a baker and I have no patience when it comes to baking. I always mix everything together at one shot and it works. I also creamed and sugar and butter first at other attempts and I don’t notice any difference. The key to a great butter cake is a very good butter. That’s all.

  40. I have tried several of your recipes, and all of them are so tasty. I find myself coming back to your site for more and more recipes. Thank you so much for being so reliable and credible! :)

    Would you help me with some baking tips? I live in Trondheim, Norway. Are there any tips for baking during winter in this cold country? I tried banana cake and butter cake last week. Both of them rose well while in the oven baking, but immediately sinked when taken out from the oven. Was it because of the drastic change of temperature? How is it to make them remain fluffy?

    Nevertheless, they taste great! Husband loves them, and friends start asking for recipes. :)

    • Hi Grace – thanks for your comment and I am glad you love my cakes recipes. I am actually not much a baker and not sure about Norway’s weather, but I heard that when the cake has already risen, and it’s about to be done, you want to open the oven door a little bit to let the pressure/heat out so they won’t “sink” as much. Try it, I hope it works. :)

    • Peter Kong says:

      Everything expands when heated and contracts when cooled.

      Try opening oven door slightly for 2-5 minutes for the heat to escape then close the oven door without taking out the cake and wait for the temperature to be reasonably cool before taking the cake out into the cold air.

      I believe this can solve your problem. Let us know how it turns out next time you bake.

  41. this cake was very simple but very tasty. just a few changes though: i used 3 eggs and 1 teaspoon baking powder. i threw everything into the bowl and mixed them until thoroughly incorporated (about 5 minutes or so), baked and sliced. the whole thing disappeared within minutes. thanks for the recipe.

  42. i have my butter cake still baking in the oven, i hope it turns out nice!!

  43. This is the first cake I have ever baked! Followed your recipe to the letter and turned out great. Can’t wait to try some of your other recipes. Thanks a bunch.

  44. I just made this as well as your banana bread for my family, and let me just say….it was an absolute HIT!!!! My dad even said it tasted better than my moms (: Thank you so much

  45. I bake this today but I dont know whats wrong because it doesn’t rise. I used the self rising flour. Do i still need to put a baking powder on it? And after mixing it and put on the baking pan do I need to wait a couple of minutes before putting to the oven. Pls answer me…

  46. Caroline says:

    How much is 3/4 cup butter in grams??

  47. How much 1 cup in grams please help anybody i want to try this cake today

  48. Aleksandr says:

    A cake looks very appetizingly, hope that the same and to the taste. In a weekend will make attempt necessarily.

  49. I tried your butter cake yesterday, taste was good I liked it but there was a crack in the middle of the cake when the was rose.Why is this? Please tell me if anybody knows.

  50. Hi, i’m tried to bake it but inside the cake color turns brownish not like in the photo. The cake is also not evenly raised. I’m a newbie in this. May I know what went wrong? Which brand of butter did you use everytime to make this butter cake? Pls guide.

  51. I used oven proof dish made by glass.

  52. thank you, this recipe looks great! I’ll try to do it during weekend :)

  53. Could you substitute cake flour for normal plain/all-purpose flour instead?

  54. hello, i love your blog! i’ve followed your butter cake recipe for a couple of years now but noticed it’s been changed? i remember i used to add about 3/4 cup of milk but now it’s only a few tablespoons? i hope i’m not losing my mind. thanks, karen

  55. Hi….what size tin should use? Thanks!

  56. I finally found the right butter cake recipe!! Thank you for the recipe. It’s my first time baking it for an order and it turned out a great success. Definitely a keeper!

  57. What size of the greasing baking pan should i use?

  58. Hi, I have been following your original/simpler butter cake recipe for 2 years now and it always worked great! I don’t make it often and today I tried again with the updated recipe and it didn’t bake out quite as good. Do you still have a copy of your original recipe? Do you mind posting it again?


  59. Adeline Lee says:

    I baked the cake yesterday. There was a crack in the centre. I used a loaf tin.

    • It is normal for a butter cake or cakes similar to this to have cracks when baked, especially in a loaf tin. My buttercake always has a crack in the middle – that is when I know it is successful and is done. However, there were some attempts where I underbeat the butter and sugar, which resulted in no cracks – the cake came out heavy and squishy – almost inedible.

    • if your cake cracks or peaks and cracks its usually due to the oven is high the next time you bake turn you oven lower slightly all our oven are different once you know the right temp for a perfect flat cake mark it and use the mark when baking the next cake, electric ovens i find the temp is usually more hotter than gas , hope this helps

  60. Hi

    I’ve tried baking a lot of ( literally )butter cake, but only the one in Rasamalaysia turned on really good, but I realized that the recipe was changed lately, is the any possibility of posting the older recipe again.

    Thank you

  61. I tried ur butter cake.. Turned out very nice n delicious. Thank you for sharing. I love butter cake :D


  63. My oven temperature max.250 .can make it.

  64. Michelle chan says:

    Hi oven 280c can bake it

  65. I remember tasting this cake… You gave me for kids, this is the same one right?..
    That was delicious!
    Just saw this cake and had to tell you…

  66. Hi, I’m sorry but this must be a really annoying question you get all the time but is 375 Fahrenheit with a fan forced oven?

  67. What size loaf pan? I have both the 9×5 and 8×4. Thanks.

  68. Grace Marzuki says:

    Hi Bee, Love this butter cake recipe. Can I use buttermilk instead of ordinary milk (I understand it to mean full cream milk)? Grace Marzuki

  69. Thanks for bringing it up front again. I’m thinking of making a simple marbled butter cake for CNY this year, instead of cookies. My family isn’t a cookie family. I think an assortment of cakey nibbles will be more appropriate. Brownies, marble cake, banana bread… amongst a few ideas.

  70. Omg, this is the best butter I have ever made, it was PERFECT as you said. I have tried quite a few recipes of yours and all of them turned very well. Thank you very very much.

  71. Hi Bee,
    Happy New Year. I am back from my holidays with family and friends. Alot of them have turned vegetarian. Even alot of my chinese Buddhost friends have turned vegetarian in Singapore. Can you advise as to what replaces eggs in your cakes (as they are the best that I have tried)that includes your kuih recipes.

  72. i just made this cake and it is perfect! i recently found your blog through skinnytaste and can’t wait to try more of your recipes..esp the chicken tikka masala pizza..thanks for the recipe. btw, for u.s readers, 200g of flour equals 1.6 cups and i used extra granulated sugar 200g = 1 cup.

  73. Can u pls confirm whether it is 1 tspn baking powder or double action baking powder. I used baking powder – it rises in oven but sinks when taken out of oven. Pls help as I intend to try again. thanks

  74. Baking powder always kicking me on baking, 1 tsp baking powder, whether it is heaped one or flattened one..always confused and end up in hard or soggy cakes..Try my luck this time..

    • Hi Pepper Bowl

      All measurements in any recipe are never heaped, unless specified. Level off your teaspoon or cup with a flat-edged knife. Hope that helps…

  75. Unfortunately I could not get it turn out as you intended! The middle was uncooked so I lengthened the baking time. The resulting cake was way too oily. Any idea what could have gone wrong?

    • Had the same oily result in the final baked cake. Even before baking, thought the amount of butter was excessive.

  76. Just wondering if I can use cake flour instead of plain/ AP flour?

  77. Sundrop2204 says:


    Can you just tell me what is 375deg F equivalent to in degrees Celsius?? Why do you calculate in Fahrenheit and not Celsius? I thought Malaysian ovens use Celcius like in UK.


  78. Merida Tan says:

    Hi, I’m v interested to start baking and saw your butter cake recipe that I’d like to try. Just to check, can I use salted butter cos I hv quite a few at home and dun wish to waste. Thanks.

  79. i cant wait to try this recipe thanks for sharing

  80. aikwanong says:

    200g sugar is too sweet for me. I wld like to reduce sugar to 140g, what do i hv to do with the amt of other ingredients? pls adv. tq

  81. What do you mean by 2 and 1/3 stick of butter? Pls help cos im really interested in trying this out ;)

  82. Love this! And I’m sure I could make dinner out of this too. I’d much rather snack on this than eat real food.

  83. I tried this cake today, and it was good. Thanks for the recipe. Mine didn’t look like yours though, and it turned out really greasy. I will modify it.

  84. Made it, Love it!!
    Soft and light but a lil oily but yummy.
    Thank you

  85. would like to ask step 8 mix flour with the
    mixture using spatula or mixer?

  86. hi, may i know what is the difference between using milk and yoghurt in this recipe?

  87. Koh Siok Mei says:

    I tried this butter cake. Instead of plain butter cake, my kids suggested to marble it with three flavours. So I incorporated chocolate and strawberry flavours in. It turned out marvellous. Moist and buttery. This is a very nice butter cake base for marble cake as well. I baked at 180 degree C for 40 minutes. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

  88. Hi. May i know why a cake sinks after baking, especially the centre? Am looking forward baking again

  89. Hi.. It’s my 1st time baking a butter cake so pardon me if I sounds silly. Can I ask how many servings is it for the recipe u given? Is it ok for me to use a silicon cake tray? Lastly, is there any specific rack to use, like top/middle or lower rack? Thanks in advance!

  90. Michelle Wu says:

    Hi, pardon me but what type of baking tin should i use for this ingreidents as i am very new to baking. Any recommended inch or CM round tin that i shoud buy?

  91. hi Bee, i’ve been following ur blog for quite sometime n been tried alot of ur cooking recepies especially on chinese food. This morning my son asked me to baked a cake for his tuition teacher. So i choose ur butter cake because i thought its easy n simple.. but i was wrong! my cake doesn’t look great. it has grease looking patches around the bottom half, although the texture has absolutely no problem – uniformly soft n fluffy. I’m puzzled by the grease patches and have been trying to figure out the cause of it. Could it beacause of over beating??? I hope you can enlighten me. THANKS!

  92. Hi there, can anyone tell me when i fold the flour into the mixture do i mix using the eletric mixer or manually?

  93. 2 and 1/3 stick of (250g) butter, does that mean 580g butter?
    And flour only 200g, will it be too oily?
    Can i use cake flour/low flour for this recipe?

  94. Hi Bee, why is my cake still wet in middle even though I have reheat them in the oven?

  95. Carmen Quinquilla says:

    This cake looks delicious. When you say: Serve warm.. Can I eat it cold (room temprature) …does it taste the same???? Thanks

  96. I love your recipe, it is even better than my one one. Yesterday I used this recipe to bake chocolate cake and it turn out good too.

  97. Hi there – I tried your butter cake recipe after trying the banana cake recipe and I’m thrilled to say that I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. This really is the best butter cake recipe by far!
    You are just an amazing person – you share your recipes with the world and give a little happiness to people’s life by doing so. Thank you so much!

  98. Hello….I just made u butter cake recipe,but it seems too oily,I will ave to reduce my butter on the next trial….although I used margarine instead of unsalted butter and omitted salt…..didn’t u notice the oily result?

    • Hi Esther, with butter, the cake is just buttery but not oily. It’s great and many people have great results. I am not sure about margarine, but I would think it’s more oily since it’s made from processed fat and oils.

  99. So do u suggest I use unsalted butter or reduce. My margarinne to 225g or 200grams….I like the taste too,but my ppeps said its too oily I als notice wen you take a chunk and squeeze the oil comes out…

  100. The cake normalized today….it was really tasty….I think I will teach my students this but if I reduce the butter to 225grams will it affect its out come?

  101. Hi Do you use bleached or unbleached all purpose flour for this recipe? Thanks

  102. Hey your butter 2 and 1/3 stick ( 250gm) means 250 x 2 and 1/3 ? 583gm of butter?

  103. what -.- our butter is one stick 227 gm, and i followed ur 2 and 1/3 stick. ruined my cake

    • Yvonne, I am so sorry to hear that. This website is in US measurement because I am based here and the 1 stick of butter here is very small…in the recipe it says 2 1/3 stick butter (250g).

  104. Hi, what pan size should I use?

  105. Hi, i just baked. taste is good. however the inner texture doesn’t like a cake, how could it so?
    Besides reducing 200g sugar to 100g, everything exactly the same.

  106. Hi Bee, thanks for the recipe it smells & tastes absolutely yummy. However, the bottom part of my cake came out looking undercooked, very moist, but skewer comes out clean. I have a oven thermometer so I don’t think it’s the oven temp, I’ve tried baking longer but it stays the same. Is there any other possible reasons about this? Thanks.

  107. Ann Damirez says:

    Would that be okay even without vanilla essence? I couldn’t find it here in Taiwan. i just got vanilla powder.

    Thank you!

  108. rachael lo says:

    hi can i know what is the difference in using milk or yogurt to make this cake.

  109. Can u give the measurement by cups… Flour sugar magarin

  110. Would anyone know if using a gluten-free flour blend might work?

  111. Would anyone know if using a gluten-free flour blend would work?

  112. Thanks for the recipe. It was soooo delish my colleagues were raving about it and asked for the recipe. Hopefully I can taste theirs soon. :)

  113. Hi,
    Thank you for the recipe. The butter cake is so yummy!!

    But I ran into a problem: every time I bake butter cake or pound cake, it’s always black on the outside, like overcooked? I have to cut that part and dump it.

    I did follow the recipe and even lower my oven to 370 and 375 but it’s still ugly.

    Thank you!

  114. jolyn88 says:

    i think the butter should be listed as “a total of 250gm” as 2 and 1/3 stick (250gm) makes people think that it’s 2 + 1/3 of a 250gm stick. I used almost 580gm of butter as well. everything wasted. =(

  115. Hi there. Can I use Cake Flour instead of AP flour?

  116. Just made the cake today using your receipe. I used the yogurt option. Used170 fan forced for about fifty mins. Perfect! Thank you!

  117. hi i tried your cake last year & decorated it with butter cream, it was wonderful.on June 17th my second daughter’s 1st birthday, so my hubby asked me to go for yours then i tried yesterday but it didn’t turn out good like before.i can see small i mean very very tiny lumps all over the cake.
    secondly according to Australian cup 250ml i did last year cake.
    but this time i did measuring on scale as i found American cups are different to Australian cups.
    what i observed was cup measurement was so less than the scale measurement,for example 200gms crossed more than 250gms in my cup.may be i put 200gms according to scale but it may be 280 according to cup.
    i don’t know what was the reason & what to follow next time.
    i thought may be the lumps are bcoz of not mixing properly or more flour.i was scared that i may over mix as u said fold in the recipe.can i put more milk or can i mix for longer time.
    if u can plz help me.i know it was not your mistake.hope you understand.

    • Hi Sharon, it’s the same recipe. You should just use the metric measurement, which will be the most precise. For the tiny lumps, they are the flour, so please sift the flour twice for the best results. Don’t add more milk but mix it slightly longer to dissolve all the lumps. Good luck! PS: Yes all measurements are in US cups on Rasa Malaysia.

      • thank you for your reply & understanding, you are so quick in replying. any way the lumps are so tiny so i will follow as you said.thank you for the detail recipe.today morning my hubby eat the cake & said its so delicious & the tiny lumps are not really visible.i mean no one will no if i don’t tell them.
        so i can double or triple the recipe right?
        keep up the good work.may god bless you.thanks in advance.

        • Yes you can double or triple the recipe but depending on your pan, you might need to adjust baking time. Easiest is to buy a few loaf pans and bake a few of them at once. You should try my marble cake recipe, similar. Just search on the top right on my site for the recipe.

  118. Hi! I was thinking of trying your recipe tonight. Husband has been asking for butter cake for a long time! My first time baking with yogurt, so may I know what type of yogurt you used? I only have Greek yogurt at home at the moment. Is it ok? Or is there modification needed? I like milk flavour too. How to mix the two of them in your recipe? Thank you!

  119. Hi Bee, thanks for the recipe. I baked a butter cake using your recipe (with a few accidental tweaks) and my friends loved it. Instead of using only AP flour, I mixed AP flour and self-raising flour. It worked. I didn’t have an electric mixer, so I microwaved the butter for less than a minute to soften it and pour it into the caster sugar then hand-mixed them. And I mistakenly added the milk to the mix prior to the flour part. I appreciate your recipe a great deal. Haha. Made my day when my friends, especially the Italian friend, said it’s very hard to bake a cake so fluffy inside. So it means you did a splendid job writing the recipe/method. I did freak out a little when the top was turning too brown but it wasn’t totally cooked inside, but my housemate suggested I reduced the heat a little. It worked out alright. So thanks!!! :D

  120. Hi…Need to use baking powder?

  121. Can I use this recipie for a birthday cake with frosting?


  122. Michelle chan says:

    Hi Michelle here. I got make butter cake the cake come out the cake inside wet. Why. I think is uncooked

  123. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this simple recipe, it is a keeper for me. I made this cake with 2 large eggs this afternoon, all other ingredients scaled down for 2 eggs recipe, baked at 160 deg c for first 10 mins, up temperature to 180deg c for next 10 mins. Cake browned evenly.

  124. Hai! If I half the recipe, should I also half the baking time?

  125. I tried to bake this cake last weekend and turn out very good! Only thing is it was slightly burnt at one of the edges… perhaps temperature should be 180 deg and for 45 minutes instead of 191 deg C for 40 minutes?

    Btw…would the baking pan make a difference? I used a tube silicon one…

  126. btw… I read above using square pan. I have one of that but seems rather low in depth (about 5-6cm). Can that be used? Would baking in a regular round pan versus a tube pan make a difference?

  127. What size cake pan? A loaf pan? Or 8 x 8, or 9 x 9? It would help tremendously to know peaking pan sizes for all cake recipes. Thank you!

  128. Hi, I’m finding an easy way to make an apple crumble.. Wonder do you suggestion for a simple and nice recipe.

  129. Hi,

    The cake turns out to be delicious. However, how do I make it to be more soft and fluffy?

  130. Why did my butter cake turn out with a sort of ‘wetness’ at the bottom of the cake? The cake was fluffy and light and delicious !!!!

  131. Could you also post the previous Butter Cake recipe again please. I tried both but this one didn’t rise at all. I made your previous Butter Cake recipe twice and it came out perfect. Love all your posts. Thank you.

  132. Thanks for the recipe. This is the first time I’m baking. And it turns out good!

  133. Hi, i would love to try your butter cake recipe, may i know what is the different if using yoghurt or milk? thanks in advance.

  134. Hi, I tried your recipe but the surface turned brown quickly and at the end, it was kind of dark. And the side crust was all hard and crispy. How do I ensure the surface is golden brown than dark brown and the sides won’t be so hard?

  135. It’s amazing recipe, I have tried it (Y)

  136. I love your recipes as they always turn out nice tasting. But I have problem with the texture of this butter cake which I need advise. It turned out looking a bit wet and soggy inside and despite baking longer it’s the same. I made some mistakes though but not sure if it’s the cause:
    1) used melted butter (accidentally melted too long in microwave but not hot, just melted)
    2) eggs all mixed together, lightly beatened & added gradually (recipe said add in 1 as whole gradually)

  137. Thanks for the recipe! Best butter cake recipe indeed. References for those who are living in spore:
    1) I used 200g Australian golden chunk unsalted butter
    2) reduced castor sugar to 180g (I think 200g will be just as nice)
    3) 200g plain flour
    4) 4tbps milk, I used farmhouse low fat milk

    I baked the cake at 190c for 40mins as per recipe but it was undercooked so I extended the baking time to 50mins. Likely I have a hot oven, the cake browned and rose quickly and had big crack in the middle. Will attempt the recipe again and will try to lower the temperature to 180c for 50mins. Hope the result will be good too. Happy baking!

  138. sharonmanoharan says:

    kindly advise me,can i double or triple the recipe? tx

  139. sharonmanoharan says:

    sorry why i asked you was because planning for a birthday party in couple of days.tx

  140. Ita Speldewinde says:

    I tried to make this cake, however i noticed there was an ad for betroot underneath. I added beetroot to my cake and it never taste very nice. Your recipie upset me very much

    Why do you post a recipe that ruined my life?

  141. Thank you so much for the simple recipe. I managed to bake 8 cup cakes using half of the portion as I only have a mini electric oven. And, half way through, I realised I bought the wrong essence so I had to do without it. It still turned up delicious. I will have to find time to try your other cakes.

  142. I’m a terrible baker, I only learnt so that I can bake my hubby’s dream butter cake, moist and buttery. This butter recipe is it. Search over! My butter cake last night has been elevated to Mother-in-law’s standard after so many tries of so many butter cakes recipes. If you have an MiL who is a good cook, then you’d know it’s a bit like winning the domestic Masterchef….Recipe’s really easy too! Many thanks :-)

  143. Hi,

    Can I know if we can use round tin to bake? If yes, what should be the right size? 6 or 7 inch?

  144. Denise Tan says:


    Had tried your receipe 4 times but i can’t seem to get the right consistency. Either top part browning gluey inside or I lower the oven heat it becomes not cook.

    Is it because the yogurt, eggs or butter.

    Wish to hear from you.

    • You need a cake tester to test the inside of cake. If the top part gets browned too fast, then put on lowest rack of oven or cover with aluminum foil. Depending on the oven this cake might be baked longer.

  145. I’ve tried this recipe three times using loaf pans, baked at 175degC. the first time, batter curdled after addition of eggs (they were slightly cold), but after adding flour, the batter was smooth and the cake turned out perfect, other than it being slightly damp on top, and it cracked on top.
    second time, batter curdled too after addition of eggs (eggs were room temperature), but batter was really watery, and the cake texture after baking looked like the inside of tapioca kueh.
    third time, the batter curdled again, with room temperature eggs. Batter was thick. however, the top of the cake cracked as well, and the cracked part couldn’t cook. i baked it for a longer time, which resulted in the cake becoming dry and a little hard, but still i could see a small portion of the cake on top looked a little undercooked.

    any ideas at all what I could do to get it right?

  146. Angie Wheatley says:

    Instead of adding milk, add orange juice and zest of one orange. So good. Really nice with chopped almonds too.

  147. Our daily bread says:

    Can I triple this recipe? Some recipes do not work well when doubled or tripled.

  148. They looks so delicious and i would i like to try them..

  149. Mine didn’t turn out quite as fluffy or light as in the picture, and was kind of tougher. It didn’t seem as smooth as the picture as well! I had to bake mine for 190 degrees C for about 55 minutes for it to properly bake. Perhaps next time I’ll try fan baking at 170 degrees C!

    Thanks for the delicious recipe nonetheless :)

  150. I baked half the recipe today. I sprinkled some choc chips on top and baked for around 25 mins. Turned out well with the right amount of sweetness. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  151. hy,
    sounds yummy…..can i use steam instead of oven

  152. This really is the best butter cake recipe. It’s so light and fluffy! I used vanilla bean paste and it just added the most delicious flavour. Thank you for sharing!!

  153. I have tried your butter cake recipe. Its good. Unfortunately, when I cut the cake into slices
    its comes out to have slight breadcrumbs. Is it that I have overbeat the butter and sugar or overmixed
    with egg and flour. Kindly revert with solutions to solve my problems. Tq

  154. Tq for your prompt reply. Sorry what I mean is that when I hold the piece of slice cake its very
    soft and fall. Its not firm.


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